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December 06, 2004

Kitten with Her Sticks

Meow, Kitten with Her Sticks is a line of women's golf gear for women with a winning attitude.

Kitten with Her Sticks is also dedicated to women both on and off the course in the prevention of breast and ovarian cancer by donating five percent of all after tax profits towards funding for women who cannot financially afford screenings.

Kitten with Her Sticks is available in many pro shops throughout the country. Nice clothing, profits go to a good cause and good looking models, Kitten with Her Sticks will be a successful line of women's golf gear.


mediaguru @ said...

Fore!.....inches that is.

jon said...

cute funny kitten picture surfing tonight looking at cute funny kitten picture info, I happened across your blog. I had to say that I agree with it all!

Now back to my search for cute funny kitten picture information!


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