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January 03, 2008

ADT Golf Skills Challenge

Did anyone watch the horrible ADT Golf Skills Challenge at The Fairmont Turnberry Resort & Club in Miami, FL?

I'll admit I watched about 15 minutes of this event, but what a joke. Seriously though, watching pros like Greg Norman (He still plays golf?) and Bubba "I've never won a PGA or Nationwide Tournament" Watson is a waste of time.

At least Peter Jacobsen and Natalie Gulbis are both active and can win. But then there's the athletes...

Dan "I need to lose another 30 lbs" Marino and Roger "I'm a drug-takin' cheater" Clemens... and Jerry Rice is just so arrogant and annoying to watch, I never realized what an a-hole he is. Ok, so of the athletes that competed I guess John Elway was as good as it gets.

IMHO this event is a complete waste of time. Watching celebrities/'former' athletes is just stupid.

Here's how I would format the ADT Skills Challenge... For starters, say goodbye to the washed up former athletes. Then pair up the top 2 golfers from the following: PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA, European Tour, Asian Tour and the two finalists from the US amateur.

Then lets see who has the real skills. I'll never watch the ADT Skills Challenge again, until they let real golfers compete against one another.

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