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December 29, 2007

The Ladies Golfers Guide

Here's the claim:

Lady Golfers Only: Play Better Golf, Starting In Less Than 5 Minutes From Now

Don't go anywhere. Read on and find out why this could be the most important golf advice you'll ever get! We even give you over $200 in freebies!

Lady Golfers Guide
What this book will do for you:

1. Open your eyes on why women golfers often feel intimidated on the course or by male golfers, although there is absolutely no reason for it whatsoever. I'll show you why!

2. Give you a rock solid foundation about all aspects of the game of golf, anything you ever need to know.

3. Protect you from buying wrong equipment by showing you exactly how golf clubs work, and what you need to look out for when buying clubs for ladies. This info alone is worth hundreds of dollars in money you will save on your next club purchase.

4. Provide you with fitness tips including a large, fully illustrated chapter on Yoga for Golfers. This plus our golf fitness instructions will ensure that your body gets into its best shape for a power game.

5. Make you a better Golfer by teaching you how to improve virtually every aspect of your game in 25 detailed Golf Lessons and 50 short but sweet Golf Tips.

6. Plenty of other useful and relevant information - remember this is information written by an experienced Lady Golfer for Lady Golfers. I now know what you need to know, and I provide it all in this book!

7. Immediate access: all the info mentioned above will be provided directly to your computer anywhere in the world, it is called an electronic book (or ebook; in pdf format). There is no waiting by the mailbox for days for a hard copy book to arrive; you will be on your way to better golf within 5 minutes from now. It doesn't get any faster than this.

No Three Putts Thoughts on The Ladies Golfers Guide:

Ok, so if you know me, you know I'm not a female. Never have been, never will be. But I did read this guide and thought it was a good read that any female golfer will get something out of.

But I needed to get this in the hands of a female golfer to really validate my thoughts. And Mrs. No Three Putts was up for the challenge. Although she's not a golf fanatic, she is a golfer and a female. Her thoughts went like this "I can't believe this was only $29. I spend more than that at Starbucks in a week. Considering everything I learned, this is a great value."

Lady Golfers take note: This book covers everything you ever need to know about Golf. Over 222 pages I will personally guide you from A-Z on the strategies, techniques, rules and facts, plus I show you invaluable fitness tips (incl. Yoga for Golfers!) - all for Ladies only. The Ladies Golfers Guide is the most comprehensive Golfing Resource created exclusively for Lady Golfers!

BONUS THOUGHT (From the guides promo):

Did you know that women are more flexible than men, have more efficient swings, and are more naturally suited to the game than our male counterparts? That being a fact one has to wonder why we are so intimidated by being on the course or by male golfers.

Muscle does not make a good swing. Distance alone does not make a good golfer. Yet this, coupled with a certain arrogance by males on the golf course cause a very high level of intimidation even while our muscle-bound friend plays golf no better than we ourselves might. It stops here!

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