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January 02, 2008

How To Break 80 Newsletter

Here's an excerpt from: "The Web's Most Popular Golf Improvement Newsletter" I get this for FREE. I think it's worth checking out...

How To Break 80 Newsletter from December 26, 2007

In this issue we'll discuss...
1) Eliminating Tension Cuts Strokes

2) Getting Hip To Power
3) Question of the Week - Hitting From a Sidehill/Uphill Lie
4) Article - Change Your Game Without Changing Your Swing
5) Article - Grooving Your Swing

1) Eliminating Tension Cuts Strokes
Tension is an insidious golf "disease." Usually, it starts in your hands and then creeps into every muscle in your body. It breaks down your golf swing. And it strips it of power and accuracy. When tension gets into your address position, it generates mistakes like the dreaded pull hook.

Eliminate tension from your body and you eliminate strokes from your score.
Bad swing thoughts cause tension. They include thing like:

  • Thinking about swing technique
  • Confusing power with speed
  • Recalling a bad memory or experience
  • Doubt about the shot

To eliminate tension, focus on the bad thoughts causing you to tense up and eliminate them. Doing that produces a smoother, more rhythmic swing that drives the ball longer with much less effort. Here are some suggestions for achieving a tension-free swing.

Add to your pre-shot routine a starting thought of feeling relaxed by focusing on slowing down your heart. Take deep breadths with an inhale count of five and an exhale count of five. This exercise prepares you for taking a lighter, softer grip.

Make mini swings in slow motion. Concentrate on your core rotation, with your hands and arms swinging freely and the weight of the clubhead moving slowly through the impact zone. Make a conscious effort to relax your hands.

Before walking into your address position recall the feeling of your most solid shot and how great it felt when the ball left the clubhead. If you don't have any good shots to recall, think of a memory (family, pets, jokes, etc.) that makes your feel good.

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