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January 03, 2008

Brian Kontak Winner of Big Break Mesquite

Yes, we all know that Brian Kontak defeated Josh Warthen in the 18-hole match-play to win Big Break Mesquite. He won the match, 6 and 4, and schooled Josh Warthen pretty good.

But I personally think Kontak is NOT, I repeat NOT, the best golfer on the show.

If there had been a 72 hole event. Hiroshi Matsuo would have easily beaten Kontak and every other golfer on the show. Without a doubt Hiroshi is the most talented golfer in Mesquite.

I'm not saying this because he lives in Jupiter, like I do... or because I eat at his restaurant a few times a year. I'm saying this because he led the way for the entire show. He was the only player that every golfer turned to when it was crunch time.

Brian Kontak talked a good game, but he'd shut up quickly if he ever had to go head to head with Hiroshi.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

no way man, brian kontak was the best, you may be right about the head to head competition with hiroshi, but guess what? That wasnt the format of the Big Break, so he was the rightful winner, and deserves to be playin this week at the Mayakoba Classic.

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