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June 30, 2004

Are Tiger & Elin breaking up?

As we all have heard about way too much, Tiger Woods has come down to reality with his golf game. You could even say that as of late he is struggling. Many blame Tiger leaving golf coach Butch Harmon as a reason for his poor play, others say his caddy Steve is a moron and one of the theories is that his fiance is to blame. There are rumors that have recently surfaced throughout the golf world that Tiger is starting to believe that his fiance Elin Nordgren could be the cause of his poor play. One caddy was quoted as saying that he heard Tiger mumbling to himself in the locker room at the US Open something like "I can't believe she is wearing khaki pants on a Friday, I told her khaki pants are for Saturday and black for Sunday, how does she expect me to make birdies when are pants don't match." I believe this type of non-sense is really distracting Tiger and causing him to lose his focus.

Could it be that Tiger and Steve, seen here holding hands, are an item? Or could this romantic hug be a sign that there is more then just a caddy boss relationship going on there?

It is obvious there is no comparison between Steve & Elin, but I am yet to find pictures half as intimate of Tiger & Elin out there as I have seen of Tiger & Steve. Tiger if the rumors are true, please keep your love life with Steve off the golf course. I'll keep ya posted as I find out more...

June 29, 2004

Stadler family wins, buffet loses

We all heard the story this past weekend of how both Craig "Give me more steak" Stadler and his son Kevin "I'd like bacon & cheese with that" Stadler won on the Champions & Nationwide Tours. And congratulations to them, this is quite a feat.
Last night father & son reunited and got to celebrate. However, things got a little out of hand. It all started when they first saw each other and did their usual, but yet unusual, Stadler family celebratory greeting. When things settled down Craig & Kevin got to celebrate together in their favorite fashion, at a Golden Corral all-you-can-eat steak buffet.

Sid, the night manager, at the Elizabethtown, Kentucky Golden Corral happens to be a golf fan. When seeing Mr Stadler & Mr Stadler enter the premises Sid promptly greeted the smiling Stadler's and seated them right near the buffet. They were so close to the kitchen they could see the butcher chasing a cow. After 4 long hours of non-stop eating of 14 sirloin steaks (each), 22 lbs. of potatoes, nearly 3,000 peel and eat shrimp, and over 3 dozen hot yeast rolls, Sid had seen enough. Not only was he losing a fortune on these two champion eaters, but he didn't have any cows left out back to kill.

Sid kindly asked Craig and Kevin to leave the restaurant before he runs out of food for the other hungry patrons. Before Craig could even say cheesecake please, Sid screamed at the top of his lungs and demanded the Stadler's leave the restaurant. Craig, being the smart guy that he is, read the fine print on the menu that says all-you-can-eat and said he was not going to pay for his dinner unless he could continue to eat. Sid graciously ripped up the check, asked the Stadler's never to come back and ran to the kitchen in tears. Craig and Kevin did tip their waitress, but each grabbed a chocolate cake on the way out. Witnesses say the Stadler's were not breaking any rules and most were jealous of their superior eating abilities.

I'll try to get some pix up tomorrow of this. Although you'll probably see this in the news first. It's nice to see golfers that take pride in their eating. Or should I say it's nice to see eaters who take pride in their golf.

For all you hackers

Saw this article and just had to say, WTF?

Remsey: a Frenchman that didn't choke

All of France probably turned their TV's off when Jean-Francois Remsey started his round on Sunday with a drive into the drink. Lucky for him and all of France for that matter he didn't do a Jean Van de Velde.

Congratulations to France on a Frenchman winning your beloved tournament for the first time in 35 years. I'd like to be the first one to congratulate you for your next win in 2039.

June 28, 2004

Take that Tiger Woods

Yesterday in golf:

PGA Tour: Adam Scott wins
LPGA Tour: Kim Saiki wins

What do Adam Scott & Kim Saiki have in common? Both have been training with Butch Harmon.

Perhaps Mr. Woods it is time to swallow your pride and go back to the one person that can help your game. Put your tail between your legs, fire your moron caddy and if you're luck maybe Butch will take you back.

Is 21 under par ridiculous or what?

Adam Scott won last week and tore the TPC Avenel a new one in the process. What a difference a week makes from all the bellyaching we heard at Shinnecock. We go from too difficult to too easy. TPC Avenel was obviously not a challenge. Next year the Booz Allen Classic will be at Congressional CC while Avenel gets a much needed major overhaul.

There are several events each year where ridiculous scores like this are put up. I think we should make these tourneys fun and a little more of a challenge. Here are my suggestions: limit the number of clubs each player can play with, no woods or lefties play righty & vice versa.

June 27, 2004

Tiger & Steve = Whine

Ok, I just think this article is hysterical. Being a Red Sox fan the Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner references bring back traumatic times in my life, but the Tiger Woods and Steve Williams section is well worth the brief reminder of my beloved Red Sox disappointments.

June 26, 2004

Colin Montgomerie: Friend or Foe?

I would have to say friend. I know there are a lot of people out there that don't like Colin Montgomerie, but I like him. The only reason I mention Colin now is because it was announced the other day that he is getting divorced. The divorce is the excuse being used as to why he is not having a great year this year. Here's an article about his failed marriage. I am not a fan of lame excuses for any PGA Tour player that is not playing well, especially one of Colin's caliber. A car accident or being attacked by a pack of wild rottweilers is acceptable, a wife telling you to pack your bags is not. You are a professional you should be able to separate your personal life from work. The irony here is that supposedly Colin's dedication to golf and not family has caused the divorce. Now the lack of family is causing his golf to go down the toilet.

I can't blame his wife for wanting a divorce, he's probably not an easy guy to live with. But for us golf fans he's fun to watch. He has a great swing and he shows emotion. Whether he's happy or pissed off Colin let's you know. This is the type of player I like to watch, just one look at his face and you can tell what kind of round he's having. Unlike the winner last week.

Colin Montgomerie there are many people in the United States that don't like you, but for what it's worth No Three Putts likes to watch you play.

Callaway Golf screwed up!

Poor Callaway Golf, their sales are down and they are struggling to compete in the driver market. In the June 18th Wall Street Journal there was an article about Callaway, their dominance of the driver market in the 90's, their screw up in the late 90's and their current struggle to compete with Taylor Made (my driver of choice) and the onslaught of new Japanese manufacturers. So you know, the driver is golf's highest margin product.

Let me sum it up. In '91 Callaway introduced the Big Bertha, obviously it was a huge success. In '98 they screwed up when they developed the ERC II which the USGA banned. Over the last few years the company has really not done much as far as innovative technology. They only have one driver with a head over 400cc's. Their logic was if you have the most expensive driver on the market golfers will buy it. Well I got news for you, this isn't the 90's, we all have oversized drivers, we are much more savvy shoppers now and your arrogance of charging us top dollar is over & you're feeling it.

Here's my advice to all of you that play Callaway: Wait until the end of the summer to buy the new Great Big Bertha II driver, prices will be coming down. Expect an onslaught of new advertising from Callaway showing them as an innovative company with competitive pricing. I would also expect Callaway to be getting off their asses and introducing a lot more new products over the years if they want to stay in business. What were they thinking when they bought Top-Flite anyway?

This is another case of a company losing site of what is important, the consumer. They liked sticking it to us with the highest priced drivers on the market and it worked for a while. Meanwhile, their executive team kicked back, played golf and laughed at how stupid we were for paying so much. Their greed benefits us now, prices are coming down, there's more competition and the technology is letting us hit an occasional 300 yard drive. I'm not saying Callaway has bad products, I'm saying as a company they screwed up and pretty soon all golfers will be able to afford any driver they want.

June 25, 2004

TPC Avenel is too damn easy!

Last week all we heard about is how tough the course was and how the players got "Shinnecocked". I say TPC Avenel is too damn easy for PGA Tour players. Although I don't hear anyone out there complaining about how easy the course is. These guys get on a difficult course and they complain like there's no tomorrow, but when on courses that they tear up, should they be asking for more of a challenge?

If Charles "Thurston" Howell III can shoot 10 under par with a 28 on the front nine and eight 3's in a row, then this course is too easy. This course is obviously lacking a challenge. Were any of the guys that were under par bellyaching in the clubhouse that they weren't challenged out there? I don't think so.

One of the beautiful things about golf and something the spoiled PGA Tour players take for granted is some courses are challenging some are not. Each week these guys get to play on a different course in immaculate condition that most of us would give an arm and a leg to play on. Yes, last week was tough, yes this week is easy, do your job, don't complain about it, and most of all "shut up and golf!"

June 24, 2004

Tiger Woods & Steve Williams: The next Penn & Teller?

So today Tiger Woods apologized for Steve Williams by saying he "probably went to far" when he kicked a photographer's lens & took a camera from someone in the gallery. Check this out to see the thug himself in action. Tiger went on to say "he was trying to protect me" and "that the crowds can get out of hand". Protect you from what? A guy doing his job taking another picture of you. And I have never seen a golf crowd that out of hand.

First, why did Tiger have to come out and apologize for Steve? Since when does the cat have Steve's tongue? He's an adult, he should apologize for acting like an idiot, Tiger should not have to do this for him.

My thoughts are this, if the snap of a camera is going to cause a PGA Tour player to hit a bad shot he should not be on tour. This comes with the territory, a "hazard" of the job. I have no sympathy for any tour player that complains about a picture being taken of them, regardless of where they are in their swing. The photographers are doing their job and the fans pay more than enough money to spend the day out at a tournament, it is their right to snap a picture whenever they damn well please.

And as for you Steve, you got lucky by landing this job as Tiger's caddy. Because you're Tiger's friend you got this job, it was not based on your qualifications. Your days are numbered pal, it won't be long before your back at Wal-Mart greeting people.

June 23, 2004

Does Retief Goosen have a personality?

After seeing the enthusiasm, or shall I say lack of enthusiasm, Retief had after winning the US Open. I would have to say this guy is a dud, no fun and definitely not the life of any party. To sum up Retief Goosen's personality in one word: personalityless.

Is he a great golfer, you bet. Is he a guy you want to hang out with, I doubt it. After making countless one putts on the back nine he didn't show any signs of cracking a smile. Even after hitting in the rough or bunkers you would think Retief would be human enough to show signs of frustration. Nothing. Nada. Somebody check this guy to see if he has a pulse.

Golf analysts, commentators and writers all refer to him as cool under pressure, calm & collected, blah, blah, blah. I say that's a crock, he's boring. Would it hurt the guy to show golf fans that he too gets upset or gets happy on the golf course just like we do? Show us some damn emotions. Seriously, after winning the US Open you tipped your hat. What are you 75 years old?

Name: Retief Goosen
Profession: Professional Golfer
Majors: 2 time US Open Champion
Personality: None

Why do golfers find it necessary to button the top button?

The very first episode of Seinfeld had George and Jerry sitting in the coffee shop discussing the placement and importance of the 2nd to last bottom on the top of a shirt. This entire episode of Seinfeld becomes meaningless if either George or Jerry buttoned the top button of their shirts. But notice even these guys who were not exactly fashion experts knew better than to button the top button of a shirt.

I absolutely hate golfers that button all of the buttons on their shirts. Not that I want to see a guys chest, but how dorky does this look. When did this start? Why did this start? Who in their right mind would do this? I don't even think that Carson, the fashion guru on the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, would approve of this.

As far as I'm concerned, any guy that uses all of the buttons on his shirt should be labeled a geek. Growing up it was always the nerdy geek that had his shirt buttoned to the top. Now for some bizarre reason golfers find this acceptable. Well I don't.

All golfers utilizing the top button should take a look at Fred "Bring on da" Funk and take a lesson on how to wear a shirt. He's a man that knows how to wear a golf shirt.

June 22, 2004

No top 10 players at the Kemper: Does that suck?

I know it's now the Booz Allen Classic, but if the chairman of BA says his family and co-workers still call it the Kemper, then you're damn right, I will too.

I say it does not suck that no top 10 players will be there. Here's why, Fred Couples, Greg Norman, Billy Andrade and Rich Beem all were first time tour winners at this event. Overall there have been 12 first time winners here. I think it will be a lot of fun to see a young gun playing his heart out to win this week. Will there be a first time winner this week? I say yes.

Next year this event is being played one week before the US Open at Congressional CC. In 2 years it will be back at the TPC at Avenel, which will look like a new golf course. I don't get it, you would think it would not have taken the PGA 18 years to overhaul this course. If the players had such a problem with the course why has it taken so long? There must be something political going on up there in the DC area.

Inviting Michelle Wie to play was a good business decision. I think she was going to decline the invite, but this tourney needs someone to draw a crowd.

June 21, 2004

Is Phil the most popular golfer?

After listening to the roar of the crowd all weekend you would think he is. I say there are two ways to go with this question. Yes and no. Do the fans love to root for him, you bet they do. Is he becoming more popular because Tiger is in a "slump", yes. So is he the most popular guy out there yes, until Tiger starts playing like he was a few years ago.

Part two to this question is: No, Phil is not the most popular guy out there. If he were the most popular guy on the PGA Tour he would have much cooler sponsors. I'm sure he is paid a pretty penny by Boiling Point, Ford & Titleist, but who really wants to wear a visor with Boiling Point on it? Only a guy getting paid to wear it, that's who. I'm familiar with B.P., but I would never wear a visor with a big Boiling Point all over it. What it comes down to is that Phil is liked by the fans, but Phil doesn't sell. His fans wouldn't go buy a shirt that has a PM or a Phil on it, yes they'll play Titleist balls, but that is not because of Phil, that's because their Titleist balls. Heck, I don't think even Tiger is selling many of the Nike balls because of the ProV1's, but you see his shirts and other golf gear everywhere.

So here it is: Yes, Phil is the most popular guy on Tour, but he will make a 5 foot downhill breaking putt before he will ever sell a Phil Mickelson endorsed shirt.

Stop making excuses for Ernie!

Now this irritates me. I am a fan of Ernie Els, but to see all of the stories out there that his "Grueling schedule causes Els' final-round collapse" is ridiculous. I don't particularly like to see any PGA player shoot an 80 or above, other than David Duval, but a lame excuse that he is tired is nuts.

Ernie and every other guy out there are paid to play golf, so what if Ernie has played 6 weeks in a row. That was his choice. I only wish I could play that much golf. But to say he was too tired just pisses me off. He is one of the greatest golfers in the world, I say if he is this tired he should have taken a nap.

I think the double bogey on the first hole and the fact that this was a damn tough golf course caused him to shoot 80. Here are some interesting numbers from yesterday: 28 rounds in the 80's (out of 66), 78.72 stroke average for the field, low round for the day was a par 70 by Robert Allenby.

Please, no more stupid excuses like being tired, just admit it when one of these guys has an off day. We all have them.

June 20, 2004

How do you spell Retief?

Is this guy using an illegal putter or what? Seriously, hole after hole he was dropping putts from everywhere. It was unreal. Phil's putter did not lose the US Open; Retief's won the US Open. I am not exactly thrilled with a foreigner winning the US Open, but this guy kept his composure and got the job done. There was a stretch on the back nine when I thought for sure he would crumble. Somehow he hung on to win, congrats to you Mr. Goosen.

Now here's a problem I had with the TV coverage. With about an hour left in the tournament they show a tourney summary. I usually like these things. How does this one start? With Tiger friggin Woods. I couldn't believe it. He was never in contention! Who cares? WTF? All of the networks really need to remove their heads from Tiger's ass. I know there are a lot of people out there that like Tiger and want to see him, but I can assure you this was not the time they wanted to see him. Watching him struggle was amusing, but not what I wanted to see.

A word to all networks: Your viewers are going to watch the leaders finish their rounds regardless of whether you show Tiger or not. Next time, show only the leaders.

7th Hole is too hard: Get Over It.

All I read about this morning was the 7th hole. I say every writer and player out there should shut up! Boo hoo, # 7 is too fast, unfair and just too tough, big deal. I say cut your bellyaching, play golf and get paid way too much money for doing something we all love to do. Yes, it was difficult, but these guys are pros and this is their job. Regardless of the conditions: wind, rain, thick rough, fast greens, whatever it may be this is what they do.

Only 27% of the players hit the green in regulation and there was only 1 birdie. Difficult hole, yes. What's more important to me is this was fun to watch. Watching the balls roll off the green made this hole by far the best spectator hole on the course.

And here's what pisses me off about players complaining about the 7th hole. Every player in the field played the same hole with the same pin placement; there is no unfair advantage for anyone. Ernie Els called this hole ridiculous, which yes it was ridiculously difficult, I say shut up and golf.

June 19, 2004

Duck, Duck, Goosen...

Phil, you're killing me over here. You need to get your act together tomorrow pal. You need to win this one for America. This is the US Open, not the South African Open. How can 3 of the top 6 players be from S. Africa? Shigeki is still hanging in there too. The leaderboard is pure foreign chaos.

Just like the Brits hate it when a foreigner wins their tournament, I'm the same damn way when someone comes over here and wins one of our majors.

Phil, Bring on da Funk, & Jeff Maggert are the guys to be rooting for tomorrow. Blah, blah, blah I know everyone likes Ernie, but give me a break, this is the US Open, lets see one of our guys win this one for the United States!

Michelle Wie at the Masters? Be real!

So I open the newspaper today and see an article on my man Phil Mickelson on the cover of the sports section, very nice. Although the title of the article sucked, "Confident Lefty Smiles way to top". What the hell is this about? His smile sure didn't make any birdies. Stupid title, but at least it's about Phil leading the US Open.

So I go to read the rest of the Phil Mickelson article and what do I see? A story in the golf section titled "Masters is now long shot for Wie". I had to do a double take. First off, who ever thought a 14 year old girl would be playing in the Masters anyway. Granted she's an excellent golfer, but my point is, this is the week of the US Open, who cares about any women's golf at all. Really, this is the week of the LPGA Shoprite Classic. As far as I'm concerned, they should be teaching young Ms. Wie and the other gals out there how to clip coupons and buy the proper food to make their men happy (although for 80% of these women I should say for their women, for you slow one's out there, yes, that is a lesbian reference). Honestly, what's the trophy look like for this tournament? You guessed it, a lovely crystal shopping cart. Fill mine up with ice cream, red meat, lots of cheese, chips and everything that would violate the stupid Atkins diet, give me the carbs baby.

In conclusion, the Masters is a year away, it is way to early to hear hype about Michelle Wie or any other female trying to play at the most sacred men's club in the country. Hootie, I'll bet you had the same panick attack I did. Don't worry brother, I'll keep these women in line.

Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus

There was an interesting article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal titled Can Tiger Catch the Golden Bear. Let me sum it up in one word: No-Friggin-Way.

Here's some food for thought: Seve Ballesteros, 31; Tom Watson, 34; Arnold Palmer, 35. These are the ages each of these guys won their last majors, Jack being the exception at age 46. Mr. Woods better stop dicking around with his hot Swedish nanny chick if wants to be up there with these greats.

Nicklaus also suffered a slump at about the same age as Tiger, but he came back and won 4 of 8 majors. At this point it makes me sick to see Tiger's name in the same article as Mr. Nicklaus. If he is to be compared to Jack Nicklaus, he better get back out there and start playing.

Perhaps he should swallow his pride and get rid of his idiot caddy and go back to camp Butch.

June 18, 2004

Maruyama is Japanese for Marijuana, really....

Ok, so I have no what Maruyama means, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was smoking some today. How else could he have had 2 great rounds in a row? Obviously, the real story of the day is Phil. Lefty fires up a round of 4 under, how sweet is that.

Bring on da Funk. This is definitely not the Freddy I thought would be in up on the leaderboard. This will be my last blast at Duval until he plays in another tournament, but great friggin round you had today. Two rounds in the 80's, you should be proud. I'm sure you'll be quoted somewhere as saying it was another good round.

May the winds die down and we see some unreal golf this weekend.

Also, let me give an 'atta boy' to my man Del P for his win today on the Golden Bear Tour.

Shinnecock vs Duval: KO 1st Round

Over the years there have been gentlemen golfers and there have been golfers that have no regard for other golfers or their fans. David Duval is at the top of the list of golfers with no regard for others. You have had a breakdown over the last 8 months and have taken a break from golf.

After your 83 opening round in the US Open, I would have to say you should take off another 8 months. No one would miss you. Perhaps you should visit Miss Manners and work on learning how to smile, or saying hi to a fan and maybe even sign an autograph once and a while.

Until you become a good person I am confident your game will remain at this poor level. I find your quote after yesterdays round "breaking 80 would have been a good day" an embarrassment to all tour pros. I do not know any PGA member that thinks that breaking 80 is a good day on the golf course, heck I don't even think it's that great a day and I'm a 10 handicapper.

David Duval may you end up on the Putt-Putt Tour.

June 17, 2004

Bonzai! Shigeki & Jam Master Jay are leading the US Open

Let me start by saying what a shame it is to see Duval at +13 :)... Hopefully we won't see him for another 6 months.

Like you'd expect at Shinnecock, wicked nasty rough and greens that are too darn fast. Sure makes for a fun tourney to watch.

Nice to see Tiger struggling out there, like I said the other day, I think his streak of making the cut will end tomorrow.

Do I think that Shigeki and Jay will hang in there until Sunday afternoon, nope. I think both will fair well, but neither will be in the final pairing on Sunday.

We've got a lot of golf to go and it sure does suck when the rain cancels play for the day.

June 16, 2004

Big Bad John, why didn't you try to qualify?

Now this pisses me off when a guy that is having a great year like John Daly is having doesn't even try to qualify for the Open. WTF? Dude, you're a lazy drunk bum. You owe it to your fans and your sponsors for that matter.

Dunlop should make you pay them this week. Those guys over there must be furious. Who in their right mind would play Dunlop clubs? Only you could get a sponsor like this and then go out and kick some ass. Next thing ya know you'll be sponsored by a lumber yard.

We never know where the ball is going or what you are going to do out there. That must be why we love watching you play. You are one of the best golfers on tour to watch. Just get out there and play please.

June 15, 2004

Is Tom Kite the ugliest golfer ever?

The votes are in and Tom has been voted the King of Ugly. Just cause the guy looks funny doesn't mean I don't have great respect for his game, I do. What an achievement to qualify for the Open at 54 years old. This is a guy that loves the game of golf. This will increase his streak to 31 consecutive trips to the Open. He's now tied with some guys named Sarazen and Palmer for the 3rd longest streak to the Open. Please don't go streaking at the Open Tom.

When Tom qualified he played in shorts. There should be a law against this. Who wants to see Tom's face, nonetheless his legs. Please for all of our sakes keep your pants on Tom. I still can't decide whether I preferred him with those big goofy glasses or without.

June 14, 2004

Yesterday's Winners

PGA Tour: Sergio. Good to see a kid with some enthusiasm out there. Holy mackerel, he gets pumped up. This is what golf needs, someone out there to work the crowd and make some noise. He even dresses pretty good, although he does need to loosen the collar a little.

CHAMPIONS Tour: Allen Doyle wins a 2 day event. Gotta hate it when rain kills a day of golf.

LPGA Tour: Ok, so Annika won another one, big deal. The real story here is the hot Korean chick, Shi, that came in 2nd. It was nice to see hear belly when she'd follow through. We need more women like her out there on tour. I am still convinced that Daisy Dukes are needed.

This is an exciting week coming up. The U.S. Open is always a blast to watch. I'm no Dionne Warwick but here are a few thoughts. Phil might win, Tiger might not make the cut, Duval will withdraw on Friday because he's a mental midget, Vijay & Freddy will both finish in the top 10 and either one of these guys may be in the final group come Sunday.

June 08, 2004

Let Phil sing, I mean get off Phil's back he won a major!

Sorry for the Grateful Dead reference, couldn't help it. Ok, now it's time for all of you critics to get off of Phil's back. After countless wins he finally got the big one. He is one of the most exciting golfers on tour to watch year after year. Long off the tee, good with his irons and unusually creative with his short game. I have to be honest though I love watching Phil putt. If it's under 10 feet you never know what's going to happen. Is he going to make it, miss it, who knows. You can see the intensity on his face when he has short putts. They seem to freak him out.

So he's got the hot wife, beautiful children and now a major, what more could a guy want. Now if someone would introduce him to the Atkins or South Beach diets we won't have to worry about his heart giving out any time soon.

Jesper, Jesper, Jesper, sorry you didn't qualify for the Open.

And I sincerely mean this. I like this skinny bastard. You have to admire the guy. How many guys could persuade their wife to hire a nanny that looks like the one he had? I can hear him now, "Oh honey, she is from my homeland, we need to help her with this job, free her from the evil Swedish empire...."

I also give the guy thumbs up for dressing like a complete moron and not caring what anyone thinks. This man has no fears. Dress like an idiot, hire the hottest nanny in the world, how can you not admire Jesper.

I followed him around for a few holes at the Honda this year and I cannot figure out what is wrong with his hats. It's like the bill of his cap took Viagra and he can't get it down. I guess he missed a day of golf school when they were taught the point of a hat is to block the sun. Two words: skin cancer. On second thought he is probably making a pretty penny for wearing that silly cap.

Hats off to you Jesper, you da man!

June 07, 2004

Yesterday's winners.

PGA Tour: Double E. tore the back nine a new one on Sunday. Nice to see him playing well a couple of weeks before a major. And the same for Freddy, good to see him right there in second. Oh, and the guy in 3rd Tiger, go hit the range.

Is it just me or does Ernie's nickname "The Big Easy" sound like it should be the nickname for one of the girls at The Bunny Ranch?

CHAMPIONS Tour: Big Daddy Cool, Jim Thorpe, won this week. He is a bad MoFo. Nice to see him win. This guy strikes fear in the golf ball when he looks at it.

LPGA Tour: Ok, I'm glad Annika did not win, and congrats to Karrie Webb on her 30th win, but who really cares. Until they start wearing Daisy Dukes out there I'm not watching them play.

June 06, 2004

Women playing in PGA events, you must be kidding me!

This will be brief.

What a joke. Like a woman could compete in a PGA tour event from the same tees as a man. Gimme a friggin break.

Kudos to Suzy Whaley for actually qualifying to play in the GHO. Unlike the other women that competed against men last year at least she earned the right to be there. But I'm still scratching my head, how did she beat all of the guys in CT to qualify? Oh yea, she did play from the red tees, but still, everyone of you in CT should be ashamed of yourselves.

That's it for now on women trying to compete with men. I'll be back to the subject of women and golf though. You ever get stuck behind a bunch of old broads? It's no fun.

June 05, 2004

When will golf get rid of Johnny Miller, like the NFL did to Dennis Miller?

This guy just gets on my nerves. I mean he is really friigin annoying. He's Mr. Negative. It's not like he is just critical of a golfer, that I might be able to accept. He's just plain old negative. I don't know that he ever has anything nice or positive to say.

The NFL knew that Dennis Miller should not be in the broadcaster booth. Hopefully the golf world will wake up and get this egotistical putz out of the booth too.

Perhaps Mr. Critical should put his money where his moronic mouth is and get back out on the old man's tour.

June 04, 2004

I can't stand Tiger!

First off, why does everyone kiss his ass? I could never figure this out. There are other players out there with a lot more charisma and that are much more interesting than he is.

Why don't I like him, hmmm...this could be a long list, but here's a few reasons.

1. He slams his clubs too much. Good "role model"! I really want my kids to be like this. Curse & slam their clubs every other shot.
2. He always has excuses. ex. I adjusted this, food poisoning that, pulled this, blah, blah, blah. Hit the practice range & cut your bellyaching, no one cares.
3. How the hell did he get Jesper's nanny. Oh yea, that's an easy one, he's got a lot of money.
4. It's great that so many people like Tiger & our golf courses are now much more crowded with new golfers. How wonderful, I love playing 18 holes in 6 hours behind newbie golfers.

Trust you me, I will be adding to this list...

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