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January 31, 2010

Black Women's Champ Ethel Funches Dies

At a time when black golfers were not welcome at country clubs and whites-only professional tournaments. They played in something called the United Golfers Association, a black golf league that started back in the 1920s.

The women who played in the UGA didn't get to play for money, they played for pride. And Mrs. Ethel P. Funches won more UGA championships than anyone in history.

Ethel Funches, center, at a trophy presentation in 1953.

As Levelle "Reds" Anderson, 94, who played at Langston Golf Course in Northeast Washington for decades put it, "She used to whip all the other women."

Legend has it among old-time golfers that Funches occasionally beat men, too: One such whipping occurred against a man who disliked female golfers, apparently she had a string of five consecutive birdies and shot a 1 under par. And she shut him up (hopefully forever).

The South Carolina native learned to play after marrying Eugene Funches, an elevator attendant at the National Geographic Society. He played golf, and she quickly learned.

Mrs. Funches joined the Wake Robin Golf Club, in the early 1940s. This club may be the oldest black women's golf club in the country. In 1963, the first black woman, Althea Gibson, went on the LPGA Tour. A woman that Funches had beat a couple years earlier in the quarterfinals of a tournament.

Funches did not have the money needed to go on the LPGA Tour and by the time Gibson had gone on tour Funches was already 50 years old. Ethel stopped playing golf in 1996 after the passing of her husband.

Ethel Funches passed away on January 6, 2010 at the age of 96.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for a black woman to play golf, and become so competitive during the time period she played. All I can say is that from what I have read - she was an incredible woman.

Tom Watson Rips Tiger Woods A New One

About time a fellow golfer starts saying what PGA Tour players are really thinking about Tiger Woods.

And who better than Tom Watson. The same golfer who:

In 1983 accused Gary Player of cheating in a Skins Game...

In 1993 criticized the GREAT Bill Murray for his zany antics at the Pebble Beach Pro Am...

In 1994 complained to Masters Officials about Gary McCord after he said "The greens were so fast they seemed to have been bikini-waxed and had body bags underneath." Resulting in McCord being removed from CBS coverage.

And now in 2010, Watson says Tiger's "transgression are 'bad for our game' - and he declares that Woods needs to work on his course 'manners' and get 'his personal life in order.'

As Watson put it, "His swearing and his club throwing, that should end. That's not part of what we want to project as far as the professional golf tour is concerned... It's something he needs to get control of and a handle on and show some humility to the public when he comes back."

I think its great that Tom Watson speaks his mind. Athletes in other sports are quite open and communicative about what they are thinking, why shouldn't golfers?

BUT, there is a factoid that perhaps Watson should remember when he opens his mouth. Back in 1997 when his wife filed for divorce he responded to questions by saying "I don't want to discuss that. It is a private thing."

I think Tom just needs to find a happy medium... and here it is: Feel free to rip Tiger Woods a new one for his on course antics, but leave him alone when it comes to his personal life.

January 28, 2010

Duquesne Dukes Drop Golf

Duquesne University is dropping men’s golf from its athletic roster after the spring season. In fact, it's restructuring its entire athletic department.

Not only is Duquesne nixing golf, but the Atlantic 10 Conference member, is also cutting the baseball, men’s swimming and wrestling programs.

This will leave the school with 16 varsity sports – seven men's and nine women’s – which is just one more than the NCAA Division I minimum for membership.

In all, 70 student-athletes and five coaches, including sixth-year men’s golf coach Tom Farrell will be affected by this piss-poor decision.

In short, this will save the university $1 million-plus annually, the schools athletic supporter director Greg Amodio said.

As Amodio put it, “This action is in no way meant to diminish the dedication, effort or ability of these fine student-athletes, coaches and alumni... They have contributed greatly to Duquesne athletics and to the vitality and history of the university.’’

I think this is an OUTRAGE. Seriously, a Division I school with no golf or baseball team. I don't get how anyone can think this is good for the school...

How do the MORON'S who are making decisions at Dusquesne University decide that keeping women's Lacrosse and a women's Rowing team makes more sense than men's baseball and golf?

The school's website boasts about how it was founded in 1878 and that there are over 79,000 alumni, blah, blah, blah... but yet they can't find the money for athletics?

With a $10.8 million budget I'm shocked this is happening... or that no alumni has stood up and said "WTF is going on here?"

Shame on all you jabroni's who made the decision to get rid of golf (and baseball) at Dusquesne University.

New Winn Grips for 2010

I just found a BIG sale on Winn Grips over at Hireko Golf.

They've got all the new grips in stock. Including: WinnLiteFirm™, WinnLiteMedium™, and WinnLiteSoft™ in all different sizes and firmness depending on your needs.

If you're looking to significantly reduce grip weight, increase club swing speed, generate greater distance and have more accuracy - Winn Grips may be right for you.

January 27, 2010

A Biodegradable Golf Ball? Yep!

Did you know that the Danish Golf Union recently figured out that it takes between 100 to 1,000 years for a golf ball to decompose naturally?

Not sure how they nailed such a specific time frame, but they did. Imagine being able to narrow it down to a tiny 900 year gap. The Danes are something I tell ya.

Considering us hackers in the United States lose an estimated 300 million golf balls each year – that’s a lotta balls, in a lotta lakes… for a lotta time.

But have no fear, help is on the way…

It’s called the "Ecobioball."

This biodegradable golf ball has an outer layer made of a recyclable plastic polymer and it degrades completely within 48 hours.

So what does it degrade into? Fish Food, of course. See the happy (and well-fed) goldfish below:

It slowly releases a high quantity of the heavy metal zinc as it disintegrates in any pond, river or lake that was fortunate enough to swallow your ball and cause you to curse like an angry sailor.

This nifty little golf ball is the brainchild of Albert Buscato, CEO of Albus Golf.

Buscato has spent over a year (and a boatload of money no doubt) working with a Spanish laboratory to determine the best option for a biodegradable golf ball.

When did he first come up with the idea for a biodegradable golf ball?

I’ll let Buscato tell you, "I was on a cruise several years ago and was frustrated not to be able to play golf… cruise lines have alternative ways for passengers to practice their swing, like in cabins with video simulators or netted cages, but I thought, 'we should be able to do the real thing’… I thought it would be fun to be able to practice golf without damaging the environment and by returning the favor… [with] a ball that not only does not pollute the waters, but also gives something back."

Since these are single-use balls, they will not cost as much as the regular golf balls we spend so much darn money on. Buscato is confident these "goldfish-friendly" balls will be a hit with golfers.

But here’s the problem, at just 50.5 grams, the golf balls are lighter than the average ball.

This means they won’t go as far when not into water.

Will biodegradable golf balls become the rage? Are golfers going to stop playing HV1’s and start hitting fish-food balls? Are the fish of the world going to get too fat?

I don’t have the answers. I wish I did, but I don’t. Only time will tell.

January 26, 2010

Fore! Plane Lands On Hermann Park Golf Course

Pilot, Brendon Ford, ran out of fuel while flying a plane home to Columbus, Texas.

So what's a pilot to do? Land on a golf course, of course.

And that's exactly what Ford did. He made an emergency landing of the single-engine Cessna plane right onto the 11th fairway of Hermann Park Golf Course in Houston, TX.

Here's the story:
Ford told a local news station that, he couldn't make it to Hobby Airport and that he first thought about landing at a football field he spotted, but instead he opted for the golf course. I'm sure members of Hermann Oaks are thrilled with his decision.

Apparently he only saw one golfer on the 11th fairway, which is why he chose the 11th hole. I wonder if he yelled "FORE" as he was landing... or if the guy got to finish the hole.

January 25, 2010

Tiger Woods' New Sponsor's "Unofficial" Press Release

As PGA TV viewership continues to plummet and corporate sponsorship also nose dives - because of Tiger Woods recent "transgressions"... the golfing elite at PGA Headquarters have been quietly negotiating with several companies expressing an interest in filling the void.

Narrowly beating out "Tiagra... good for 18 holes! The successful bidder expressed their enthusiasm of trying to live up to their corporate image and melding that with Tiger's zeal for golf.

Today, at a joint press release with Tiger Woods and the new corporate sponsor, the PGA announced their new choice.

January 23, 2010

Cher Sells 'House' on Hualalai Golf Course

HOLY SH!T! Hey Cher, "This isn't a house... it's a picture-perfect mansion in paradise." And it just sold for only $8.7 million.

So what exactly does $8.7 million get you these days? It gets you...

A six-bedroom, 8,800-square-foot Balinese style residence featuring a gated center courtyard leading to the main residence. In the main residence there's a master wing, great room, kitchen, dining room, outdoor living area, infinity pool and a spa overlooking the Hualalai Golf Course.

I know that sounds like a lot of money, but this beyotch looks worth it to me:

As I mentioned, it has a killer view of the ocean and it also sits on the amazing Hualalai Golf Course.

This golf course happens to be the first Jack Nicklaus design on Hawaii, it's built in the lava fields of Ka‘upulehu, and it's the home of the PGA Champions Tour's - Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai event. What more could you really want?

If I had only known it was available I would have put in an offer. Right!

January 22, 2010

Jim Thorpe is Going to Prison! Did He Break a Window & Run? Not Quite...

60-year-old golfer Jim Thorpe, a three-time winner on the US PGA Tour, is going to prison.

Why? You ask... Well apparently Thorpe "forgot" to pay taxes on more than $2 million smackers in income. Whoops!

Thorpe must turn himself in to authorities by April 1 for his one year stint.

Thorpe has won 13 times on the Champions Tour, was also the recipient of two years of supervised release and 200 hours of community service. Too bad, so sad. And while he's on supervised release, he'll have to try to pay back money he owes.

Interesting Jim Thorpe factoid: He's one of 12 children and the son of a golf course superintendent.

If Jim is lucky they'll have a golf team at camp prison. That's what you get when you avoid Mr. Taxman. Shame on you Jim Thorpe. You're making us taxpaying golfers look bad, oh wait a minute - Tiger Woods already did that.

January 21, 2010

"I've Been With Tiger" Signs Crack Me Up!

It's good to see that golf fans from Down Under find the "Tiger-Gate" Scandal as humorous as I do:

This photo was taken during the fourth round of the 2010 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 21, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

I love the Pimp hat... kinda reminds me of Huggie Bear from Starsky & Hutch.

Jack Nicklaus Turns 70

Today, the Golden Bear turns 70.

Living in Jupiter, FL I see Jack Nicklaus a few times a year at his grandkids sporting events. I have boys who are the same age as Steve's kids. Sometimes I see Jack and Barbara at a Jupiter Mustangs football game, other times it's in the crowded Jupiter Community Center gym for a basketball game.

But here's the thing, even as he gets older (and yes, he is starting to look his age) he will always be a hero to me. This man did amazing things on the golf course and he's always been a true ambassador for the game.

It seems like just yesterday I was watching Nicklaus win his final Masters. So hard to believe that it was almost 24 years ago.

With that, I'll leave you with 18 interesting facts about Jack Nicklaus from this article courtesy of a Daytona Beach newspaper:

1. When Jack was growing up in Columbus, Ohio, he excelled at a variety of sports, and if not for an astounding golf skill that landed him a scholarship at Ohio State, he likely would've played college basketball.

2. Jack's father, Charlie, played football at Ohio State. Charlie became a pharmacist after graduation but continued in sports, playing semi-pro football and winning local tennis championships. Charlie also became close friends with legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes, who, upon watching Jack play golf, convinced Charlie to keep the boy far away from a football field.

3. Jack's grandson, Nick O'Leary, just completed his junior season at Palm Beach Dwyer High School. He's considered Florida's top tight-end prospect for the class of 2011. Jack's son, Steve, played football at Florida State in the early '80s.

4. Jack said he reported to Ohio State in 1958 at 175 pounds, but fraternity fun added nearly 50 pounds in his first semester. "I tried to drink all the beer in Columbus, then I found out they just kept making more," he once told Golf Digest magazine.

5. In 1978, Jack, an avid fisherman inshore and off, caught a 1,358-pound black marlin off the coast of Australia. Later that week, he won the Australian Open by six shots.

6. During the 1970s, when Jack was in his 30s, he won eight of his 18 professional major titles. In 40 majors played during the decade, he finished outside the top 10 just five times (never worse than fifth in the British Opens of the '70s).

7. When Jack turned 50 in 1990, he suggested he wouldn't play many Senior Tour events. For each week he stayed away, Lee Trevino sent Jack's wife Barbara a bouquet of flowers.

8. Trevino's desire to keep Jack away was well founded. In the first eight Senior Tour majors Jack played, in 1990-91, he won five of them. Overall, he won eight Senior majors. Throw in his two U.S. Amateurs, and that's 28 total majors.

9. An Australian golf writer named Don Lawrence first referred to Nicklaus as the "Golden Bear" in a 1963 article. Jack certainly liked that better than the "Fat Jack" label many put on him -- he was also self-conscious about his high-pitched voice, so he liked the manly imagery. It also fit because in high school Jack played for the Upper Arlington Golden Bears.

10. Charlie Nicklaus died of pancreatic cancer in 1970. Near the end, while being wheeled into the operating room on a gurney, Charlie looked at Jack and said, "Don't think it ain't been charming." Thirty-five years later, after Jack completed his final round at the Masters Tournament, he repeated that line to his son and caddy, Jackie.

11. Charlie Nicklaus once followed Bobby Jones during one of Jones' major championships, and had hoped Jack would follow in Jones' footsteps as a career amateur. Jack had planned to do that, and figured he'd follow Charlie's career path as a pharmacist, but by age 20 it became obvious there'd be more competition (and money) in the pro ranks.

12. If Ben Hogan's book, "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf," is considered the bible of golf instruction, Jack's "Golf My Way" is probably a close second. The 1974 book is still selling (well over 2 million copies), and many modern stars -- including Ernie Els and Greg Norman -- credit the book for building their games as youngsters.

13. During halftime of the Ohio State-Minnesota football game in 2006, Jack became just the fifth non-band member ever to "Dot the I" for the Buckeye band.

14. Jack, a father of five, was always a regular at his kids' sporting events, and does the same now with the grandkids. During his prime golf years, he made a point of never playing more than two tournaments in a row in order to be home as often as possible.

15. Jack and Barbara built a home near their native Columbus in 1964. During construction, they spent the winter in South Florida. Jack's love for warm-weather activities (mostly tennis and fishing) won out, and by 1970, they moved to North Palm Beach, into a home where they still live.

16. Due to contractual obligations, Jack played MacGregor golf balls during his professional career. The balls were considered to be very weak, especially when compared to Titleist balls. "It shows how good he really was," said former USGA technical director Frank Thomas.

17. The most famous quote about Jack's game came at the 1965 Masters, where Bobby Jones said, "Nicklaus played a game with which I'm not familiar." But Tom Weiskopf may have best summed up Jack's competitive nature: "Jack knew he was going to beat you. You knew Jack was going to beat you. And Jack knew that you knew that he was going to beat you."

18. Jack and Barbara Nicklaus are celebrating Jack's 70th birthday on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. After a three-day fishing vacation, Jack will return to work with his course-design company.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mr. Nicklaus.... When can I play on the beautiful Bears Club you built near my house? :)

January 20, 2010

New Golfr Golf App For iPhone

Finally, a decent golf app for the iPhone and iTouch that's free!

It's called Golfr and its a directory of golf courses... it currently has 15,000 that you can access.

You can use Golfr to search and browse courses by name or location. Plus, you can use it to get the distance and par for each hole, get course ratings and slopes... compare green fees (standard, weekday, twilight) and more come!

Once you find the course you want to play, Golfr makes it easy to call the course and book a tee time, get directions to the course with the iPhone’s mapping application, which is great for golfers who are traveling.

Here's a demo of the Golfr iPhone app:

Haiti's Petionville Club Becomes Refugee Camp

Petionville Golf Club, a little nine-holer, outside of Port-au-Prince, has become a a refugee camp manned by the 82nd Airborne Division... who passes out water, MREs (meals ready to eat) and high-protein biscuits near the ninth green.

Current estimates have over 10,000 people living on the course.

Petionville was built in the 1930s and how has around 300 members, and non-members can play for $30. The short course has no par 5s, and all the grasses are indigenous and self-sustaining.

As Bill Evans, an American who happens to be the general manager and golf club president put it, "On a typical day you're going to find caddies playing with members... it's not some snobby, elitist golf course."

Sounds like a nice place to play. Although I'm sure the golf course wouldn't meet the high standards us snobby Americans have... I occasionally enjoy a round at a modest, non-pretentious club more than at the fancy country clubs that are all over the place here in Palm Beach County.

May the people of Haiti remain strong, are able to rebuild soon and come back better than ever. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.

January 19, 2010

Will any fans go to the 2010 Bob Hope Classic?

The 2010 Bob Hope Classic, played at the Classic Club, is going to be one of the lamest events of the year. With the highest-ranked player in the field at No. 37, its lefty Mike Weir in case you were wondering, and no title sponsor - I wonder why they are even playing this week.

2005 Hope winner Justin Leonard will be on hand and so will John Merrick, who played well last week at the Sony Open. And former Hope champion (2006) Chad Campbell will be there too.

David Duval, and rookies Jamie Lovemark and Sam Saunders (Arnold Palmer's grandson) are all playing on sponsors exemptions. Rickie Fowler, Troy Merritt, and Graham DeLaet will also try to get a win under their belts.

Quite frankly, I think Wednesday's pro-am may be the highlight of the week. Bo Jackson, Evan Longoria, Greg Maddux, Dr. Phil McGraw, Kurt Russell, Alice Cooper and Vinny Testaverde will be on hand.

With rain in the forecast for the entire week - I don't see many golf fans heading to the Bob Hope Classic. It may be time to put this dog of a tournament out of its misery.

Chupacabra Spotted on Runaway Bay Golf Course in Texas

I think I've heard it all...

Runaway Bay Golf Course employee, Rocky Vincent, spotted something rather unusual near the back of the driving range. And quite frankly, I think it's best if I share what he saw in his own words:

"It was like a shaved weenie dog, with raccoon feet, a possum tail and a possum head... [It had] been inbred way too many times or something."

I couldn't have put it better myself. "A shaved weenie dog"... "inbred too many times or something"... what an eloquent interpretation.

Legend has it that an animal known as Chupacabra - also called (and I'm not kidding here) a 'goat sucker' - roams this area of Texas. Perhaps it's best if you listen to the locals share this incredible tale:

Who knew Texas has the amazing and greatly feared Chupacabra? I certainly didn't... it's definitely not as exciting or interesting as Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster or the Abominable Snowman.

On the bright side, the folks who play golf at Runaway Bay Golf Course no longer have to live in fear of the dreaded Chupacabra. Phew!

January 18, 2010

Japanese Phenom Ryo Ishikawa

18 year-old Japanese phenom Ryo Ishikawa is making his 2010 PGA Tour debut on February 4 at the Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles at Riviera.

So who exactly is Ishikawa... and how good is he?

Well, Ishikawa won 4-times last year in Japan... and he became the youngest player to win a money list on a tour recognized by the world ranking. He also won 3 of 5 matches for the Presidents Cup team.

Yes, Ishikawa made his U.S. debut at Riviera last year and missed the cut. But get this, the amount of media nearly doubled last year at the Northern Trust Open.

I believe it. I remember when I worked at the TPC of Connecticut when Canon used to sponsor the tournament. The amount of media there was huge. It was like Wang from Caddyshack was everywhere you looked.

As for Ryo Ishikawa, who is currently ranked 30th in the world, he will also play in the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and the Match Play Championship.

Is Tiger Woods Really Coming Back To Golf This Spring?

According to my favorite blog for celebrity trash-talk - Perez Hilton - Tiger Woods is returning to golf this spring.

Hmmm.... not a shocker there. I think everyone expects him to return to the links in time for The Masters. So for those of you who care, I don't anymore, looks like you'll get to see Tiger in April.

The Hacker's Guide

Today, I'm going to give a plug for a new golf guide. Not because I'll ever play any of the courses, but because of how thorough this sucker is.

Let me explain...

It's called The Hacker's Guide. This Minneapolis-based golf course rating group, has reviewed every eighteen-hole public golf course in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. That's 283 golf courses!

They use a 40-factor system in the Hacker's Guide so the same criteria is reviewed for each course. Team Hacker, as they call it, is comprised of over sixty course raters, who put courses through this proprietary ratings system.

In short, courses are rated on five primary categories: hospitality, playability, usability, facility and value. Plus, each course receives a 400-word review from "regular" golfers.

So if you live in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin I urge you get a copy of the Hacker's Guide right here. It's under $20 and well worth every penny.

The book will be available in February, 2010 and introduced at the 2010 Minnesota Golf Show and the 2010 Great LaCrosse Golf Show.

Demise of the Golf Writer?

I just stumbled on an interesting article by a guy across the 'pond' named Lawrence Donegan.

In short, Donegan writes that all newspapers used to have dedicated golf writers, but today only the New York Times and USA Today has one.

I know this is true, but I believe it's more for economic reasons than because of demand for golf-related articles. For instance, The Golf Channel (I know it's a tv station and not a print publication) runs 24-hours a day and it certainly isn't hurting for advertisers.

Which means it come down to what type of sports writing will sell more papers... and unfortunately it's baseball, football and basketball here in the States.

January 17, 2010

The Wave, Muscat Selects Greg Norman to Design Public Links Course

Oman’s first PGA Links golf course will be designed by Greg Norman at The Wave, Muscat. The golf course will be located in the heart of Muscat, the capital of Oman.

This 18-hole links-style course, will include a golf academy, driving range and floodlit par 3 practice facility. It is expected to fully open in 2011, with a 9-hole golf facility opening at the end of 2010.

This golf course is part of an effort in Oman to promote the development of golf and to make the country a more enticing travel destination. Good luck with that!

Check out all the countries Greg Norman Golf Course Design is currently working it right here. From Mexico to Spain to Vietnam to China... and of course Australia... Norman is all over the place.

Is he the most sought after golf course designer in the world? It looks like it to me.

January 16, 2010

PGA Tour Rookie Troy Merritt

With Rickie Fowler getting all the attention as the next new superstar on the PGA Tour - another tour rookie, Troy Merritt, is flying way under the radar.

How far under the radar? So far that his name was spelled wrong for the first hour of the Sony Open. The sign said 'Merrick.' As in John Merrick, who played in the OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup for the United States last year with Nick Watney.

As for Troy Merritt, he set an NCAA record winning five straight tournaments at Boise State, and last month he became only the third person since 1992 to go wire-to-wire at Q-school to earn his PGA TOUR card.

As for Merritt's credentials: At Winona State he won 12 tournaments in two years, then he transferred to Boise State and won nine times - including seven wins as a senior, a year where he led the NCAA in scoring. He also won on the Nationwide Tour in 2009.

Through two rounds at the Sony Open Merritt is faring much better than Rickie Fowler who did not make the cut. Merritt shot an opening round 65 and followed that up with a 71. As for John Merrick, he shot a 65 and 68.

Bizarre Golf Ball Injury Knocks New Zealander Tim Wilkinson Out of Sony Open

New Zealand golfer Tim Wilkinson suffered a bizarre injury when his golf ball ricocheted and nailed him in the shoulder.

On the eighth hole Wilkinson was trying to hit out of a ditch off the fairway. Unfortunately for him, the shot didn't go as planned... His ball hit a tree, came back and hit him in his collarbone. OUCH! Causing him to immediately withdraw from the Sony Open.

Wilkinson is currently the only New Zealander on the PGA tour. He was 173rd on 2009's PGA tour money list and he's currently ranked 311th in the world.

January 15, 2010

Former NBC Exec Ben Silverman Gets Engaged on Golf Course

Former NBC Executive Ben Silverman recently proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer Cuoco on the Indian Creek Country Club in greater Miami.

Is it me... or do you think the title of this picture could be "Beauty & the Beast" too?

Anyway, here's how it went down in her own words:

"He was super-romantic about all of it. We both love to golf, so he took me to Indian Creek Country Club ... I teed up and landed right on the green looking at a birdie putt. I was completely unaware that Ben had worked it out with the caddie to have the ring box placed in the cup. I ended up tapping in for a par, to find my golf ball drop on top of the ring box! I pulled it out and Ben, a true gentleman, went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying and of course said 'yes' as other golfers were applauding."

B.J. Upton Celebrity Golf Classic

Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder B.J. Upton is hosting the second B.J. Upton Celebrity Golf Classic tournament on January 25 at Tampa's Hunter's Green Country Club. The tournaments' goal is to raise money for the homeless in Tampa. The St. Vincent de Paul will be the beneficiary of the charity event.

It's rare these days to see celebrities give of themselves and help others. Too often we only hear about scandals, drugs, etc...

Here's how Upton puts it: "In the area where I live [in Tampa, Fla.], I see a lot of homeless people... That's kind of what triggered it for me. Seeing the guys under the bridge or the people standing at the stop signs asking for money made me want to do something to help the homeless. Obviously the situation in the Tampa Bay area is pretty significant."

If you're in the Tampa area and want to play in the tournament, you can call Latricia Goding at 757-532-8701 or 727-836-9702; she can also be reached via email at

Good work B.J. Upton - I hope your golf tournament is a major success!

Review of Renegade Mental Golf - Golf Psychology Program

Don't buy the Renegade Mental Golf program until you read this review.

For anyone who has played golf for more than a year, by now you've figured out that golf is more mental than it is physical. At the level I play at, I'd say it's about 90% mental now. After 30 years or so, my swing is very consistent - but the outcome isn't. Why? Because my mind messes me up and causes me to do stupid things.

Now let's take a look at the Renegade Mental Golf and Golf Psychology program...

The program was developed by Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell. So are they qualified to give us a golf psychology lesson? Let's see...

Together they have over 37 years of intense personal and professional study into the mind-body connection. They have four academic degrees, dozens of internships with the most respected authorities in the sports and personal change arenas, and extensive travel throughout southeast Asia in search of more substantial (and perhaps lesser known) answers to the question of which techniques champion athletes use to gain a mental edge over opponents.

So what can the Renegade Mental Golf program do for you?  It will help you...

"Hit Booming, Jaw-Dropping Drives From The Very First Tee... Stick It Close To The Pin... And Ruthlessly Slash Strokes From Your Handicap...”

Plus it promises to show you:
  • Why most golfers NEVER reach their true potential! (Here's a hint: hard work has nothing to do with this!)
  • Why practice does NOT make perfect
  • How to improve any specific area of your game... in 45 seconds
  • Discover the amazingly simple strategies developed by a Stanford Engineer to help war veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)... and how to use these same tools to shave strokes off your game... Instantly!
  • Why traditional positive thinking actually hurts your game... and what to do instead
  • How to eliminate tension on the tee box... especially the dreaded first tee... automatically
  • CRUSH that first drive long and straight... and set the tone for the entire round
  • How to enter "the zone" at will... and stay there
  • How to quickly eliminate negative swing thoughts that kill your game
  • Drain putts with obnoxious confidence - your friends may start to actually hate you (but I'll bet you get over it)
  • How to eliminate fear and doubt, no matter how tight the fairway or ominous the water hazard
  • How to play to your true potential
A lot of big promises, I agree, but if you believe this program will work for you - it can and will work for you. Over 14,000 fellow golfers have already used Ladd and Gladwell's system.

It's certainly cheaper than going to a sports psychologist to figure out why you have the yips.

In short, Renegade Mental Golf costs just $57, that's less than the price of an hour golf lesson, and has a 100% risk-free guarantee with it. You have absolutely nothing to lose if you decide to check it out.

Visit Renegade Mental Golf's website right here

Is Rickie Fowler the Next Tiger Woods?

Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like Rickie Fowler is starting his first full season the PGA Tour this week at the Sony Open in Hawaii. His first round 75 is probably not indicative of what he's capable of doing out there.

You see, so far Fowler has been a standout at every level in golf. From the junior golf ranks to high school to two All-American years at Oklahoma State to two Walker Cups. Plus, he's already had some success in the pro ranks, losing in playoffs in a Nationwide Tour and PGA Tour event last year, then getting through the final stage of Q School to earn his PGA Tour card.

So is he destined to save the PGA Tour in 2010 and become the next Tiger Woods? Ya never know.

I like the 21 year-old Fowler because of his down-to-earth attitude. As he put it, "I'm not exactly the traditional golfer... I didn't grow up at a country club. I'm just a kid that grew up at a driving range (who) used to beat buckets of balls."

Good luck to Rickie Fowler on the PGA Tour... may you have a breakout first year!

Natalie Gulbis Hits Fan with a Sand Wedge

Even though this video is most likely a fake... it's good to see that Natalie Gulbis has a good sense of humor. Check it out as she hits a sand wedge from 55 yards and supposedly nails a fan sleeping on the bleachers.

Do you think Gulbis really hit him? Do you think this is a setup? Let me know...

History of Golf by Robin Williams

Here's a great video by Robin Williams on the history of golf. It's brilliant! Enjoy...

Bat Caddy Launching New Remote Controlled Electric Golf Push Cart

Electric golf push carts have been around for about 20 years. I remember having PowaKaddy's when I was in high school working at the TPC River Highlands although at the time it was the TPC of Connecticut.

But they've come a long way... and the new Bat Caddy models are proof. Its like having your own robot out there on the golf course with you. Check it out:

So if you're tired of renting golf carts, or getting to old to carry your golf bag - the new Bat-Caddy electric motorized golf push caddy cart may be the perfect just what you need.

Ah, but how much do they cost? Not as much as you'd think. Bat Caddy is actually having a sale right now and you can pick up one for between $395 and $695. When you think about how much you spend renting golf carts over the course of just one season, it practically pays for itself.

January 14, 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Video Game

I love it! EA Sports is releasing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Good for them for sticking with their man.

But what's funny about this game is its tagline: "Feel the drama"

Ummm... Is this a golf game or does it take you into Tiger's personal life?

You can check out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 here.

The Stone Eagle Golf Club Foreclosure Sale

Palm Desert is becoming America's capitol for bankrupt and foreclosed golf courses. The Stone Eagle Golf Club is the latest victim.

Pacific Western Bank held a foreclosure sale and the bank is now the proud owner. Although rumor has it this was a "friendly" foreclosure and the golf clubs' members are going to try to buy it.

The golf course remains open and operating... its 700 acres look beautiful. If you're in the area it's off Highway 74 in Palm Desert, CA - go play there, maybe it'll be able to stay open.

A Shady Deal at Rolling Knolls Country Club

Cook County has agreed to buy Rolling Knolls Country Club. Normally, a deal like this is not news.

But the fact that Cook County bought Rolling Knolls Country Club - in Elgin,IL, a suburb of Chicago - from the family of Thomas Schneider, the Commissioner of Cook County makes it news.

It sounds like something fishy is going on there to me. Don't ya think? I wonder if Al Capone's "family" is still doing business there.

Ever See a Tiger Shark?

Here's proof Tiger Sharks really exist:

January 13, 2010

The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt

Have you heard of The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt yet?

No worries if you haven't... I'm going to give you a quick rundown of how it can improve your golf game in under 60 days.

In short, David Nevogt, is a golf writer and a heck of a golfer. He's developed a proven system that any golfer looking to improve his game should seriously consider getting. Heck, it only costs about the price of a dozen HV1 balls.

For instance, The Simple Golf Swing can:
  • Help you hit the ball straighter
  • Help you hit with greater distance
  • Help you hit with more accuracy (every time)
  • Help you hit more greens... and stick the ball closes to the pin
  • Help you eliminate your slice
  • Help you gain more confidence in your swing and game
How will he help you do this? With a simple to use proven system that really works! Geez, if it can help you with just one of these things - it's worth every penny & then some.

The best part: You'll become a better golfer fast! How fast? Let me tell you...
  • You'll learn "The Simple Golf Swing" in 3 hours
  • You'll lower your score by 7 strokes (or more) within your first 36 holes
  • You'll drop 12 strokes off your handicap after just 2 weeks.
Bottom line, David Nevogt, and his proven Simple Golf Swing system will totally transform your game - FAST.

Imagine the look on your golfing buddies faces when you start schooling them with ease and taking all their money.

In short, Nevogt's primary goal is to get you breaking 80 within 2 months... no matter what you're shooting right now.

The premise of his system, that will help you create a correct swing plane, is using your spine as an axis. What this does is keeps all of your swings consistent. And with a consistent, correct swing - you will begin lowering your score.

What's great about this system is that it's not limited to swing planes. He also shows you the proper grip so you can add distance to your shots... and he shows you how to get your timing and club face alignment perfect so the ball flies straight as a laser beam nearly every time.

Kiss your hook or nasty slice goodbye forever... and start lowering your score right away. Simply follow David Nevogt's step-by-step guide with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photos.

Simple click here for full details on The Simple Golf Swing.

East Kilbride Golf Course Clubhouse Destroyed in Fire

Fire sucks! Especially when it destroys the clubhouse of the golf club you play.

And unfortunately, the folks who play at East Kilbride Golf Club in south Lanarkshire know this feeling too well. See picture below of the remnants of their clubhouse:

But this fire sucks even more for Club Steward Duncan McSporran. That's because his home was attached to the clubhouse. And it too was destroyed by the fire.

On the bright side, I'm sure they'll have a makeshift clubhouse up fast... and a much nicer one will be built to replace it. Good luck folks.

Kings of Leon: The Golfers?

The Nashville rock & rollers, Kings of Leon, are apparently obsessed with golf.

Just how obsessed are Kings of Leon with golf? These guys are so obsessed with golf that they are taking all of 2010 off to improve their games.

As drummer Nathan Followill put it, “I’m going to sit on my couch and cry tears of joy sitting in my pants with a tub of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Then it’s onto the golf course, a bit of fishing and some camping in the wild.”

As one source reports, “They love golf, they can’t get enough of it. Nathan is a brilliant player but Caleb is having a good go and snapping at his heels... Everyone hopes they will have another album out this year but they’re in no rush. They are really enjoying life away from the studio.”

Wouldn't it be nice to have enough money - like the guys in Kings of Leon do - to take an entire year off to do nothing but perfect your golf game? I think so too.

January 12, 2010

My Favorite Golf Partner

Today, is my favorite golf partners' 98th birthday. And although my grandfather, Bernie Fields, isn't with us any more... every year on January 12, I miss him a little more than usual.

You see, my grandfather was more than a grandparent, he was my best friend. And we formed this strong bond playing golf together. Usually at Portland Golf Course in the town I grew up in, Portland, CT.

But here's what's unusual about us becoming so close on the golf course: Gramps had really bad asthma. Yet the moment he stepped on a golf course - it disappeared! It was magical really. Imagine having severe asthma and finding sanctuary on a golf course.

And although many people knew my grandfather because of his jewelry store on Main Street in Middletown, CT.... what most people didn't know is that Bernie Fields was a very generous person. Now when I say generous, I don't necessarily mean just with money. I say generous because he also gave back so much of his precious time to the local community, especially when it involved children.

For example, he founded the first Big Brothers organization in CT. It's called Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he started the Ahern Whalen baseball tournament. Both are still going strong because of Bernie.

In 1980, he was recognized for all of his hard work with the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizen Award in Cromwell, CT at the old Lord Cromwell hotel. I was just 11 years-old at the time, but I remember the event well. Any time an 11 year-old has to put on a jacket and tie, it's remembered.

But what I remember most about the event was seeing Gramps up on the podium. I clearly remember thinking that this man is larger than life. And to this day, I believe that he really was.

If I accomplish and do half the great things he did in his lifetime, my life will be a major success.
With that, I'd like to tell my favorite golf partner: "Happy Birthday! I Miss You."

Top 5 Golf Courses on Oahu, Hawaii

Sports editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Paul Arnett, recently put together a "Top 5" list of the best golf courses to play in Oahu, Hawaii.

Here's his list of the top 5 golf courses in Oahu(in order):

  1. Makaha Resort and Golf Club (West Course)
  2. Koolau Golf Club
  3. Waialae Country Club
  4. Ko Olina Golf Club
  5. Turtle Bay Resort (Palmer Course)    
Now No Three Putts has not been to any of these golf courses, but I do know a thing or two about lists like this. They are heavily skewed towards golfers with unlimited financial resources.

As one reader of the article with Arnett's list pointed out, “Your selection was o.k., but for the average man, with money considerations, there is a wonderful, beautiful course nestled between Luana Hills and Koolau. The Pali Municipal G.C. ”

So there you have it. If you've got the money to spend - the five golf courses listed above sound like they'd be great choices... if money is an issue, ya might wanna check out The Pali Municipal Golf Course. Aloha!

Greg Norman & Chris Evert Get Divorced

Chris Evert, 55, and Greg Norman, 54, were married in the Bahamas in June of 2008... and after separating just 15 months later, they secretly finalized their divorce in early December.

And with the Tiger Woods scandal(s) breaking just days earlier - the timing to keep news of the divorce quiet and away from mainstream media couldn't have been better.

According to my local rag, the Palm Beach Post, Evert and Norman finalized the divorce paperwork in Key West, FL, on Dec. 8, 2009.

The Post says Evert and Norman have agreed to stick to their pre-nuptial agreement, and no money changed hands as part of the settlement.

Fort Scott Country Club and Golf Course Listed For Sale on

If you've got an extra $925,000 in the bank and you'd like to buy a golf course and hunting lodge - now's your chance.

Although Pat Carney, the owner of the Fort Scott Country Club & Golf Course, in Fort Scott, Kansas, won't admit that he's selling his golf club... the following ad on is a dead giveaway that he is:




So if you're interested in buying a golf course here's a link to the Craigslist ad so you can inquire about Fort Scott Country Club and Gof Course.

January 11, 2010

Review: Callaway Golf Diablo Edge & Diablo Forged Irons

Callaway is the first of the big golf club manufacturers to announce its new line of clubs for 2010. The line is called Diablo Edge Irons and will be available January 15. The Diablo Forged Irons are coming to a retail store near you on February 15.

Diablo Edge Irons feature a bigger sweet spot that's where most amateurs commonly hit the ball on the clubface. They do this with a lower, deeper center of gravity. Which results in a longer, more consistent distance and better accuracy.

They also have a "Solid Impact Sole" that delivers a smoother interaction with grass and is designed to lessen the effects of heavy and thin shots. By improving the impact location on the club face you can expect greater distance.

COST: The Diablo Forged Irons (available on February 15) retail for $999 for steel-shafted sets, and $1199 for graphite-shafted sets.

The Diablo Edge Irons (available on January 15) will retail for $599 for a steel-shafted set. The Diablo Edge Irons will also be available in combo sets, featuring six irons and two Diablo Edge Hybrids. The combo set with two graphite-shafted hybrids and six steel-shafted irons will retail for $699. The combo set with two graphite-shafted hybrids and six graphite-shafted irons will retail for $799.

For full details simply click here: Callaway Golf Diablo irons.

Don't Commit Suicide on a Golf Course, PLEASE!

Some jabroni decided to kill himself on the 10th hole of the Island Country Club on Marco Island, FL on New Year's morning.

The man's body was discovered by golf course maintenance with a gun in his hand, Marco Island Police Department reported.

Was he a frustrated golfer? Did he have a bad round earlier that day? Or did he lose a bundle of money on the course that day? I don't know, and frankly I don't care.

I just know that if you're going to commit suicide, do it in the privacy of your own home or car... don't leave your rotting carcass on a golf course.

New Gatorade "UnFaithful" Tiger Woods Sports Drink

Gatorade bottles are showing up in Denver area stores with a label that has an image of Tiger Woods, with his wife Elin, and a one word logo that simply says "Unfaithful."

Jason Kay of Longmont, Colo., claims he and a friend pulled off this "pop art" project to create a buzz. Kay says that 1,000 of these "Unfaithful" Gatorade bottles were secretly placed in stores from Longmont to Denver.

Here's the report from KUSA TV:

The bad news for Kay and his "partner in crime": The FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations is taking this seriously. Even if the drink is uncontaminated, they could face a federal tampering charge.

January 10, 2010

Hireko Custom Golf Clubs

If you're looking for custom golf clubs, but don't want to pay the cost normally associated with custom clubs - custom fitted Hireko Golf Clubs are a great option.

They are recommended in the "Best Values" section in the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List Issue... and they consistently get 5 star ratings from golfers who use their clubs.

Hireko offers high quality custom-fit golf clubs, hybrids, fairway woods, drivers, putters, irons, wedges, junior golf clubs, golf club components, club assembly tools and golf accessories direct consumers. Hireko and Dynacraft International market the following brands Acer, Avatar, Power Play, Prophet, Synchron, Genesis, Oxygen, Pal Joey and iBella.

If you have any interest in getting custom fit golf clubs - I strongly urge you to check out: – Custom Fit Golf Clubs At Discount Prices... with Free Online Club Fitting - when you shop around.

Hank Haney & Charles Barkley on Saturday Night Live

Whether you like Charles Barkley or not, you've gotta give him some credit for having a good sense of humor about his golf swing. A swing that even golf teaching guru Hank Haney can't fix.

Here's a clip from SNL as Charles Barkley and Hank Haney discuss Sir Charles' golf swing:

Good luck Hank - I don't know if anyone will ever be able to fix Barkley's swing.

Comedian Argus Hamilton on Tiger Woods

One of my favorite sections of the Palm Beach Post on Saturday and Sunday mornings is reading Comedian Argus Hamilton's offbeat take on what's happening in the world.

And lately Hamilton has has a field day with Tiger Woods... and that's what I thought I'd share with you today. So, here's what Argus Hamilton has written over the last 6 weeks on Tiger:

1-10-10: Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren was reported Tuesday seeking a three hundred million dollar divorce settlement. She could be the one who gets all the golfing equipment endorsements from now on. Who wouldn't want to buy the clubs that beat Tiger?

1-7-10: Brit Hume said on Fox News Sunday that Tiger Woods should convert from his Buddhist faith to Christianity as a way to change his life. The golfer is well on his way. He gave every comedian in the United States thirty minutes for Christmas.

1-6-10: Tiger Woods lost his lucrative AT&T endorsement deal on Friday. He was calling fifteen mistresses every morning, texting them all afternoon, and having phone sex with them every night. AT&T had no choice, the employee discount was breaking the company.

1-5-10: The New York Post quoted Tiger Woods' close friends who say he's shopping for rehabs. There aren't that many to choose from. Addiction to cocktail waitresses is fairly common but the number of people who want to kick the habit is fairly small.

12-30-09: Christmas Day began a media frenzy over the attempted bombing of the Northwest flight. The whole world focused on the al-Qaeda bomber from Nigeria and the Dutch hero who saved that plane. It's the first peaceful day Tiger Woods has had in a month.

12-29-09: Golf Digest suspended Tiger Woods's monthly instructional golf articles Friday, continuing his free-fall in sponsor support. Not all of Tiger's corporate sponsors have bailed out. Until an ugly mistress turns up, Lasik Eye Center is standing by him.

12-27-09: Tiger Woods's wife Elin reportedly hired Beverly Hills divorce attorney Sorrell Trope. She's angry that Tiger won't go to rehab for sex and drugs. A married man can forget his mistakes, there is no use two people remembering the same thing.

12-25-09: Tiger Woods's mistresses were analyzed by region Monday and it was found that most of the women who admitted having affairs with him live in Las Vegas. After a month of revelations, one thing is clear. The only thing that stays in Las Vegas is O.J. Simpson.

12-24-09: Mattel's Barbie doll was reported the top selling Christmas toy this year. She is completely up-to-date. Barbie's Dream House now has a nine-iron in the umbrella stand in case Ken starts going to the toy stores and looking at the other Barbie dolls.

Tiger Woods's wife Elin contacted a divorce lawyer on Friday after a fifteenth mistress came out to the tabloids. The list keeps growing. The Postal Service just announced plans to honor Tiger Woods by putting his photograph on the overnight stamp.

12-23-09: John Daly went on CBS News Monday to show that he just lost one hundred pounds with lap band surgery. He was able to cure his problem with surgery. If Elin Woods had picked up a scalpel instead of a nine-iron the same might be said for Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods caught heat from civil rights leaders Monday about all fifteen of his mistresses being white and none of them being black. You can understand their outrage. President Eisenhower used to send in the National Guard over ratios like this.

12-22-09: Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan publicly begged Tiger Woods to contact them Friday. He's changed his cell phone number and gone underground. If they can switch his addiction from sex to gambling they can save his career because cards don't talk.

Tiger Woods was named Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press last week. His career is by no means over. In addition to going after Jack Nicklaus's record for most majors he's now in sight of Michael Jordan's record for biggest divorce settlement.

Tiger Woods was reported house hunting in France to escape his daily shaming in the U.S. and British media. The idea isn't new. Two centuries ago Thomas Jefferson purchased Louisiana so he could enjoy an occasional weekend getaway from the Puritans.

12-20-09: London bookmakers began laying odds on how much money Tiger Woods will have to shell out in a divorce settlement with Elin Nordegren. The overs-and-unders is two hundred million dollars. They already agreed to split the house, he gets the outside.

12-18-09: Tiger Woods's approval ratings tumbled fifty-five points in last week's Gallup Poll. He tied George W. Bush's record fifty-five point drop when the war went wrong. It shows that pronunciation doesn't matter, you can be brought down by Iraq or a rack.

Tiger Woods's doctor was arrested in Canada for smuggling human growth hormone. In hindsight you can see it. There were the sudden muscles, the rage, the bad language and the Maris family sitting in the gallery at the last four tournaments.

12-17-09: Tiger Woods registered a fifty-five point approval rating plunge in the Gallup Poll Tuesday with women especially outraged. Sixty-seven percent of all women in America said they're disappointed in him. Each of them thought they were the only one.

The New York Times said Tuesday that Dr. Anthony Galea who treated Tiger Woods in Florida was arrested in Canada for smuggling human growth hormone and other performance-enhancing drugs. Now Tiger's in trouble with Anglo-Saxons. That's cheating.

12-16-09: Tiger Woods took a break from the PGA Tour Monday to try to reconcile with his wife and rebuild his image. We've learned one thing. Tiger Woods is an even greater golfer than anyone could have imagined now that we know he never had time to practice.

Jack Nicklaus said Friday Tiger Woods will eventually figure things out and be forgiven by the public. How gracious. Until now Tiger's goal was to break Jack's record for most major career wins and Wilt Chamberlain's record for most career sacks.

12-15-09: The New York Post reported Thursday that Elin Nordegren decided not to divorce Tiger Woods and stay together despite all the cheating and public humiliation. She almost killed her husband. Tiger's just lucky that Charles Barkley is her swing coach.

Tiger Woods was caught by the tabloids picking up Orlando waitress Mindy Lawton and having sex in his car in a church parking lot. No wonder he got caught. When you're carrying on like that it's a really bad idea to give God your exact coordinates.

12-13-09: Tiger Woods was publicly advised by addiction experts to go to rehab at Sierra Tucson. He's so competitive. Even when he took the twenty-question quiz to find out if he's a sex addict he shot a perfect twenty and got an endorsement deal from Trojan.

Yahoo said the Tiger Woods scandal is the best thing for web traffic since Michael Jackson's death. It's a foolproof mixture of fame, money, sex and Vicodin. Amtrak will be profitable if they can think of a way to put advertising next to a train wreck.

12-11-09: U.S. Congressman Joe Baca withdrew his bill to award Tiger Woods a Congressional Gold Medal Wednesday. It wasn't a decision made lightly. Congress reviewed all the records for screwing people and decided they deserve to keep all the medals themselves.

Yahoo reported that the Tiger Woods scandal resulted in a huge boom for Web traffic at gossip sites. Nobody knows if these stories are credible. It's well known that a lie can make it halfway around the world and back before Tiger can get his pants on.

Gatorade announced Tuesday it's dropping its Tiger Woods sports drink called Tiger Focus. The name has taken on a negative association. To avoid the same problem the Detroit Tigers are going to change their name to the Michigan Tigers.

12-10-09: Florida police issued an eyewitness report saying Tiger Woods was drinking alcohol the night of his wreck. He also had prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin. Just add a car to this combination and it's easier to crash than a White House state dinner.

Gatorade dropped plans Tuesday to market a Tiger Woods sports drink called Tiger Focus. It's formulated to improve stamina and concentration. Instead of Tiger they're going to hire Dave Letterman to endorse the drink and call it Pace Yourself.

Tiger Woods's wife Elin Nordegren was reported Tuesday to have bought a home in Sweden and moved out of their Florida house. It couldn't last forever. For years he did a great job of keeping her in line, no matter how many women were ahead of her.

12-9-09: Golf Digest's cover article, printed too soon to retract, is called Top Ten Tips Obama Can Take from Tiger Woods. The cover shows Tiger posing as the president's caddy. Next month's cover shows Bill Clinton caddying and giving tips to Tiger Woods.

The National Enquirer got pictures of Tiger Woods picking up a Florida pancake house waitress and going back to her trailer home. No wonder he got caught. If you engage in this kind of behavior long enough eventually you're going to meet Paula Jones.

Tiger Woods offered his wife fifty million dollars Friday as his facial wounds healed. It was ever thus. Someday writers of love songs are going to be held liable for the damages caused by their products, the same as tobacco companies and gunmakers.

12-8-09: Swedish golf star Jesper Parnevik said last week he regretted fixing up his children's nanny Elin with Tiger Woods in the first place. The rules of golf are strict. You're allowed to have fourteen clubs in your bag, however you are not allowed to have a club hostess.

Tiger Woods absolved his wife Elin of all wrongdoing Wednesday, saying she was blameless in their domestic spat. What choice does he have? If his wife goes to prison for attacking him with a golf club he'll have to start paying a babysitter.

Tiger Woods was overheard Thursday begging mistress Jamiee Grubbs to remove her name from her caller ID number. It was urgent. His wife scrolled through his list of callers and she refused to believe that Jamiee Grubbs was a luncheonette in Augusta.

Elin Woods was reportedly holding a pitching wedge or a sand wedge when police found her standing over her bloodied husband. There's a big difference between the two clubs. You use a pitching wedge to cut a lip and a sand wedge to crush a skull.

12-6-08: Tiger Woods apologized for his adultery Wednesday. He cheated on his wife with a mistress, cheated on the mistress with a waitress, then cheated on the waitress with the hostess. Nobody bought his original story that he signed the wrong scorecard.

Tiger Woods was reported on CNBC to have offered Elin fifty-five million dollars to stay in the marriage for seven years and never tell her story. This might work out. It could put the spice back in the marriage if she takes money to sleep with him.

Nike and Gatorade and Gillette backed Tiger Woods on Thursday. The endorsement contracts have a morals clause. It cancels the deal if he does something the company considers immoral like, for instance, if Tiger starts flipping houses they don't have to pay him.

L.A. waitress Jamiee Grubbs played a recorded message from Tiger Woods asking her to hide the affair. She's a cocktail waitress and a receptionist at a medical marijuana store. That means she's just a cocaine connection away from earning her masters in Los Angeles studies.

Tiger Woods's neighbors said both Tiger's mother and his mother-in-law were in the house when he crashed. It won't happen again. The NFL has agreed to air games next Thanksgiving until two in the morning to keep relatives from talking to each other.

12-4-08: Tiger Woods apologized for his transgressions Tuesday as proof of his adultery surfaced. He cheated on his wife with a mistress then he cheated on his mistress with a waitress. Premier Silvio Berlusconi just awarded him Italy's Medal of Freedom.

Tiger Woods came clean about his adultery Tuesday when sordid and sleazy voicemails he left for his mistress were aired. It had to be a humbling moment for the greatest golfer ever. For all his titles and all his victories, sex remains undefeated.

12-3-08: President Obama gave a speech Tuesday detailing how he plans to get out of Afghanistan. He pre-empted A Charlie Brown Christmas on ABC. It'll air next week unless it's pre-empted by Tiger Woods's speech detailing how he plans to get out of the house.

Tiger Woods was named as a lover by a Las Vegas waitress Monday. His wife will come out of this fine. By the time this is over Elin will have her name on a new line of golf clubs with the shafts bent exactly in the shape of her husband's profile.

Florida police cited Tiger Woods for careless driving Tuesday, however his wife Elin is not out of trouble for smashing the Escalade window with a golf club. The law's clear. Cadillac is owned by the taxpayers and it's a crime to deface U.S. currency.

12-2-08: President Obama was shown in a photo with Michaela Salahi at a polo match five years ago. The beautiful blonde somehow got into the state dinner without an invite. Tiger Woods called the president and told him not to leave the golf clubs by the door.

Florida cops investigated the car crash that ended up with Tiger Woods knocked out and his wife holding a golf club over him. They say no alcohol was involved. It's a perfect chance for John Daly to step forward and point out that sobriety kills.

Tiger Woods announced Monday he's canceling his appearance at the charity golf tourney he sponsors in suburban Los Angeles. He explained in a prepared statement that he was injured. You don't need to look at his MRI to see that he pulled a Clinton.

12-1-08: The global climate conference meets in Copenhagen this week to propose national controls on industry and people to battle global warming. It's a phantom issue. Last night it was so cold in Florida that Tiger Woods' wife was sticking to her story.

Tiger Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree while backing out of his driveway in his Escalade. Scrutiny was intense. Johnny Miller said considering the narrowness of the driveway and the placement of the fire hydrant, he should have gone with the Buick.

Tiger Woods was found by cops Thursday lying on the street bleeding with his Swedish blonde wife standing over him with a six-iron. How chilling. It made people wonder for the first time in fifteen years if it's possible that O.J. killed Nicole in self-defense.

A special thanks to Argus Hamilton for letting me reprint his words. To find out more on Hamilton or how to book him to speak please CLICK HERE to visit his website.

January 09, 2010

Should I buy a RIFE Putter?

Putter designer Guerin Rife makes great putters. His lines of RIFE putters are: the Two Bar Putters (available in a Mallet or Blade), the Island Series and the IBF Tour Series.

The series I'm most interested in is a Two Bar Putter blade, not the mallet. Rife uses an unusual RollGroove Technology that gets the ball rolling faster with a true forward roll. This lowers the friction with grass. Here's a look at the RIFE Hybrid Tour Blade:

In short, your ball will roll more consistently and truer because the effects of the grain of the grass is reduced dramatically. Let me explain...

A "regular" putter has 3 to 6 degrees of loft on the face. So when you hit the ball it jumps off the ground a little and has a very slight back roll. When the ball 'lands' it causes it to skid on the putting green before the back roll becomes a forward roll. During this "skid period" the grass grain can cause the ball's dimpled surface to slightly change its direction and speed. I think this illustration show it best:

Rife putters are made with the patented RollGroove Technology. This cause the ball to move forward slight at impact. With only 1 degree of loft, the ball starts its forward rotation while in the air which allows it to continue rolling with out skidding. And this eliminates skid, reduces the effects of grass grain, and provides a more consistent roll.

I may actually go up to the RIFE putting lab in Sanford, Florida to get a custom fitting for a putter. I haven't decided yet. But I definitely know I love the technology RIFE uses and his innovative design.

For more info on Guerin RIFE putter or to buy one, simply go to the Edwin Watts and type in RIFE in the search box and hit GO... or go to The Golf Warehouse and select Guerin Rife in the manufacturer drop down.

Par Mates Caddy Program in Las Vegas

Heading to Vegas? Planning on playing some golf with the boys? Then you might be interested in playing a course that has caddies... perhaps a caddy that looks like this:

At Bali Hai Golf Club and Royal Links Golf Club you can enjoy a round of golf and your caddy/hostess will be there by your side. For $225 per round you can have a escort caddy of the female persuasion accompany you.

She's there to introduce you to the course staff, call in your food and drink orders, keep your score, help you shop in the golf shop, etc... and once on the golf course, your caddy will repair divots, fix ball marks, clean balls, clean clubs and assist with yardage, ball flight and hazards.

So if having someone like Caddy of the Month (and UFC ring girl) Natasha Wicks tag along with you on the golf course interests you:

Then you might want to check out Walters Golf Par Mates caddy program while you're in Las Vegas - here's a link.

Gary Player Warns Rory McIlroy

Gary Player recently gave Rory McIlroy the ultimate compliment by saying he has, "One of the most magnificent golf swings that I’ve seen in a long time."

And Player doesn't want any Tiger-like transgressions to screw up McIlroy's career. Player obviously knows that women will be throwing themselves at Rory...

Here's how Player put it, "I assume that Rory has learnt a lesson not only watching golfers but watching some of the baseball players that have got into big trouble. And even the President of the United States, not just golfers. So they have got to watch him very carefully. There are a lot of young girls out there that will try and set a trap for him."

Frankly, I think it's great that the 74 year-old Gary Player is taking it upon himself to be a mentor of sorts for McIlroy.

So just how good is the 20 year-old Rory McIlroy?

Well, for starters he's the 11th ranked golfer in the world. He had 12 top ten finishes in 2009 and a win at the Dubai Desert Classic.

Here's a really cool video of McIlroy's swing, the slow motion stuff is really great:

No Three Putts predicts this will be an even bigger year for McIlroy. I definitely think he'll break into the top five in the world rankings, and that he'll be a contender at the British Open this year.

January 08, 2010

Personalized Golf Balls

Every time I play in a golf tournament I seem to get personalized golf balls with logos of the event sponsor. Usually it's a bank or insurance company.

If you ever wondered where to get your logo on a golf ball for your business... or if you want to put your name on a ball so you don't have to dot it with a marker anymore...

Or if you just need to remind yourself where to hit the golf ball - something like this might help:

No Three Putts has found a website that makes personalized golf balls at great prices.

It's called and you can check out their website by clicking here.

Will playing with personalized golf balls make you a better golfer, probably not. But you'll look pretty cool with them!

Reviews of GPS Golf Range Finders

As a fellow golfer, you know that new high-tech gadgets are fun to have - especially when you beat your Saturday foursome to the draw and are the first to have it.

Whether it's the newest Taylor Made driver, a fancy little golf tee, or something truly innovative like a GPS Golf range finder - new innovations are exciting. Today, I'm going to review and discuss several GPS Golf range finders.

The one's I'll review are:

Garmin Approach G5 GPS-Enabled Golf Handheld
SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS
Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS

First up, the Garmin Approach G5 GPS-Enabled Golf Handheld:

  • This waterproof golf GPS range finder has a 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display (waterproof is a HUGE bonus - and the haptic technology (touchscreen is very cool)
  • It comes already loaded with U.S. course maps. This includes fairways, hazards, and greens
  • There is NO annual fee!!! Major points here... PLUS, new maps are available for download from at any time.
  • You can measure shot distance with very sensitive readings so you can eliminate any "guesswork."
  • It keeps score! There's a digital scorecard for a foursome... you can save the scores and check 'em out when you get home.
And it's getting stellar reviews like these:
"Awesome increase in enjoyment of Golf game"
"First impressions: Amazing!"

As someone that has used Garmin products for years, I definitely have 100% confidence you will be thrilled with the Garmin Approach G5 GPS-Enabled Golf Handheld.

Next up, a review of the SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS:

  • This golf GPS has a good-sized, color LCD with automatic backlighting that makes it easy to read on sunny days
  • It uses a technology called IntelliGreen that gives you full depth and shape of greens from any angle (very sweet feature)
  • You can plot greens yourself, or subscribe to a SkyCourse memberships to access up to 16,000 courses (SkyGolf Membership Info)
  • Water resistant (NOT Waterproof)
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that last up to 14 hours (Note: If you're on the course 14 hours no GPS Golf range finder will help you. Invest your money in lessons.)
It's getting great reviews like:

"I'm the envy of all my Golf Buds !"
"Works as expected- It will help your game"

I know the SkyCaddie is very popular, and I definitely like the product, but after dishing out nearly $300 - do you really want to be hit with a $30 to $129 membership fee? I don't, but maybe you don't mind. If you do, you can check it out here: SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS

And for fans of Callaway Golf, here's a brief review of the Callaway Golf uPro Go GPS:

  • This Golf GPS range finder has a sleek simple design. It fits in your pocket no problem.
  • Gives you aerial and satellite photographs of golf courses
  • Locates the golf course hazards and flagsticks
  • Connects to for golf course downloads
    There's no subscription, but you have to pay for the golf courses you want. One course costs $10 (which is 3 credits), but if you buy 150 credits it comes to $2.40 per golf course you download. 
 If you're interested in getting more info, and reading more customer reviews just click here:  uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf

    In short, there are a lot of options for GPS Golf Range Finders, and it really comes down to personal taste. For No Three Putts - I prefer Garmin. I've used a Garmin watch for years and it's great. Their website is always easy to use, reliable and they make quality products.

    Is Geoff Ogilvy an Arrogant Jerk?

    I don't personally know Australian Geoff Ogilvy, and I probably never will get to know him... but a recent quote of his leads me to believe he may a bit "full of himself."

    You be the judge... here's what Ogilvy has to say on becoming the number 1 ranked golfer in Tiger Woods' abscence:

    "No.1 in the world might be up for realistic grabs this year, depending on how it all takes shape. Even if he [Tiger] does come back [this year], I imagine it will be a very limited schedule. Even if he comes back and wins, nobody knows what's going to happen...  A lot of guys will be thinking here is my year... I am definitely one of those guys. When I play my best, I can play with anyone."

    So as the 14th-ranked  golfer in the world I guess Ogilvy has a right to think he has a chance to become the top ranked golfer in the world in 2010.

    But will he? I doubt it.

    USGA's New Rule on Grooves

    This week the USGA is implementing its new rules that limits the depth, width and sharpness of grooves on clubs with lofts greater than 25 degrees. (i.e. seven-iron, eight-iron, nine-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, 56-degree wedge, etc.).

    In short, this means players will get less spin on approach shots hit with any club less than a five-iron.

    So last year, when a player played a shot with the intent of putting backspin on it, now he will land the ball and run it up to the hole.

    There are some cases where this will make shots hard for golfers - like around the green. But these guys are pros and can easily adjust their games.

    I think this rule is great. I'm in favor of anything we can do to make golf harder for tour pros.

    Is Alexis Thompson the Next LPGA Superstar?

    I know its not likely that a 14 year-old will become the next LPGA superstar... but Alexis Thompson is the most qualified youngster to come around since Paula Creamer.

    At the ripe old age of just 12, Alexis Thompson became the youngest player to ever qualify for the U.S. Women's Open. To top that off, she also won the 2008 U.S. Junior Girls Golf Championship.

    Impressive, yes... butt here's why I think Thompson has what it takes to become a successful LPGA superstar...

    After 2 rounds at the U.S. Open she was in contention after two rounds, although she didn't fare to well on Saturday and Sunday she finished 34th. And this past October, Thompson shot a first-round 65, good enough to share the 36-hole lead with world No. 1 Lorena Ochoa at the Navistar LPGA event.

    Will Alexis Thompson become an LPGA superstar or will she disappoint us like Michelle Wie? Only time will tell... and yes, I know the LPGA has a minimum age requirement of 18, or 17 if the birthday is close enough to the cut-off.

    Does Tiger Woods Swing Both Ways?

    I don't know if there's truth to the rumor that Tiger Woods is bisexual, in fact I don't really care.

    But Tiger's scandal seems to be getting worse every day...

    One of his many former mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, now says Tiger swings both ways in the bedroom.

    According to New York Post’s Page 6 and a blog post on Ferriolo, a former Playboy model, claims she saw Woods having gay encounters.

    Radar reports that the Italian model Ferriolo wants to sell a "tell-all" book on her alleged transgressions with Tiger Woods.

    Ferriolo said her book would expose full details on Tiger's "healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumor surrounding Woods' sexuality".

    Plus, it will include details of her claim that he had "sexual encounters with men."

    Apparently, this gold digger is in talks with serveral publishers.

    Bottom line: Who really cares if Tiger Woods is a bisexual? I don't. Do you?

    ...More Golf Stuff