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December 27, 2007

Instructional Golf Products on the Internet

As I get older, please note I'm only 38, I realize that golf and many other sports for that matter are 80-90% mental. So I've decided that in order to become a better golfer I really need to focus on the fundamentals of golf, not the overpriced new clubs, balls, shoes, etc...

After reading a few classic books... I wanted to see what's on the internet. In this world-of-information-at-your-fingertips I knew I'd find a gazillion 'gurus' hocking the latest and greatest techniques so we can go on Tour. Right.

What I've decided to do is take these blokes to driving range and eventually out on the course to see if they're worth it. I figure if we can spend $50 on a dozen Pro V1's... Spending $20-$99 on an instructional or even inspirational golf e-zine is well worth every penny.

That is, if we can get just one single bit of information out of them to become better golfers.

In a sense, what I'm trying to do here is cut through the hype and BS so you can spend your money- and time-wisely. Of course, ultimately I want you to improve your golf game which as far as I'm concerned is something you can't put a price on.

So please feel free to write your own thoughts and feedback if you have used any of the products I review. Quite frankly, there's some really good stuff out there... let's find it and lower our scores in 2008.

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