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February 03, 2010

A Special Message To Clay Aiken Fans

I've got to tell ya, all of you Clay Aiken fans shocked me.

You see, last night, after putting my kids to bed I decided to write a brief article about Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project golf tournament.


Because this is a golf blog, the tournament is held down the road from my house, I've played the Mirasol golf course several times and this charity seems like a really good cause.

To me, it was no big deal, I was just making an observation about a celebrity - who until today I only knew as the guy who came in second place to Ruben Studdard (not sure where he is now).

But you people, you Clay Aiken fans - you blew me away.

Here's why...

This morning when I got up and checked this little golf blogs logs - I was astonished at what I saw.

What did I see? Glad you asked... I saw a staggering amount of visitors from websites I never knew existed. For instance:
So, I visited these sites and wanted to see what the heck was going on. And you know what I found. I found heartfelt comments like these:
"Nice work, Larry. We need more people like you, who actually look at facts and judge someone by their actions."
"What a very nice mention for The Project by a non-fan."

"THAT was a nice surprise!!!"

"It is nice to see someone get what we have know all along! Great blog!!"

"Just fun reading this blog.....wonder if Clay has ever attempted to golf after seeing all having fun!? Great that this golfer "gets it"!"

"I liked that a lot. I posted it to fb so my family could read it."

"Thanks for posting this. These are the people we need to reach-the fans know what Clay is doing-this is wonderful and reaches out to a whole new audience."
To be honest, I had no idea Clay had so many fans and that so many people really believe in him, and his cause - the National Inclusion Project.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that all of your comments and the over 2,000 visitors (and counting) who came to this golf blog simply because I mentioned Clay Aiken - really struck a chord with me.

So, here's what I decided to do...

First, over on the right side of my blog you'll see I've added a National Inclusion Project banner ad. That way my readers will become aware of this cause, check it out and hopefully make a donation.

Next, I'm going to download a couple of Clay's songs from iTunes to check his music out. I'm willing to listen with an open ear. Please add comments to this post with suggestions.

And finally, if someone could email me (my email address is on the top right of your screen) next year, one month before the Inclusion tournament - I'm going to post a brief write-up on the tournament and encourage my readers to attend... Plus, I'll contact my fellow golf bloggers and ask them to do the same.

Again, thank you all for your kind words.

P.S. On one of the forums someone wrote "A Nice Blog From A NJU About Clay Who Was At GFI." My questions is: What does 'NJU' stand for?


copingincalifornia said...

You are amazing! Thank you MR NJU (it stands for NOT JUST US) for putting the Project banner on your page. Wow. Not only are their youtubes of Clay singing but many many fan videos on Youtube also. Here's a favorite of mine and WELCOME TO THE CLUB (no pun intended)!

Anonymous said...

NJU = Not Just Us.

Anonymous said...

NJU=Not just us...yeah, we have our own lingo....

Iseeme said...

Larry - thank you for "getting" Clay! I'm sure someone has told you by now but just in case - NJU means Not Just Us! It means that someone other than a diehard Clay fan has realized the character and heart of the man. I would recommend downloading Bridge Over Troubled Waters if you want to hear that glorious voice.

Corabeth said...

Hi Larry,

Thanks for being so thoughtful and I gave your ads a couple of hits. My Dad is a big time golfer (four holes-in-one) but he says as a golfer I make a good tennis player.

I'm sure someone will answer you but NJU=Not Just Us. People who "get" what Clay is all about but are not online fans.

Tough to tell you what to download, all depends on what you like.

If you like some uptempo things, try Everything I Don't Need, Forget I Ever Knew You or Ashes from his On My Way Here album.

A lot of guys like Where I Draw the Line from that album. If you like a good ballad, try the song he wrote called Lover All Alone (same album).

If you want to hear the innovation that Clay can bring to a cover song, try Broken Wings from his A Thousand Different Ways album.

Best of luck to you with this site!

gaymarie said...

Hi! "NJU" means Not Just Us!

Thanks for a fantastic blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog! try Invisible

Anonymous said...

Okay, first off, I'm a Clayfan AND a golfer. Love both. I clicked on one of your google ads and NOW I NEED a new set of clubs. Thank you very much. Should I get the pink or blue shaft?? Great blog!


SueReu said...

Larry, is there a certain special someone in your life? Valentine's Day is in a couple of weeks, might I recommend some candles, a box of chocolates, beverage of choice and the download of Something About Us from Clay's On My Way Here CD - you won't be sorry :)

Thanks for the wonderful blog - I hit the ads (hopefully I did it right).

Anonymous said...

Larry bless you! Not only does Clay have an incredible heart but a wonderful voice to match it!!!

Rhode Island Fan said...

Wow!! Loved both of your blogs. I see that someone has already answered the NJU question.
As for song recommendatons, there are so many that I love. One you might try is "Solitaire." According to Neil Sedaka who wrote it, that song will always be a Clay Aiken song!

Golfer Mom said...

My son is a PGM (Professional Golf Management major), which is as close to golf as I'll ever get... except for the Putt-Putt course a town away.

My son loves to listen to "Ashes" and "Falling" when he works out at the gym. I love those songs, too!

Thanks for being so kind to Clay and his fans. And especially for being so supportive of the National Inclusion project. You are a real neat guy!

Pink Armchair said...

Larry, thanks for the kind words! I love an open-minded man, and I really enjoyed your blog. Corabeth made some great suggestions for Clay downloads -- just adding if you'd like an old-fashioned romantic song for your wife or significant other for Valentine's Day, I strongly urge you to check out "Something About Us" from Clay's album On My Way Here.

Off to click on your Google ads...again, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Larry: The fans are thrilled with your two blogs! I'm not a golfer, but all of my husband's family are nuts about it.

Thanks for being open-minded about Clay's music. I recommend Solitaire (a bonus From his first album Measure of a Man) and if you like Christmas music (I know, Christmas is over) try Mary Did You Know from his Merry Christmas With Love album. His last album On My Way Here was excellent. I recommend the song Where I Draw the Line. Hope you enjoy!

Again, it's wonderful that you're going to follow up for next year's golf event. Thank you so much!


claysweetea said...

NJU = not just us

Here you go.
Unchained Melody!!

Sandi said...

Larry, you sound like a very nice guy. I like Sue's suggestion - Something About Us is a great song.

Corabeth had some great suggestions too.

And no, I'm not a golfer. Sorry. ;)

jbc4clay said...

You are such a nice guy! Thank you for adding the NIP Banner to your blog. That foundation is Clay Aiken's heart.

claysweetea said...


Here is another great song by Clay. Solitaire.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the Project banner up on your page. My entire family are golfers. My Dad got a hole-in-one, my Mum got two hole-in-ones, and my Nana got a hole-in-one. My parents travelled around the world with some Senior's golfing organization. Have you ever played at the Everglades in Palm Beach?

Clay has an album coming out in June of classic love songs. One of the songs on it will be Mack The Knife. This will give you just a teaser of what he sounds like with a full orchestra.

All The Best,


Ari said...

OH, very nice blog! thank you SO much for putting clay's foundation info on your site.

A couple of my fav clay songs are 'as long as we are here' and 'where i draw the line' from his CD, On my way here. Oh.. and "everything I don't need" from the same CD. OHHH.. and, 'these open arms' and 'i want to know what love it' and 'broken wings' from his CD ,a thousand different ways. ok. sorry. that is more than 2. lol
so, I am not a golfer! but, I know some peeps who are. maybe they could use a golf gift. ;)

topcat said...

Larry, you're pretty amazing yourself. Thank you for adding The Project banner and for being a supporter of this wonderful cause.

And many thanks for willing to give Clay a listen. He's got an album coming out this summer, maybe you can check it out. For now, try a couple of my faves..."Ashes" and "Falling" from the "On My Way Here" album.

I clicked and bookmarked your ads just in case a golfer enters my life. ;)

Cyndy said...

Larry, sounds like you were REALLY surprised this morning. I see that others have let you in on NJU.
Thank you so much for including National Inclusion Project on your blog and have it on your side bar.
Now others will have a chance to understand more about inclusion for ALL children.
YouTube vids?? Here's one to start. It is from his 2007 Tour All Is Well from his 2007 Christmas Tour.

clayitagain said...


I don't know what to say...other than Thank you. It's incredible. One man's dream of including all children, has had a snowball effect...and it grows and grows....and now...I read your 2nd blog, and I am just so impressed with you. You are making a difference now as well....

We can all make a difference...This is Clay's heart...and I commend you for your efforts and enthusiasm. Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, My hubby is a professional golfer and he's been to a Clay Aiken concert with me. He lived to tell the tale and actually had a great time. I'm so glad we may have given you a little bit of fun to equal the fun we received from your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Larry , What a nice couple of blogs. The National Inclusion Project benefits so many children, with and without disabilities, so it's very kind of you to include their banner and make more people aware of the foundation.

Meantime, if you want to see "fun" Clay, go to YouTube and search for Clay Aiken, Juke Box Tour, Elvis medley. He is a born entertainer who just naturally banters with his audience, using his quick wit and self-deprecating humor. He keeps the audience in stitches inbetween the songs. (You really should get to one of his concerts when he tours again; you won't be sorry!) A fan from New Jersey

Sandi said...

PS ... I clicked on your ads for you. :)

Georgialina said...

Thank you for your kind comments about Clay and the National Inclusion Project.
I'm not a golfer but since I live in Augusta, I love reading about it. Read some of your past blogs and enjoyed them; have bookmarked your site. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Tiger shows up for the Masters.

Anonymous said...

Great message, thanks.
A great song for you to check out is "The Real Me". Pretty amazing.

Thanks for adding the Inclusion Project banner.

christine said...

Larry, you have such a good heart.

My song recommendation is from Clay's Christmas album 'Merry Christmas with Love'. Listen to the track "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day"

That says it all.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing to do, Larry. Thankyou! And yes, I think "The Real Me" from the CD
On My Way Here would be an excellent choice along with "Something About Us" from the same CD. Also "I Survived You" from his first CD Measure of a Man is a powerful song as well. Happy listening and god bless.

MagicalMusic said...

Larry, Thank you so much for joining the fans in support of the National Inclusion Project. You seem like a really great guy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you (!) Larry for helping to spread the word about National Inclusion Project and the good work they do.

I'm not a golfer, but my brother-in-law is an avid one. Does that count?

Good luck to you, hope you get to see Clay for next year's Golfing for Inclusion.

Okay, I'm off to click on some of your Google ads. I may not be able to golf, but I'm a good clicker! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Larry! We wish there were more guys like you out there. Thanks for your support of the National Inclusion Project and Clay Aiken. It means a lot!

Nancy in Rhode Island

Anonymous said...

I was a golfer in highschool. I'll give your ads some hits as a thank you for putting the National Inclusion Project banner on your blog.

You've had lots of great suggestions for songs to download. Something About Us is a great song for Valentine's Day.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Larry, how sweet you are! Glad that you could discover Clay the kind man he is and hopefully discover the performer he is. This is how a lot of people find him. Maybe first his talent or maybe his kindness for children. Either way..welcome to the club. Please take time to listen to his voice. It is one in a million and judging by your blog you will truly appreciate it. Oh and do yourself a favor go to a won't regret it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,

We are always thrilled when someone other than ourselves (NJUs)recognizes the heart and worth of this man. Thanks for embracing the National Inclusion Project,Clay and his fans! Inclusion is the right thing to do, you know. My life's work was teaching kids with special needs, so this mission is very dear to my heart. By the way, though I'm only a wannabe golfer (maybe I should dust off those clubs), my hubby lives and breathes golf (like some do certain singerguys) and my dad played 3 times a week and several times with Sam Snead back in the day. So, I guess you could say it's in my blood. :))

Kudos to you for helping to spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's really wonderful to read your blog and support of the National Inclusion Project. Sometimes, I worry that it is just's nice to know there are NJU's around...and really supportive ones at that!

As for suggestions: Sacrificial Love and Grace of God are my two favorite...they come from the OMWH CD. (On My Way Here).
I'm off to click the links now. :-)

Lisa said...

I clicked your google ads :). Thanks for the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, thank you for a wonderful comment on Clay, his fans and of course the National Inclusion Project! You do not have to be a fan in order to admire Clay Aiken. Thank you for your kind words! Bless you!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Larry -- thank you so much for adding the National Inclusion Project banner to your blog. They do wonderful work for children with disabilities.

Please do check out Clay Aiken on youtube. He is an amazing performer with a voice like no other. My favorites are Falling and Everything I Don't Need from his On My Way Here CD released in 2008. and Solitaire from the Neil Sedaka Tribute. Here's that link:

Thanks for caring. I've bookmarked your site and the google golf sites too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Larry, you have no idea what this blog means to us (well, maybe you do - haha).

Thanks for taking the time to promote The Inclusion Project.

My husband is a golfer (and an NJU) and played seven holes at Mirasol Monday.

Since you seem to a pretty amazing guy, can you do something about the sunshine for next year's tournament?

And download Something About Us for Valentines Day - perfection.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

Thank you so much for putting the National Inclusion Project banner on your site. It's so important to spread the word about inclusion of all children in activities regardless of their level of ability.

Other songs for download I'd suggest are Lonely No More and As Long As We're Here.

You Tube I'd highly recommend a play list of one of Clay's Juke Box Tour concerts. Said tour included music from the 50's to the present. This one is from Clay's Boston stop:

Thanks again for helping to spread the word.

Oh, and I clicked on some of your ads.

all4luv said...

Thanks so much for your generosity in promoting the National Inclusion Project. Clay's uncle is the executive director and an avid golfer, also.

You may find in your wanderings through the Clay Nation that this is one celebrity who proclaimed, from the start, that he would use any fame he achieved to make a difference in the world. Clay has not strayed from that course in 7 years and we are very humbled and proud to support his foundation, UNICEF and be spokespersons for the enhancement of life for ALL children throughout the world!

His songs "I Will Carry You" and "Grace of God" speak to these passions. Enjoy.

Carolina Clay said...


It looks as if the Clay Nation blew your mind while I was off teaching music lessons, LOL! Congrats on all the blog hits and comments!

Thank you again for supporting the National Inclusion Project.

You've had several song and video suggestions. For each of these, there are numerous montages at YouTube. A couple of examples in contrasting styles are:

"Something About Us":

"Everything I Don't Need":

Enjoy ... and all the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry - to see both Clay's snarky sense of humor and his unbelievable voice all in one song, you HAVE to check out his performance of I Want To Know What Love Is with his background singers Angela & Quiana in a concert from 2007. (He's toured with them for ages, and as you'll see, has great fun with both of them!) Here ya go:

clayam said...

Just saying thanks once again, and the sites you listed(Clayboard,chexxxy's,etc.) are a very small sampling of all the message boards that follow Clay's career and his works with UNICEF, The National Inclusion Project, and other charities.

I also recommend you download and listen to "something about us" with your someone special!

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,

Am glad you got a chance to see how influential Clay is. He has some sort of power in his name because of his generosity and kind heart. He cares for people and uses his voice and resources to help children all over the world.

Clay fans cannot pick their favorite Clay songs so you'll get so many suggestions. However, I believe that Bridge Over Troubled Waters was one of his best performances on the show. You can also check out Bee Gees To Love Somebody.

PS. I hit the ads just for the sake of it. I'm not a golfer so I definitely won't be buying any clubs.

Have fun!!

Sylvia from Kenya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog and for giving Clay a chance. I think you'll see after listening to him, he has one of the best voices out there. And he sounds best live, which is rare in todays music world. Give "On My Way Here" a listen. Some of the best songs on there are "As Long As We're Here", "Falling" and "Ashes". Enjoy, I know you will.

katy said...

Thanks Larry for placing the Project banner in your ads. The NIP has made it possible for many children who had never been to a camp the opportunity to play just like kids. It's a very worthwhile charity. I used to golf, not well, but I have sons who are avid golfers.

Shadylil said...

Bet you didn't know what you were getting into, mentioning Clay Aiken.

Not a golfer myself, but I come from a family of golfers and I forwarded your blog to them. Back in the 60's, my Dad bet my Mom a mink stole that she couldn't get a hole-in-one. She did, he paid up. It was only miniature golf, but still... :-)

While Clay is a wonderful singer, he's also a hell of a funny guy. Check out this 'stand-up' routine he did at a concert in Merriville:

Guaranteed to have you LYAO!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about the National Inclusion Project and for adding a link for it to your site; much appreciated.

I'd recommend "It's In Everyone Of Us" from Clay's "On My Way Here" album; actually, I'd recommend that entire album - great mix of sounds and tempos.

CCOL4HIM said...

Thanks for blogging about Clay and the National Inclusion Project! I bet you didn't know what you were getting into when you made a lot of Clay fans happy, lol! By the way, you have a nice first name, Larry is my brother's name as well.
There's a great song that Clay posted online back in April for downloads on the honor system that we donate to the National Inclusion Project. "Just You" is available at . Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry, nice blog for an NJU (Not Just Us). While his latest album "On My Way Here" is my personal favorite so far, may I suggest his Christmas album "Merry Christmas with Love" - in my experience that is the one NJUs like the most. I'm hoping, however, that you have been Clayverted!!! Cheers!

SusieQ said...

Thanks for your positive blogs about NIP and Clay. With Clay, you never need to use up any of your mulligans! He hits the right note and right heart strings each and every time.

I recommend "Something About Us" and "Ashes" from his last CD - but everything he sings is great - and durin his concerts, the banter is hilarious - what a guy!

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Larry, Mr. NJU. I enjoy your blog.

Cyndy said...

Those of us at Chexxxy's Place love Larry the Golfer. Larry, that is your new title on our board. I RT your blog. Now let's see if we can get more golfers to your site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry...thanks for the blog.
By now you know we have our own speak about Clay/fans...
I would recommend that you go to UTube and play IWTKWLI..oops's I Want To Know What Love Is where Clay's back up singers Angela and Quiana punk Clay...too funny and the vocals are amazing!
I'm from another site called LBFCA
Have a wonderful day.

Matt said...

larry, thanks a lot for writing up such nice words about clay and his project. i am a young man myself who has been a fan of clay and his work since he was on american idol 7 years ago. he's got an amazing talent and is someone to really admire with all the hard work he puts into his music and foundation. it was really nice to see you add the sidebar for the National Inclusion Project! if you attend GFI next year, i'm sure you will have a blast. clay never lets you down in the entertainment department.

as for chaecking out clay's music, if you like some uptempo music with a solid beat, check out "a thousand days", "weight of the world", "falling", or "ashes"....a song i think you may really like is "GRACE OF GOD"! it's excellent. it showcases clay's caring side for the less-fortunate. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Larry-- you must be shaking your head in wonder by now, seeing all the responses to your blog. Clay's fans are very supportive of him and his foundation, and of anyone who joins in that support, like yourself. He's a good man with a huge heart, and kids everywhere are benefiting from his dedication. He's a pretty good singer, too, so do check out some of the excellent suggestions the fans have already mentioned. Another thought-- check him out on youtube for Spamalot songs-- he's a great talent on Broadway as well!

Off to click on your ads.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great mention of Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project. Way back when on American Idol,he said he wanted to help children with disabilities and he's tried to turn that dream into a reality for as many children as he and the foundation can.

I once saw a blog that said nothing but "Clay Aiken" in the title and "just checking" on the content of the blog. I think people are surprised that Clay still has so many fans who support him wholeheartedly after all of these years.

Since you asked, The best songs for me are: "Something About us". My favorite upbeat is "Everything I Don't Need"
Co-written by Kipper. (Who also has worked with "Sting")
Now off to hit your ads,hoping you get a little something from ad hits.

claniac24 said...

Larry, your column and the comments are truly heartwarming. As you know by now, those of us who love Clay and all that he stands for, ALSO love everyone who appreciates and supports Clay and his endeavors. We're so happy to have you with us. Keep up the good work!

Suz said...

Larry, thanks for two great blogs helping to highlight the work of Clay and the foundation! As a golfer AND a fan of both Clay's talent and passion for helping children, Golfing for Inclusion is the perfect event for me :)

You've already gotten a lot of great suggestions for songs to listen to. I'd definitely recommend Ashes from his On My Way Here album and Without You from his A Thousand Different Ways album.

You should also check out his AI finale performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water:

If you like Chirstmas music, then All is Well and My Grown Up Christmas List are two songs you can't miss.

I've hit your ads and bookmarked your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments.
You are a prince among men!

Suggestions: Elvis medley.


Don't Save It All for Christmas Day

All Is Well

He can do it all.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!

Martigyrl said...

Thanks Larry, for the blog about GIF, and Clay Aiken. As you can see, we fans are very passionate about Clay, his music, humanitarianism,and his beliefs.
I did click on the golf club link, but I've never played a round. I figure a club or two might come in handy, if I find myself waking my 'significant other' at 3:00am, for him to do some 'splainin' about sexy text messages on his phone, from someone named Rachel, when my name is Marti. lol
ps.. hope the club is strong and durable. Have a wonderful day.
(ps.. Actually, I'm happily single, and could've used a golf club directly prior to becoming single again) haha

Anonymous said...


You are the best. Thank you for your kindness to Mr. Clay Aiken.
A silent admirer of Mr. Clay Aiken for a long time. Ray and Vi

Anonymous said...

Just want to thank you as well, for having such an open mind. A lot of people should be like you and keep an open mind on our guy *Clay* Let us know how you like his WONDERFUL voice. Try some of his American Idol season 2 videos on Youtube. Thats when a lot of us feel in love with the guy. Thanks again! =)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LoriF said...

Hi Larry,
I've just arrived home to Toronto from attending the Golfing for Inclusion event myself.
Although not a golfer, I attended the event to support the National Inclusion Project, which has been dear to my heart since its inception.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm completely thrilled you added the banner to your sidebar.
Thank you!!
We'll definitely try and remind you next year prior to GFI...hope to see you there!
PS You have a beautiful home in West Palm Beach! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Supporting a cause like National Inclusion Project is always a good thing to do!

It's cool that you want to check out Clay's music, but since GFI was about the foundation's work, I think it's more important that you linked their website here for your golf followers to see.

I'm a golf fan myself (not a player) and sent your link to a friend who plays.

Thanks for your kind words about Clay and the National Inclusion Project.



Thanks for blogging about Clay Aiken and the "National Inclusion Project" and for adding a link for it to your blog.

I love all the songs from Clay and his latest album "On My Way Here", I recommend you listen. Ashes, Falling and The Real Me.

From Bogotá - Colombia

Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry! U R a truly nice individual. I'm not a golfer, but a proud Clay fan (7 years now). Thank you for the recognition that you've given the NIP and the touching account of Ken Greene. Ordered my green cape and am counting on his return to life and what it holds for him.

PebblesNClay said...

Loved your blog! Glad we could be of some help in directing you to some gems of Clay's. He is an amazing man in every way! I used to be married to a golfer. He spoiled it for me, but after reading about you,and your blog, I may just have to pick up a club and give it a try again ;0) Clay has changed so many of our lives for the better. If you only knew the half of it. Thank you for keeping an open mind about this amazing human being.

PebblesNClay, Co-owner of "Aikenology"

...More Golf Stuff