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September 12, 2008

Secrets of the Irish Links

Did you know there are more than 300 total golf courses in Ireland—BUT only 44 of them are "links."

In fact, in the entire world, there are only about 150 true links golf courses. And Ireland has nearly one-third of the world's total.

And I know you've heard the term links hundreds of times, but you may be wondering: What exactly is a "links" course?

In short, it's a golf course that's next to the ocean, peppered with giant grass-covered sand dunes, excruciatingly high maram grass rough, deep valleys, and spectacular views of the cliffs and sea.

Which brings me to the book pictured above: Secrets of the Irish Links

Author, Mike Palmer, has compiled a thorough - yet, clear and concise - book containing the details of what he calls, “the Best Golf Vacation in the World.”

This book details Mike’s journey through Ireland - over the course of a month - on his quest to find the perfect golf vacation. He flew 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, traveled 2,200 miles by car and ferry—playing almost four-dozen golf courses along the way in four weeks.

All No Three Putts can say is, “What a LUCKY BASTARD!!!”

His days went like this: Wake up at dawn, play golf, then drive to find the next course. Often playing one course in the morning, driving 20-30 miles and playing another round in the afternoon. Ah, what a rough life…

He showered... ate dinner, then drank beer and talked golf with the locals. Then did it again the next day. Why? Well, first, because his wife actually let him... and second because he wanted to get the full story on the secret mid-summer getaway of many of the world's top pros.

While Scotland and Britain have the most famous links courses in the world—Ireland has the best collection. Ireland is the only golf destination, that I know of, where every course is open to the public.

That’s right, every course is open to the public. In other words, every golf course... even the best links, which have been around for almost 150 years, is open to visitors.

Imagine being able to play the best courses in America—Augusta National, Oakmont, Winged Foot. Odds are, unless you have a lot of money, or a rich and well-connected uncle, you'll never even get onto the grounds of these places.

Well, in Ireland, you can play the best of the best. And, there are about two-dozen of the world’s best golf courses—on an island that's about the size of West Virginia.

Irish Golf Secrets Revealed

Of course, Irish golf is not the secret it was 20 years ago.

But what Mike found during his travels is that, if you look hard enough, a good many secrets still remain. For example... There's a great course in County Donegal that even hard-core Irish links fanatics have probably never heard of.

It costs just $40 a round—and, incredibly, is one of the 10-best courses in the entire country. It's located next to one of Ireland's most beautiful beaches... with spectacular valleys... mountains in the background...

Or: The best golf resort in the county also happens to be one of the best bargains—and it’s almost totally unknown, hidden next to two sweeping bays and several beautiful beaches.

The place has 36 of the best golf holes in the country… a spa… a great bar and dining room overlooking the sea… yet rooms cost less than $100 night.

Along the way Mike learned dozens of other secrets… all of which are revealed in his new book: Secrets of the Irish Links.

And what Mike did is interesting… He ranked every Irish links course from top to bottom, based on design, challenge, condition, the welcome, and the facilities. Like a bottle of wine, each course received a score from 1-100.

His final results surprised me... and I’m confident they will surprise you too. Although I’m not going to reveal the breakdown of all 44 of Ireland’s links courses here.

I’ll tell you this: Mike’s book is very thorough, well-written (meaning it’s a fast read with a lot of good pictures), and he offers an honest review of each course.

And by the time you’re done reading this you’ll know exactly where you can go to buy his book, for a ridiculously low price…

It’s More Than Just a Golf Book…

If you plan to take a golf trip to Ireland, Secrets of the Irish Links is filled with practical advice that will make your golf trip easier, cheaper, and more fun. For example, you'll discover:

How to save hundreds of dollars on a rental car. Rental cars are much more expensive in Ireland than they are in America. But you can save considerably by making two simple moves before you leave home. (page 210)

The best brand of waterproof clothing on the market. Spend a week in Ireland, and you're almost guaranteed to see rain. It's no problem if you have the right gear. I learned this the hard way. (page 204)

The easiest way to find your own castle, cottage, or manor house anywhere in the country, perfect for a golf vacation. (page 202)

The secret to not getting lost on Irish roads—ignore this advice at your own risk. (page 210)

Where to go if you plan to take the wife and kids (page 200), and how to have a great Irish golf vacation without ever having to pack up your suitcase and change hotels (page 200).

You'll also learn about the history of golf in Ireland— there's a chapter on how the game and the country as a whole have changed over the past 100 years.

That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg…

You’ll also find more great info, like:
  • How to get around in first-class comfort... on a shoestring budget (page 206)
  • Secret shortcuts that will shave hours from your driving time (page 213)
  • The secret to staying dry and warm. Hint: It's not about having the right clothes. (page 209)
  • How the Irish rules of golf are different from those in America (page 211)
  • How to save 15% on everything you buy (page 209)
  • How to stay at Ireland's most luxurious resort, and be within reach of 5 of the country's top-10 golf courses (page 201)
  • How to play the 10 best courses all over Ireland, while avoiding the Irish roads altogether (page 197)
  • How to play Ireland's great "undiscovered links gems." On several of these courses, you won't see another foreigner all day. (page 216)
  • How to save about 75% off the regular phone rates to Ireland (page 210)
  • How to play the one course in Ireland that's been used for the British Open—and is scheduled to be used in 2007 for the Senior's Open. (page 141)
  • The least crowded top-10 course in Ireland (page 160)
  • The best course near Dublin (page 166)
  • How to bet like the Irish (page 207) How to find out how much better Tiger Woods is than you. (page 160)

If you'd like to read a more detailed account of Mike's travels and find out more about his book, simply READ HERE to go to his Irish Golf Secrets website.

Or, you can CLICK HERE now to buy his book today.

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