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February 05, 2010

How You Crazy Clay Aiken Fans & A Brief Talk With Mother Inspired Me

Since Tuesday night, 4,658 Clay Aiken fans have visited this golf blog. That’s pretty darn amazing if you ask me.

In fact, I was so impressed with how passionate every one is with Clay and his National Inclusion Project that I shared the craziness from the last few days with my Mother today.

I sent her links to the blog posts I wrote and I specifically asked her to read all of the comments you people left.

(Brief side note: I’m not sure whether I should call you all: Clay Mates, Clay Nation or Clay Heads (like Dead Heads)… I’m smart enough to know “you people” isn’t right. :)  And I’m also sure that about 37 of you will let me know the proper term).

Now back to my story…

She summed it up by saying, “Wow. I can’t believe the response you’ve had. Your becoming such a humanitarian like your Grandfather was.”

For a bit of background on my Grandfather you can read this really cool post I wrote last month in honor of his birthday.

And that got me thinking…

Is there any thing I could do to keep up the family tradition by giving back to people in need, more specifically – to children.

Considering I have a family, I coach sports for my sons, I try my best to help my wife around the house, and I work in between all of this – I knew that I really don’t have much free time to spare.

Then - BAM!

It hit me like a sliced golf ball.

I’ve got this golf blog. I just posted a little ditty about Clay Aiken and his National Inclusion Product… and some pretty cool things are starting to happen…

Why don’t I post more stories like Clay’s in the future?

And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. Going forward, I am going to scour the internet for celebrity (and non-celebrity) charity golf tournaments and post stories about them.

Let me be clear, although I prefer to promote child-oriented charitable events – I have absolutely no problem posting stories on charities for other worthy causes.

My goal: To raise a few dollars for the charity and to raise awareness of whatever the cause may be.

So if you happen to know of any charity golf tournaments in the near future – please let me know. I’d be happy to post a brief write-up and provide a link. No strings attached.

Larry the Golfer

P.S. Again, thanks to all the Clay Aiken fans for the kind words on your forums and blogs. To the person who asked if I knew about “Goodsearch”… I do now, and I’ll try to add it to this blog at some point soon.

P.P.S. To all of you who bought a hat to support Ken Green: Thank you very much. He and I really appreciate it. I’m sure he’ll post a message soon saying so himself.

P.P.P.S. Since I know about 29 of you will ask if I listened to any of the 458 songs you suggested. The answer is yes. But did I like his music? In short, I did. He has a solid voice.

But I need to be honest with you, I think it’s his stage presence that impressed me the most. I really enjoy the way he riffs with the crowd. In particular, there was one video I watched where he kept going on about the lady in the 4th row, and the one in the 5th row. It was pretty funny. I’m sure you Clay-riffic people know the video I’m talking about. Am I right?

P.P.P.P.S. And now I know what NJU means!


Stephanie said...

You are a very awesome guy. Keep up the great posts. We Clay fans appreciate NJU's like you so very, very much. Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family, and thanks for sharing the story of your grandfather- sounds like you're carrying on where he left off.

All the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Larry! You go guy!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I loved your tribute blog to your grandfather, Larry. You have a real talent at being able to humanize your blog. I especially loved

"Any time an 11 year-old has to put on a jacket and tie, it's remembered."

But what a loving expression that entire blog was. And I'm delighted to hear about how you've been inspired now to carry "it" forward in a way of using your blog periodically to bring awareness to causes that may or may not be on the radar of your readers. This is pretty much what Clay has done for a lot of his fans -- he has reminded us of the importance of making a difference. I always picture the pebble in the pond with the circles radiating out from it. There is a lot of that going on in the Clay Aiken fandom. (By the way, I think a "safe" term to use would just be Clay fans! :) )

Again, thank you for bringing awareness to the National Inclusion Project, and in advance, all the additional causes that you find to promote. Sometimes people just need to be presented with information before they can act!

A fan from New Jersey.

p.s. Glad you discovered that not only can Clay Aiken sing, he's a natural stand-up comic as well!

jbc4clay said...

Yep, know exactly the video your are talking about. He is quite the entertainer.
Sounds like you have a wonderful family and congrats to the new additon.

Susand said...

I have nicknamed you 'the cool golf guy'. I am enjoying your blog and sure appreciate your openmindedness.

Anonymous said...

Another great blog and a wonderful idea.

Of course we know what was Merrillville Christmas concert Dec 2006. I was there, he is quite a funny guy on stage and a very quick wit. The next time Clay is in concert...don't miss him.

Sandi said...

I think you are more like your grandfather than you realize. I can close my eyes and see my son and his grandpa out for their morning walk. It's a special relationship like no other.

I read Ken Green's story on your blog and I wish him well.

As for what to call us, your safe just saying Clay fans.

sally said...

"The ripple effect" is such a very cool thing. Good for you, Larry. I'm sure your grandfather would have been proud! Congratulations to you and your family on your impending new addition.

BTW, was the video you are refering to from a Christmas concert?

A Clay Aiken Fan

SueReu said...

First, congrats to you and Mrs. No Three Putts!!!

Your blog about your grandfather brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful to have had such an amazing man as friend and role model. He sounds like he was quite the man, and you are most definitely following in his footsteps.

When Clay signs autographs, he signs them with his name and also with the words "Use Your Voice". You are most definitely using your voice and you should be very proud (I don't even know you, and I'm proud of you LOL!!!)

Thank you so much for everything these past few days and I'm looking forward to getting my green hat and getting to "know" you better!!!

Heck, I may even pick up a golf club again (I'm GREAT off the tee, but once it hits the greens? More like No Damn THIRTY putts *hee hee* )

Golfer Mom said...

Larry- Congratulations! You are no longer an NJU! You are one of us!

My son, the PGM major, recommends "The First Tee" foundation, whose mission is "to impact the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf."

Although there is not a charity golf tournament (at least, at this time) sponsored through The First Tee, there are other events promoted by coporate partners (such as PGA, FedEx) to positively impact young people through golf.

You are a good man, Mr. No Three Putts.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I don't see an answer to your question about what to call us. You can never go wrong with Clay Nation.

Your blogs are fun and interesting!

Anonymous said...

What Sue said gave me an idea, since you are after all in the golfing business... as Clay says Use Your Voice, maybe you could say Use Your Balls?? Whaaaat?????? LOL

claysweetea said...

Larry, congratulations to you and your wife on your upcoming addition to your family!!!

You are awesome! Im so glad to hear how you'll now be helping with charities like Clay's. It is so close to his heart. It IS his heart!

Oh yes, I know exactly what video you mean where Clay was bantering with the ladies in the 4th and 5th rows. His bantering with the crowd is always so much fun. He is so gifted as an all-around entertainer. He was priceless in his lead role in Spamalot as Sir Robin.

Best wishes to you from a
Claymate in the powerful ClayNation. USE YOUR VOICE!

Anonymous said...

Loved your second blog about Clay. And you're right he's not only a beautiful voice, but a great entertainer. The clip you spoke of when he's poking fun at the ladies in the 4th and 5th row that was Tina and it was Christmas 2006, I believe in Merrillville,Indiana. All of those concerts he did alone with a symphony orchestra for almost 2 hours and he kept everyone captivated.

Shadylil said...

Glad you enjoyed Comic Clay. You and your wife really should take in a show when he tours, hopefully this summer.

The first time I picked up a golf club, I shot in the low 90's. Yep, you heard right, the low 90's.....for the first 3 holes. Took almost 60 swings before I even connected with the ball, which then decided to trickle off the tee and shimmy about 3 feet before it stopped. I drew a crowd from the dining room who were kindly (?) laughing at me.

That was the first time I picked up a club. It was also the last time I picked up a club unless I was handing it my Dad so he could swing. Took up tennis after that.

Every once in a while I'd go to the driving range, but as I'd connect with a mere fraction of the ball's dimpled surface, it kept wobbling off the tee and mockingly rolled about five feet before turing to me and saying 'neener, neener, neener'. Yes, golf had it in for me. That ball saw a sucker 5 miles away and played me for laughs.

I am one of those rare creatures who LOVE to watch golf on TV. Go figure.

Of course, Tiger has had some personal problems but at Michelson is still playing well. Sometimes. And Norman tried for a comeback. Once or twice. Wonder how his marriage to Chrissie is going. See, two fandoms, golf and tennis, collide.

Anonymous said...

One word for you Larry about Clay. He is a real mensch and so my dear are you! And yes, he has a solid voice which is incomparable live and he is very funny.

Anonymous said...

I do know the story about the ladies in the 4th and 5th rows. As a matter of fact, I know the lady in the 4th row well. She's from Anderson, Indiana!

katy said...

What a great blog about your grandfather. He helped make you the nice guy you are. You have an excellent idea on how to "make a difference" as Clay wants to, also. We're enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that someone who can chase a little white ball all over can relate to our following Clay wherever he goes. I'm starting to understand my boss's fascination with the game and how it is not the quest for the hole in one, but the challenge of perfecting your skill. Clay inspires so many of us to look for ways to "better our game" and look for ways to share and give. It's a major portion of his charm. Glad to see you are not just riding on the golf cart but have joined in that game with us!

Anonymous said...

Larry, you are a gem!! Clay Aiken has inspired a lot of people to get involved in many worthy causes. Funny how that works! Good luck with your future blogs and charitable endeavors. And the very best to you and Mrs. No 3 Putts on your impending new addition!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

Congratulations on the impending birth of the newest member of your family.

Thank you for spreading the word about the National Inclusion Project and for adding its banner to your blog.

Your grandfather sounds like he was a wonderful man; as does his grandson. Your family is fortunate to have you just as you are fortunate to have them.

What a great idea you've come up with for helping other charities as well as the NIP.

Glad to hear you like Clay's voice and that you enjoy his terrific stage presence; he's quite an entertainer.

Thank you once again and God bless you and yours.

We are the 'Claynation.' Love his voice and personality, care deeply about his causes as well as others and believe in the tenet: Use Your Voice.

Pleased to have 'met' you; you're a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Clay often autographs items with the message "Use you voice". I think you are doing that here and so admire you for it! Loved you story about your grandfather and what he has taught you....

Thank you!

Pat said...

Way to go, Larry, golfer guy. You are pretty cool yourself!

Congrats to you and your family on your expected new little one. How exciting.

And congrats for finding a way to 'use your voice' for those in need.

Also..........welcome to the Claynation. You are part of us now, no loger a NJU, so hope you can hop on the Clay train and enjoy one or two of his concerts. They're even more fun in person than watching them on Youtube.

Okay, I'm off to read your blog about your grandpa. And also hope you're selling lots of hats for your friend, Ken.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for sharing your favorite golf partner with us. The Jan. 12 entry is a wonderful tribute to your grandfather.

Thank you, too, for updating your ongoing journey with the Clay Nation. It's amazing how many fans immediately recognized the concert performance you liked best.

As Clay Aiken supporters, we, of course, love your plan to promote child-oriented charitable events in your blog.

All the best to you and your growing family!


copingincalifornia said...

Let us know when your wife delivers Baby #3! Clay Nation is awesome, which you have had a small taste of. And what you are doing my highlighting other charities is amazing. You are one of the good guys, just like Clay Aiken.
PS Keep watching the videos. Not only can the guy sing the phone book but his banter at concerts is incredible!

Sandi said...

What I didn't see anyone mention is that no two Clay Aiken concerts are alike. Yes, it's the same set list but because he engages the audience and uses current happenings for his unscripted humor, every single show is different.

Anonymous said...

From one fromer Nutmegger to another (I grew up in Prospect and we had our own Prospect Country Club) I was sorry to learn about Ken Green. My parents are great fans and were so sorry to hear about the RV accident. I haven't mentionsed the lastest news, but have purchased a hat for my father.

There is alot to like about Clay, but his banter is what makes us go to more than one concert.

Clay's cause for inclusion seemed a very good cause - until my granddaugher started having seizures and was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclorisis. Then the cause began extremely important to me. I saw the need.

Thank you for helping.

clayam said...

I am enjoying your blogs Larry.
Yes Clay Aiken is very witty and his concerts are so much fun.

BTW I like to be called a Clay fan.

Thanks for sharing the story of your grand father.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
I'm sally from Singapore. I've been a fan since 2003 and still is. As our Clay Nation's favorite tagline goes, 'We came for the voice, we stay for the Man!'
Thanks for your support :D

Congratulations on your 3rd cutie :)

Anonymous said...

You asked what Clay fans prefer to be called; The safest thing to call a Clay fan is a "Clay fan", or a "Member of the Clay Nation". Some Clay fans embrace the term "Claymate", but others dislike it intensely.

I have enjoyed your blogs, and I applaud your desire to make a difference. I am happy that you have discovered the man that Clay's fans know and love.

Go on with your bad self, Larry! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great blog about your father. You are a funny guy. Those p.s.'s made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful blogs, have really enjoyed them and the comments are really good reads. We all support Clay because of his wonderful heart toward children and their disabilities.
Also, it doesn't hurt that he has a golden voice, and personality to go with it. Thanks for your interest in his work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I'm an avid supporter of the NIP's projects and, of course, a Clay Aiken fan - from the Philippines!

claniac24 said...

Larry, I'm so happy about your decision to promote charitable golf tournaments, particularly those that help children. Clay has also filled many of OUR hearts with the desire to help all children who need assistance.

I'm looking forward to receiving my green cap. Please keep us informed re how the caps are selling and how Ken is doing. And keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Well, Larry, now you're bringing out the "clurkers." We read everything, but rarely post. Your blog today and your grandfather's story brought a tear to my eye. Your inspiration to help charities, comes from him as well as the "Clay Nation." Clay has brought so much joy to my life. His banter in concerts is what keeps us going to multiple concerts. We can't get enough of him. I hope you let your mother hear him sing. She might even become a "claymate." Any thing is possible.

I live on a golf course, and I don't even play golf. I enjoy the beauty and serenity and watch those little golf carts go past every day.

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family and my prayers for Ken Green.

PPPS. I love your blog. It does my heart good to read good words. Keep spreading the joy.

PPPPS. "clurker" we add cl from clay to a lot of words. You are catching on and like Clay says, "he knows are words."

Anonymous said...

Larry, you, like Clay, are one of the good guys. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey ,Larry, the Golfer Guy.
Another Clay fan here. The world needs another good and sensible man like you. Don't change ever!
Oh BTW, be a good son always! It pays to be one! Also, congrats to the upcoming new adds to your family! Thanks again for bringing awareness to Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project! You Da Man!

L. said...

You asked for child-oriented charity events...and this one happens to also be golf-related. I saw a story about Jordan Thomas on television and was even more impressed by what I read on his website. Some people are born with disabilities...others experience life-changing events and find themselves in a whole new world. Jordan may have lost his legs, but he gained his voice.

I think the universe moves in mysterious ways. Clay's actions generated a response in wrote an article which generated a response within others...their response generated a response within you. And so on. And something new and wonderful comes about. So, here's to Clay Aiken talking about inclusion. Here's to Jordan Thomas. Here's to Grandpa. And here's to you.

Keep it going, friend.

Sharrie Arciniega said...

It is amazing how people find connections in the most unusual places. Who would ever believe you would find a common connection with Clay Aiken or his fans.

I too was most impressed by his stage presence, along with his amazing voice, his gift to made his fans feel that they are most important in his life and his passion to help those less fortunate, especially children. He does have a very special gift in many ways and has a great ability to withstand the dark side of being a celebrity.

I recently discovered Clay Aiken by watching American Idol YouTubes. I am very familiar with the video you are talking about. Just one of many showing his amazing talents of connecting with his fans of all ages, genders and music backgrounds.

I was most impressed with your story. Your grandfather sounds like he was a very generous man. How wonderful that you are able to carry on that generosity, he would be very proud. You have a wonderful talent, that you are able use in a positive way to help others. So you are now able to say that Clay Aiken has touched your life, so that you are able to help others. I think that is something special.

Congratulations on another addition, sounds like you will have your hands full.

As for us Clay Fans, if you have watched YouTube videos of Clay talking about his fans, you will know that we already know everything there is to know about you. lol

You are a very special man and your articles show it.
(a Clayfan, Claymate, Clayfornia or whatever they want to call me.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, Welcome to The Clay Nation!

Anonymous said...

Larry, I love your blogs!! You write very well and make your stories enjoyable. HUGE clay fan here and love to see a NJU appreciate his talent. FYI.. most fans go to his shows for the banter as much as they do for the singing! LOL

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