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February 17, 2005

Golf Adventure Guide

Rob over at Golf Adventure Guides sent me a link to this satellite image of Ireland. Big deal a satellite image of Ireland. What's cool about this image is that many golf courses in Ireland are labeled on the image. Satellite Image of Ireland's Golf Courses

February 15, 2005

I played golf

Last week No Three Putts went out and played at The Links at Madison Green in Royal Palm Beach, FL. I hadn't played in about 6 weeks so my expectations were low. Surprisingly I had my best round in about 10 years. Why did I play so well? My putter was on friggin fire! I took 29 putts. The night before I played I read an article about putting. It said for putts under 10 feet to look at the hole not the ball. Well in my mind you'd have to be out of your head not to look at the ball, but what I did was focus on the ball and the hole. Somehow it worked.

As for the golf course. The Links at Madison Green was in great shape, but not the type of golf course I could play everyday. Too many holes that a good drive down the middle of the fairway could actually penalize you on. Doglegs in every direction. I'd play there again but I'll wait until summer time when the rates go down.

If you actually care, I shot a 78. 42 on the front and 36 on the back. I was 2 under on the back nine going into 18. What do I do? Double bogey the last hole. Can you say choke?

Mickelson wins again

For the first time in his career Phil Mickelson has won two consecutive golf tournaments. Could the Callaway clubs that I have bashed in the past really be good golf clubs? I don't think so. My thoughts on why Mickelson has won twice are this: Mickelson is a great golfer. It took Phil a few months to adjust to his new crappy Callaway clubs.

Go get 'em Phil 'Man Boobs' Mickelson!

February 05, 2005

2005 Tiger Woods Predictions

Here's the 10 predictions that I, No Three Putts, know will happen in the world of Tiger:

1. Tiger will miss a cut, twice.
2. Tiger will admit his Nike clubs suck and join Phil at Callaway.
3. Tiger will not win a major again this year.
4. Elin will become pregnant. Another perfect excuse for poor play.
5. Tiger is baffled as to how Elin became pregnant, they haven't had sex yet.
6. Tiger and caddie Steve Williams go public about their love for one another.
7. Pimp Daddy Vijay Singh admits he's the father of Elin's baby.
8. Tiger and Steve break up. Tiger gets a new caddie.
9. Tiger admits that Buick makes crappy old man cars.
10. Butch Harmon is back.

We'll see just how good I am at making predictions. I don't think Dionne Warwick has a thing on me.

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