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February 10, 2010

Here's How Donald Trump Kicks a Member Out of Trump International Golf Club

Let's face it, when it comes to Donald Trump ya either like or dislike him. For most people there's really no kinda, sorta, or in between... it's one or the other.

I've always liked him. For several reasons...

For one, he's a heck of a business man. He sets his sight on something and come hell or high water - he makes it happen.

He says what's on his mind. He doesn't care what people think or about 'political correctness'... when he has something to say - he says it. Ya gotta respect a man with convictions.

And, way back when, when I was a young lad... I valet parked cars for him at Mar-a-Lago. One night, on the eve of an elegant party - I did the one thing the 'help' wasn't supposed to do: I talked to The Donald. I couldn't help it. The valet gig was just a way for me to make a couple extra bucks and have some fun.

So what did we talk about? Well, earlier that morning on my ride to work I heard Mr. Trump on the Howard Stern Radio Show and I simply said, "Good interview on Howard this morning." He looked at me, shook his head, smiled and said, "Thanks, it was a lot of fun."

Nothing earth shattering, but it was good to see he has a solid sense of humor.

Now, back to why I'm really writing today...

Last year, a guy named Harry Theodoracopulos was a member of Trump International Golf Club, it's in West Palm Beach near a prison (seriously) - down the road about 15 miles from where I live. I've never played there, but I've been there for the LPGA event that's there each November.

Well, apparently Mr. Theodoracopulos is a loud, obnoxious, and repulsive man who threatened a caddy with a golf club one day. But get this, that's not why he was kicked out, although it's part of the reason.

Does this look like a rich, spoiled Palm Beacher to you?

One day while Harry (his last name is too long to keep typing) was yelling and screaming about something there were prospective members taking a tour of the club. After hearing the tirade they decided Trump International Golf Club is not right for them.

As we all know, money talks when it comes to Trump... So when word got to him that Harry just cost him a few hundred thousand dollars in membership dues. He was livid.

What did he do? He sent Harry the following letter revoking his membership.
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Good for you Donald Trump - that letter is an instant classic in my book. Just cause someone is rich (Theodoracopulos) doesn't give him the right to do whatever he wants. It's good to see his money is no longer good at Trump International.


Sandi said...

Good for him. Too few stand up for decency these days.

Golfles said...

Doesn't he own his own Golfclub ?

roofing contractors nj said...

That's right he deserves to be kicked out and trump is the owner of this club and he can do anything for his club's interest.

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