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September 30, 2004

Tiger's back hurts, BOO HOO!

So today I'm looking at the golf news feeds and all I saw were headlines about Tiger Woods and his damn back, about 294 to be exact. Ya know what? I don't care if his back hurts. If it hurts that much, then Tiger should not play. Since he is playing, let's talk golf, not about how courageous he is for playing. This is friggin golf here. It's not like he's going out to defend our country. Actually, Tiger tried to defend our country two weeks ago at the Ryder Cup and failed miserably.

I'd really prefer to hear about the first round leader Todd Hamilton. Heck, I'd like to hear his daughter make more funny comments like she did after the British Open.

Here's a good quote from Todd Hamilton regarding the Ryder Cup and playing golf "I was paying attention two weeks ago, it looked like the Europeans were having fun. From where I have been, to be playing for this amount of money on really nice courses, that's fun." Good for you Todd, you've got the right attitude.

This is just too gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) for me. I don't care if my back had the most excruciating pain, I would never let Steve Williams give me a massage.

I heard that Ian Poulter, who is not playing this week, gave all of the European golfers tees with the final Ryder Cup score on them. Ian instructed the golfers to drop a few of these tees on every tee box with the hope that American golfers would pick them up. Too funny.

September 29, 2004

David Morland IV - Who?

Why in the world would No Three Putts mention relatively unknown PGA Tour player David Morland IV on his golf blog? I'll give you one simple answer, his wife is, Mrs. Florida and runner-up at the Mrs. America contest, Michelle Morland. Michelle is another example of a hot wife of a PGA Tour player.

I've come to the conclusion that if you can say you are a professional golfer, you will end up with a hot wife. I am yet to see a truly ugly wife of a PGA Tour player, now the wife's of European Tour players are another story. Many of those players obviously have drinking problems and meet their women after kicking back way too many drinks. I think I may have to start selling fake tour cards so my readers can go out bag some hot chicks.

September 28, 2004

Vijay Singh: Practice Makes Perfect

I don't know what to say about Vijay Singh other than AMAZING. I guess it is only appropriate that Vijay means Victory in Hindi.

Let's review Vijay's year
1. Won 8 tournaments including 5 of last 6
2. Earnings of $9,455,566 (new record)
3. Became #1 Player in the World
4. Soon to be player of the year

Obviously Vijay is #1 in scoring and greens in regulation, but numbers I found interesting were Vijay is 145th in driving accuracy and 133rd in putts per round. I did not realize that his driving or putting ranked so poorly. 2004 stats

Vijay Singh hasn't made this much noise since he made the comments about Annika Sorenstam playing at the Colonial. And even now, it's not like he's really making any noise. He just practices, plays and wins. Doesn't say more than a few words, ever.

I wonder if Vijay Singh really did cheat on the Asian Tour. For much of his career Vijay was known as the guy banned from the Asian Tour for turning in a counterfeit scorecard.

If the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren breakup rumor is true, I think now would be a good time for Vijay to make his move. I hear she only likes golfers that can say they're number one.

They don't call Vijay a P-I-M-P for nothing. You know what they say about those silent ones.

Speaking of silent ones, Vijay is also known for ripping a good one at least a few times per round.

September 27, 2004

Florida Blow Me Tour

These damn hurricanes have inspired me to make some hurricane gear.

Check out this: Florida's 2004 "Blow Me" Tour shirt.
View larger Blow Me logo

How about a Hurricane Xing thong for the Mrs?
(For women only!)
View larger Hurricane Xing logo

Check out all of No Three Putts official hurricane gear at: Florida Hurricanes 2004

September 25, 2004

NoThreePutts, Marketing Guru

Although Hurricane Jeanne is a horrible act of Mother Nature, No Three Putts thought he'd take advantage of an opportunity. The opportunity to market No Three Putts. These big ugly boards on the front of my house now tell my neighbors about No Three Putts and let them know that although I'm bracing for this damn hurricane, I'm still thinking GOLF.

Check out No Three Putts Official "Blow Me" Hurricane Gear

Jack Nicklaus & George W Bush

President Bush was recently introduced at a rally in Columbus, Ohio by Jack Nicklaus. Bush was also introduced at a rally by Arnold Palmer in Pennsylvania. It must be nice to know that when you need a cure for a slice you can call the greatest golfers of all time to help you out.

This tells me President Bush has figured out who really decide elections in this country: GOLFERS! At a rally in Greenwood Village, Colorado John Elway introduced President Bush. I don't know what Bush is looking to get from Elway, but I can assure him even John Elway won't be able to help the football teams from Texas this year.

You're on the green, use the putter. You may be the President, you can make us go to war, but when you're on a putting green even you need to use a putter. If you can't figure out which one the putter is, look for the club with a flat face.

September 24, 2004

How the US can win back the Ryder Cup

No Three Putts has figured out how the US team can win the Ryder Cup in two years. Both Europe and the US teams play the same golf course, but we have two sets of greens. Obviously, the US gets the green below.

Watch your balls!

I can assure you that those who do not golf at this course do not look for golf balls at this course. This is quite a severe penalty for a man. I wonder what they do to women who violate this?

19th Hole

This guy is sick. Funny in a twisted way, but very sick.

There's another hurricane heading towards Jupiter, FL and No Three Putts has decided to be silly today.

September 23, 2004

Tee Time Girl aka Quench Wench

SECRETS OF A TEE TIME GIRL: Golfers, Scandals and the Beverage Cart

Nicole Kallis has written a book that takes a look into the good, the bad, and the perverted of what really happens from the vantage point of the beverage cart girl.

The beverage cart girl always interests me. Hey, I'm a guy, I like checking out pretty women when I'm out on the golf course doing some male bonding with my buddies. And because it gets hot in Florida, I'm always thirsty.

You would almost think that if I told you a beverage cart girl, or in Nicole's case the self-proclaimed Quench Wench, had written an interesting book about golf that it was a joke. You're thinking I've talked to those chicks before, they're a couple of clubs short of a set. But believe you me Nicole Kallis is a smart beverage cart girl with a great sense of humor. And to top it off she has a nice rack. This book is the real deal, it's a must read for all golfers.

Along the way, the book points out good things to do with the Cart Girl as well as one big no, no. After reading this book you'll have a whole new view on the job of the beverage cart girl and the importance of the cart girl to the golf experience. Nicole Kallis currently works at The Mt. Woodson Golf Club in San Diego as a Beverage Cart Girl.

To my readers, No Three Putts wants you to check out Nicole's website: Then email Nicole and tell her you want a copy of her book.

September 22, 2004

Rick Reilly's Ryder Cup Rules

Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly had some interesting new Ryder Cup rules that are designed to make these matches fair again.

Rick Reilly's New Ryder Cup Rules

Here are two of my favorite Rick Reilly Ryder Cup rules:

9. Speaking of Tiger Woods, he's not welcome on the American team anymore until he actually wants to play in these. He always seems to play these things with all the enthusiasm of a man forced to take a bath with his mother-in-law. And since he's the big dog, everybody follows his lead. Great player. Lousy team player.

10. Just as England and Ireland were allowed to add Continental Europe in 1981 to restore the balances of these Ryder Cup matches, America will also be allowed to add a region. We take Fiji.

In addition to Fiji, I think we should also take the South African region, just to be on the safe side. Rick Reilly, No Three Putts agrees with you almost 100%. I do differ with you on number 7 though.

7. No more wives. No reason, really, except we're just sick of seeing them in matching outfits that make all of them look like Miss Dowdy, 1956. In what other sport, do the wives get to come in the team room for strategy sessions? It's emasculating and awkward.

True, the matching outfits are a bit silly, and the women going to strategy sessions makes no sense, but seeing Sonya Toms, Elin Nordegren and Amy Mickelson definitely adds to my viewing pleasure.

September 21, 2004

Bart Bryant wins, really he did

Who the hell is Bart Bryant? He's the guy that won the Texas Open last weekend. After going 0-for-186 on the PGA Tour Bart "the BartMan" Bryant, 41, has finally won a tournament. While the world watched the Ryder Cup this weekend, Bart Bryant quietly won the Texas Open. With rounds of 67-67-60-67 he easily won by 3 strokes. A 60? Doh! Holy sweet rounds!

Bart's brother Brad Bryant is also a professional golfer. Brad Bryant won the '95 Disney World/Oldsmobile Classic. The other brother combos that have won tournaments are Dave & Mike Hill, Lionel & Jay Hebert and Curt & Tom Byrum.

Congrats to Bart Bryant on winning his first tournament as a pro. After going through Q-School five times, I'm sure Bart is going to love the 2 year exemption he just earned by winning in Texas y'all.

September 20, 2004

David Toms hot wife Sonya Toms

Sonya Toms is one sexy babe. Here's what I like about David Toms wife Sonya, besides the obvious: She met David before he "made it" as a pro. Meaning she isn't a money hungry gold digger like Elin. He was a struggling broke golfer when they met. Heck, she isn't even a big golf fan.

Obviously one look at Sonya Toms in a bikini and you'll know why she is one of the hottest wife's on the PGA Tour.

With a wife this hot, it must be hard for David Toms to play in a lot of tournaments without taking her with him.

Here's an interesting question from a survey Sports Illustrated did of PGA Tour Players from Feb. 2003.

Who is the best-looking Tour wife/girlfriend? (Can't vote for your own.)
Dana (Tom) Byrum 23%
Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods) 18%
Sonya (David) Toms 18%
Dawn (Brian) Bateman 9%
Jill (Per-Ulrik) Johansson 7%

Also receiving votes: Jennifer (Fulton) Allem, Jodi (Stephen) Ames, Amanda (Jonathan) Byrd, Karen (Brandle) Chamblee, Heather (Ben) Crane, Sherrie (John) Daly, Michelle (Ed) Fryatt, Tabitha (Jim) Furyk, Angela (Gabe) Hjertstedt, Missy Kretchmer (James McLean), Susan (Andrew) Magee, Mia (Jesper) Parnevik, Ashley (Hal) Sutton

Dana Byrum beat Elin and Sonya, looks like No Three Putts is going to have to find some pictures of Dana Byrum, to win by 5% over Elin and Sonya she must be hot.

US Ryder Cup team a disgrace

What an embarrassment the US Ryder Cup team was this year. A 9 point loss is beyond ridiculous. Let's sum up the Ryder Cup from a US fan's point of view:

Day One: We got beat, but hey, we're the best players in the world, we'll come back.
Day Two: We got beat a little worse, but were tough Americans we'll make some noise on Sunday.
Day Three: The realization that American golfers suck at match play has set in.

Maybe in two years the Ryder Cup will expand the competition and open up to Asian, African and Australian teams. Then the US team could get bent over by guys from all over the world, not just Europe. I'd say congrats to the European team, but I congratulated them before the Ryder Cup even started. Europe winning was not a surprise, however winning as easily as they did came as a complete shock.

September 19, 2004

US has sucked thus far!

What a friggin disappointment the US team has been at the Ryder Cup. With the largest deficit, 11-5, going into Sunday in Ryder Cup history, the US better play their hearts out on Sunday and get a bunch of points. If this ass kicking continues, each and every player deserves all of the crap that they are going to get.

I'd start the grilling with Capt. Hal Sutton for not standing up to Phil "Mr. Callaway" Mickelson and demand that he play the practice rounds with his team. Then he should not have put Tiger and Phil in the same group on Friday. That pairing had poison written all over it, why would you play these two guys together when they obviously don't like each other.

If we see a smile on Hal's face on Sunday I'll be amazed.

September 18, 2004

Yesterday's Pairings

Of all the groups that went out yesterday, as a golfer there are quite a few that would have been a real treat to play with. But as far as I'm concerned the two-some below is by far the pair No Three Putts would like to have played several holes (pun intended) with.

Amy Mickelson & Elin Nordegren, walk this way hotties, No Three Putts is ready to play.

Hey Phil - Nice Drive

What can you say about Phil Mickelson's drive on 18 yesterday with the match even going into the hole? All I am thinking is there's a few executives over at Callaway that are crapping in their pants about now. If this type of play continues I hope for Callaway's sake they have an opt out on the contract.

September 17, 2004

Who will win the Ryder Cup?

Here's No Three Putts Ryder Cup prediction: Europe will win. The final score will be 15-13. Europe keeps the Ryder Cup.

The US anchor is Tiger Woods. He has been nothing but disappointing at the Ryder Cup and he will follow suit again this year. Phil Mickelson is the next in line, but with the Callaway clubs in his bag and skipping practice on Wednesday, I think he is going to get a whooping.

The European anchor is Colin Montgomerie. Monty may not have won a major, but he has never lost a singles match, his streak will be extended. Padraig Harrington will also be a force to reckon with.

There are a lot of rookies at the Ryder Cup this year. Here are a few guys who are going to make some noise for both teams.

For the US Chris "Psycho" DiMarco could do something stupid and screw things up. He is more of a liability than an asset. On the flip side Chris Riley and his magic putter could make a big difference for the US.

For the Europeans Luke Donald will be the guy that puts away the US. And Miguel Angel Jimenez, who has won 4 times in Europe this year, will be the silent assassin for the Europeans.

My heart says go US, but my brain says congrats to Europe on another victory. It is obvious the US clearly has the more talented team overall, but there is more to winning this type of event than talent and Europe has what it takes to kick some ass.

September 16, 2004

Ryder Cup: Euros won 6 of last 9

So why is it that the Europeans keep kicking the United States ass in the Ryder Cup? It's certainly not the teamwork thing. Although they are considered a team, it is still individual matches being played. It's not like the US Men's Olympic Embarrassment of a Basketball Team that lost 3 games and used the old "we didn't have long enough to work together as a team" excuse.

The Americans had won 19 of the first 20 Ryder Cups. But then, in 1977, a guy named Jack Nicklaus suggested that Great Britain and Ireland add continental players to their roster. This is when the competition began.

So why do the Euros keep winning? I'll tell ya why, because they are hungry. They play to win. They don't sign with Callaway for $10 million a year, their weekly prizes are not ridiculous amounts, they have the desire to play golf and they play from within, from the heart.

David Duval put it nicely in '99. "It's the biggest event there is, it is not technique or mechanics, but passion." Right you are David, the Europeans play with passion.

I'm not saying the Americans want to lose, but I think the Europeans take pride in winning. They make the putts and shots when they have to, they know how to compete and they are the better competitors.

September 15, 2004

Luke Donald: Ryder Cup star?

My pick is Luke Donald as the player who will have the greatest impact for the European Ryder Cup team. Donald is an excellent player especially when it comes to match play. Luke Donald has won a record 7 out of 8 Walker Cup points leading Great Britain and Ireland to victory in '99 and '01. Donald also won the NCAA individual title in '99 while attending NorthWestern University in Chicago.

Luke Donald has won on both the PGA and European Tours. If there is one player I think that could be a thorn in the side of the US, Luke Donald is the guy. Europe is lucky to have him on their team.

September 14, 2004

Ian Poulter at the Ryder Cup

What is Ian Poulter going to do at the Ryder Cup? How is Ian Poulter going to conform to wearing a uniform? For a guy that enjoys making a spectacle of himself by coloring his hair and wearing crazy clothes, the week of the Ryder Cup is going to be quite trying on him. I wouldn't be surprised if Poulter has a trick or two up his sleeve to let his fans, like me, know he will not conform.

Give 'em hell you goofy bastard!

Ryder Cup is big business

Here are some of the numbers for the Ryder Cup:

TV: USA Network and NBC will televise a combined 26 hours. The networks have paid an estimated $30 million combined in rights fees. More than 300 million golf fans around the world are expected to watch.

Crowds: The PGA of America has limited crowds to 40,000 a day, although they had more than 100,000 requests at their online auction. A week long pass sold for $450.

Media: More than 1,200 credentials were issued for the matches. There were less than 100 reporters at the '83 Ryder Cup.

Hospitality: The PGA sold 60 chalets, with the asking price as high as $300,000, and 135 tables at Oakland Hills, which is expected to generate almost $30 million.

Revenues: Estimated total revenues are between $70-75 million. Profits should be about 1/3 of that.

These numbers are quite staggering considering that in '83 ABC only aired 2 hours of the Ryder Cup. This year the opening ceremonies will have two hours of coverage.

Here's what Jay Haas, a US team member in '83 had to say "It looked like a practice round the last day in '83, there were not many people out there. Until the middle to late '80s, I don't think the fans really got into it."

Well we are into it now and No Three Putts can't wait to watch golf's version of the Olympics all weekend.

September 13, 2004

Mike Weir Choked

Vijay Singh didn't win the Bell Canadian Open, Mike Weir handed it to him on a silver friggin putter. All of Canada had their hopes crushed when Mike Weir missed putt after putt on Sunday. Then to top it off Weir flew the 18th green and one hopped his ball into the drink. Ala, here you go Vijay, your 4th win in 5 tournaments, amazing.

Mike Weir is the most famous golfer to come out of Canada, unless you count Wayne Gretzky (I have 4 Gretzky rookie cards, for those of you that care). But since Gretzky does not golf for a living I'll have to say Weir is at the top of the Maple Leaf as far as Canadian golfers go.

Sunday was a terribly disappointing performance from Cananda's pride and joy, eh. Please don't get me wrong, I like Mike Weir and of course he's a great golfer, but his choke yesterday was not too far behind Van de Velde. I don't think any golf fan could believe he put a wedge from 129 yards into the water. How in the heck does that happen? Ya got me, what can I say but what a shame.

September 12, 2004

Mickelson's 1st tourney as: Mr. Callaway

In his first tournament as the savior of Callaway Golf, Phil Mickelson did not fare so well. Yes, he made the cut, but I'd expect Mickelson to make the cut at any tournament regardless of what's in his bag. Phil finished the Bell Canadian Open in 57th place with rounds of 75-69-79-68. Not bad, not great, not the way he wanted to start his relationship with Callaway. I wonder if his fellow Ryder Cup team members are going to try and coerce Mickelson to go back to Titleist for just one more week. Unlikely he would, but it's nice to think he would play Titleist if that's what it takes to win.

Don't worry Phil, you'll be happy to know, No Three Putts is still a big fan. I'm just not so fond of your new sponsor.

September 11, 2004

Yips it's David Duval

Two weeks in a row Mr. Yips, I mean David Duval, has made the cut. Last week up in Boston was the 1st cut Duval had made in 15 months. David Duval worked with Hank Haney last month. Is Hank Haney really that good of an instructor or is this just a fluke? Only time will tell.

Haney has been working with Duval on weakening his grip to give him more control throughout his swing. This will apparently eliminate big shanks and give him a flatter more consistent trajectory. I personally don't think this will be a cure all for Duval. Once a golfer gets into a slump and starts shanking it all over the golf course he will have thoughts in his head that will last a lifetime. Every round Duval plays he will always stand over at least a couple of shots and think about whether or not he is going to shank it. Trust me, I've been there, done that and still do it.

Unless Duval gets himself a great sports psychologist he will never be the David Duval that won 11 times in 18 months in the late 90's. Maybe a shrink could even get him to smile when he hits a good shot. I think a miracle worker, not a shrink might be needed for that.

September 10, 2004

Colin Montgomerie gets divorced

Finally Colin Montgomerie has gotten rid of his spoiled, now ex, wife Eimear. What kind of name is Eimear anyway? We knew the divorce was coming month's ago. And for Eimear to say that marriage to Colin made her sick is absurd. She said the demise of the marriage is the fact that Colin is obsessed with golf. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

If it weren't for golf and the money Colin made playing golf, I can assure you Eimear never would have been with Monty in the first place. After all, it's not like the guy is a slender pretty boy. Here's a quote about Eimear from BBC Sport "Eimear Montgomerie is often seen wearing a suede jacket and matching shoes - she is famous for rapidly depleting Monty's winnings through fashion purchases!"

Colin Montgomerie, I think the best decision you've ever made is to divorce that gold digger. Now you can focus on what's important to you, golf. Good for you.

After reviewing these pictures of Eimear, I think it will be rather easy for a guy of Monty's stature to replace her with younger and prettier model. Call Jesper, perhaps he has another hot nanny available.

September 09, 2004

Are you ready for some football?

Tonight, my team, the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots kickoff off the football season against the Colts. The Patriots had a good off season with acquisitions, drafts picks and trades. The Patriots are the team to beat this year without a doubt. I am very confident Tom Brady, Corey Dillon and company are ready to conquer once again.

That's enough football talk, lets check out the New England Patriots Cheerleaders!


Oy Vey, Ivan!

First Charley, then Frances, now Ivan. WTF is going on here? I thought Florida was supposed to be the Sunshine State. This is ridiculous. Hopefully this hurricane will continue to head into the Gulf of Mexico and avoid Florida.

The name Ivan reminded me of one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid, you know who I'm talking about, Ivan "Polish Power" Putski.

At this time I would like to say "I'm sorry" to my sister for using the Ivan Putski signature move, the Polish Hammer, on your head too many times.

Hurricane Ivan, screw off. I want to play golf sometime soon.

September 08, 2004

Phil Mickelson signs with Callaway

I don't think anyone is surprised about Phil Mickelson signing with Callaway Golf. Callaway is in desperate need of a savior and no one in golf could be better than Phil. I know I was more surprised that Mickelson left Titleist. The deal with Callaway was signed over the Labor Day weekend, but the terms have not been disclosed.

According to Callaway, Mickelson will be wearing Callaway's logo on his shirt sleeve, the side of his visor and on his golf bag. Phil will also be wearing Callaway footwear and gloves. I didn't even know Callaway made footwear. Gee, and they wonder why they are having financial problems, talk about over diversifying.

Starting Thursday at the Bell Canadian Open, eh, Mickelson will be using a prototype of Callaway's HX golf ball along with a Callaway Fusion Driver and a Big Bertha 3 & 4 wood. Mickelson will be working with Callaway designer Roger Cleveland to develop irons, wedges and a putter.

The Question: Will Phil Mickelson be able to help turn Callaway Golf around?

The Answer: No. Only better golf clubs and equipment will help Callaway. Callaway hiring Phil Mickelson does give them the big name PGA player credibility they needed. I don't know if Callaway thinks consumers are stupid, but I know I won't buy their products until I am certain they are making products worthy of my hard earned money.

Take a look at Nike Golf. Does having the most recognized face in golf, and perhaps all of sports, translate into sales, NO.

I hope everyone enjoyed watching Phil Mickelson play great golf this year, I know I did. I have a bad feeling that Phil's greed, his inferior new clubs and his signing with Callaway golf will be the demise of this year's Masters champion.

Here are a few previous relevant posts:
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September 07, 2004

Vijay Singh is Number 1

With great joy I congratulate Vijay Singh for beating Tiger Woods yesterday and finally putting a new name atop the list as the best golfer in the world. According to the Official World Golf Rankings Vijay Singh is now the number one golfer in the world.

Tiger had an impressive run of 264 weeks as the top ranked golfer in the world. It will be interesting to see how long Vijay will be able to hang on. If someone other than Tiger will bump him off. Or if this will piss Tiger off enough to make him call Butch Harmon so he can get back up there.

In any case, Vijay Singh not only won a tournament, but at the same time became the number one golfer in the world. If that isn't a cause for a celebration, I don't know what is. You could not have asked for a better way for Vijay Singh to dethrone Tiger Woods than playing him head-to-head in the last group of the day to not only decide a tournament, but then to top it off and take away his number one golf ranking in the world.

Don't worry Tiger, at least you've still got Elin!

You might be No. 1 Elin, but Tiger isn't.

No Three Putts says "thank you Vijay Singh, good luck as number one".

September 06, 2004

Here's the remains of the tree No Three Putts took down today. Please note the lovely boards are no longer on the house. I guess today being Labor Day was appropriate, I Labored all Day!

Goodbye Frances!

No Three Putts survived friggin Hurricane Frances. Luckily my family was safe and there was no damage to my house. Here's the results: a tree leaning against the house, my palm trees need a good pruning, a portion of my fence is down, and I was without power for only about 20 hours. Other than that we got through Frances with flying colors. My father has been without power for 3 days now. My neighbor and I cut down the leaning ficus tree this morning and I had fun raking the debris in the yard. I found myself practicing my golf swing with each stroke of the rake. I also got the damn boards off the windows, nice to finally have some light. Hopefully Hurricane Ivan will not be heading this way next week.

September 04, 2004

Shattuck Golf Club

Every year I get an invitation to play in the Franklin Pierce College alumni golf club at the Shattuck Golf Club in Jaffrey, NH. I've never made it up there to play in the tournament, but I've heard it's a good golf course.

Shattuck Golf Club is right near the base of the beautiful Mount Monadnock. Mount Monadnock is a great mountain to hike. It happens to be the most hiked mountain in the world. Also, it is said from the top of Mount Monadnock on a clear day you can see 6 states. I could never figure out if this is true or not. It's not like there are signs sticking up or any other way to identify each of the states. Regardless, this part of southern New Hampshire is beautiful.

I hope to make it back up to Rindge for an alumni weekend one of these years. I also remember a few really good restaurants in Keene that hopefully are still there. Some of the best french onion soup ever was once found in Keene. There's also a nice public golf course called Brentwood Golf Course that I used to play quite a bit.

September 03, 2004

Phil Mickelson splits with Titleist

Apparently Phil Mickelson and Titleist have parted ways. Not sure exactly why, but Phil is now free to sign with another equipment company. Rumor has it Phil Mickelson is in talks with Callaway Golf. Mickelson had 16 months left on his contract which was worth more than $4 million a year.

Phil leaving Titleist makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Phil is having the year of all years, why in the hell would he change things? This is obviously not something that Titleist wants. The most popular golfer on tour leaving them can only hurt Titleist. So it must be a move on Phil's part. Could it be that Phil wants more money? A greedy thought, but yes it is likely he does want more money. Who knows, maybe Mickelson wanted a line of clubs, clothing and balls named after him. If it was his wife's idea, then maybe I could understand it. After all she is a MILF.

Perhaps Phil was contacted by the ailing Callaway Golf and has been enticed to try and be their savior. If so, then I think this makes some sense. Kind of like how Tiger is the primary focus of Nike Golf, Phil would be the Callaway Golf poster child and focal point. I doubt he'll start playing different clubs or balls until after the Ryder Cup, but who knows money can make a lot of things happen. Could you imagine the press Callaway Golf would get if Mickelson started playing them the week of the Ryder Cup. Talk about helping sales.

September 02, 2004

Damn you Frances!

Hurricane Frances sucks! I was supposed to take my family to Disney World tomorrow for the Labor Day weekend. Instead I'm outside putting up boards on windows. All I can say is I hope it does not hit Jupiter, Florida. As of now it is not looking good for us though. With that being said, No Three Putts will most likely be signing off for a few days. I'll leave you with my favorite Francis quote:

Psycho: Any of you homos call me Francis, and I'll kill you. Touch my stuff, and I'll kill you. Touch me...and I'll kill you.

Sgt. Hulka: `Lighten up, Francis...

Golf or Tennis?

Without a doubt, golf.

Honestly, I think the only fair way to really compare golf and tennis is to put Maria Sharapova up against Natalie Gulbis. By far they are the hottest women in tennis and golf.

Although both Maria Sharapova and Natalie Gulbis are hot. I'd have to go with Natalie Gulbis. Any chick that looks like her and can golf, as far as I'm concerned, is perfect.

September 01, 2004

Yankees get whooped!

As a Red Sox fan I must celebrate the little things in life. Such as the Yankees getting their asses kicked by the Indians 22-0. The Sox are 3 1/2 back. The next month should be some great baseball.

Perhaps this is the year Red Sox Nation will conquer.

Three Putt Poker

This blog is so popular they named a golf poker game after it. I'll be honest with you, I've never played three putt poker. Click here to read how it's played. The next time I play golf with my buddies I am definitely going to give three putt poker a try. I love golf, I enjoy friendly wagers when playing golf and I love taking my buddies money.

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