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January 14, 2008

The Book of Caddyshack

There's finally a brilliant book with everything you ever wanted to know - and a bunch of crap you didn't want to know - about the greatest movie ever made...

Scott Martin, the author, golfer and whack-job who wrote this book leaves no bunker unraked...

Imagine, if you can, a Caddyshack bible... one with over 250 pages.

With behind-the-scenes looks at this classic comedy. There's a full description of every scene... and everything going on in the background. Along with details on the actors and every single person involved in the movie. Get the skinny on key props... How the plot/script progressed from the original - to the eventual masterpiece... And every possible bit of trivia about the movie known to man.

But wait, there's more... That's right, you'll also learn what PGA Tour stars and other high people in the golf world like about the movie.

Click Here to read some excerpts.

To grab a copy of The Book of Caddyshack click here.

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