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February 06, 2010

The Nick Lachey & Jimmy Johnson Super Skins Celebrity Golf Tournament

Hey all you Clay Aiken fans - it took just 7 hours! Yep, that's it.

Just 7 hours after my previous post, one of you emailed me an article on a celebrity charity golf tournament that benefits kids. Nice work folks, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Now, if I may, I'd like to do something, Clay Aiken, and his fans, refer to as: "Using Your Voice."

Turns out, I missed the 3rd Annual Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic Tee Off at The Biltmore Hotel & Golf Club (A beautiful hotel, with an amazing pool - I highly recommend it!) in Coral Gables, Florida, by a single day.

But, that's okay, it's still more than worthy of a mention. Here's why...

The Super Skins event is chaired by NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson and Singer Nick Lachey. Two young men who could be doing a million other fun things right now, besides hosting a charitable golf tournament, but they're not.
Photo from fOTOGLIF

Nick and Jimmie are taking advantage of their celebrity status - and putting it to great use - by raising money for charity. Nice work gentlemen.

So why the word "Super" in the tournaments name? Good question, and here's (hopefully) a good answer. Each year, Lachey and Johnson host the event on Super Bowl weekend at a golf club in the host city.

It's a smart idea, really. With all the celebrities and folks with "deep pockets" at an event like this - why not raise money for a good cause or two.

Their goal: To raise $1 million for charity this year. Considering they raised over $600,000 last year, they may have a chance.

As for the celebs playing in the event. Here's a few: Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, NFL greats Jason Sehorn, Michael Strahan, Jerry Rice, Dhani Jones, Jason Taylor and Matt Ryan; baseball legends Ken Griffey Jr., Jamie Moyer and Jeff Fassero; and WPGA pro golfer Cristie Kerr.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Nick Lachey, a bit of background...

Lachey is a singer and the former front-man for the band 98 Degrees (they sold over 10 million albums). Today, he has a successful solo music career. But I don't know him from his music, not at all. I know Lachey from the reality TV show he had with his now ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

But I'm not here today to write a biography about Lachey, I'm here to tell you where the money raised at this charity golf tournament is going.

Lachey is the founder of The Nick Lachey Foundation, an organization that supports different schools and charities throughout the U.S. His primary focus is children’s and humanitarian causes with a focus on the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Feeding America.

You can really here the passion in his voice when he talks about the event, "Last year's Super Skins proved to be one of the highlights of my year... Jimmie and I were blown away at the amount of support we received last year even in difficult economic times. We're looking forward to yet another successful year driving much-needed funds to causes that so desperately need them."

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a website to give you a little more info on Nick's Foundation.

So what I'd like to do is show you what Jimmie Johnson, the 5-time NASCAR winner, is all about... cause it's quite a nice story. In fact, it looks like he's starting to tear up at the end of the video:

This mission of The Jimmie Johnson Foundation: To assist children, families and communities in need throughout the United States.

That's a mighty lofty goal, but they're well on their way. Here's what I mean...

The Foundation has already helped save tens of thousands of lives through blood collection and by adding individuals to the National Marrow Donor Program Registry®. They have also granted wishes to children and adults in need.

As Johnson so eloquently put it, "It has truly been magical."

To date, The Jimmie Johnson Foundation has contributed over $2 million to various organizations since its inception in 2006. They do a lot of work nationally, but Johnson has also begun to make an impact in his hometown of El Cajon, CA and in his adopted new home of Charlotte, NC. Soon, they expect to begin doing work in his wife Chandra Janway Johnson's home state, Oklahoma.

I really like to see people who go back to their roots, the place that made them into who they are today and give back like that.

To donate to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation directly click here or if you'd prefer to get one of the cool Helmet of Hope t-shirts (see below) - they're just $10 bucks - you can get one now by clicking right here. The best part: All proceeds goes directly to the Foundation.

Phew, that's a lot more than I expected to write today.

Have a great weekend,

P.S. Thanks to all of you who have have supported No Three Putts and his growing family (and my advertisers) by cl1ck1ng on the links on this page.

P.P.S. Remember, if you hear about a charity (preferably one with a website) that's having a golf tournament - please send me a link.

P.P.P.S. It will be interesting to see if there's a difference in response from different fans. For instance, who will have more fans coming to the site... Nick Lachey... Jimmie Johnson... or Clay Aiken? Which fans will leave more comments? Who will Tweet/Facebook these posts more? Only time will tell, but I'll be sure to share the results.


claysweetea said...

Larry, you are doing a wonderful job at USING YOUR VOICE!! Thanks for such an enlightening article. My daughter loves Jimmie Johnson and is watching the race this weekend, so I put your link on my facebook so she can see it.

If you enjoyed the Merrillville YouTube short clip, you will really love this one. I was there and what a night.

SueReu said...

ah Larry, you learn fast LOL!!!

I'm going to check out Jimmy Johnson's foundation - sounds great (and I may just need cool t-shirt to go with my green hat)


Sandi said...

Playing it forward is awesome. Good for you. There's more than one way to "Use Your Voice."

zanyforclay said...

Larry, it's been so much fun reading your blogs and seeing what an open mind and sense of humor you have. Clay taught us to "Use Our Voice" and to do so much more. Thanks for your information and catching on to our lingo so quickly. It sure will be fun to see where your responses come from. Looking forward to your next blog.

musicfan said... are a great guy. It is wonderful that you are using your blog to help so many others.

Clay Aiken has taught us all to help in whatever way we can. Your way of helping is unique and will help spread the word.

I hope we meet next year at the Golfing For Inclusion event.

jbc4clay said...

I love the direction you are taking your blog and the way you are using your voice. I hope you reach many people who will do the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Jimmie Johnson fan. Already a member of his foundation and familiar with its work. Have followed the Super Skins events in the past. These are great guys who have received a lot of talent and good fortune in their lives and are giving a lot back.

SueReu said...

Just checking back in Larry!! Hope everything's okay with you and yours.

:D My green hat has shipped - YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Mrs "No Damn three Putts" on the third child due in May! I also tried golf a few times and realized that the only good thing I could be good for in the game was keeping golf ball manufacturer's in business.
I enjoyed the article you wrote about your grandfather. He sounded like a very special man.

Though I don't think I will ever find myself on the golf course again, I still enjoy reading about what it is in the games that captivate them and of people who make a difference in others lives no matter what the game.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how your blog has transformed in just a few short days. You mentioned Clay in one of your blogs and now you mention him every now and again. Other than that you are promoting other charities and trying to raise money to help other people. Looks like you've officially joined the ClayNation.

Welcome Larry to the place where everybody knows his name.

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