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October 25, 2004

I played in a scramble

On Saturday I played at Palm Beach National Golf & CC ,which is in Lake Worth, in a scramble with some guys from work. The damn rain delayed play twice. And it's never that enjoyable playing while all of your clothing is saturated. I must be a moron for not having a rain suit in my golf bag. Then again, my umbrella did me a lot of good sitting in the back of my SUV while I was getting soaked.

None of us in the group played great, but we all hit the ball OK. We were never in danger of getting a bogey, but we didn't have any easy eagle putts either. We ended up at 9 under. Considering none of us were sticking our irons, our score was acceptable. There were two groups that finished at -17 and then my group which finished in third.

Palm Beach National is not a golf course I would pay to play. It's a rather short course and kind of boring. Palm Beach National's claim to fame is it's the home of the Joanne Carner Golf Academy for Ladies. That sends a message to me: Slow play, because there will be a bunch of old ladies out there.

I played the Brush-T for the first time. Honestly, I didn't notice a difference. However, I didn't hit any drives fat, I'm usually good for at least one fat drive a round. So I think the Brush-T could have a psychological impact on a golfer, if you think it will help you get off a tee, it may help you.

A couple hints for my readers regarding the Brush-T. Don't make the mistake I made. I showed the guys in my group the package it came in so they could read about the Brush-T. Every time I got onto a tee they would say "take out your bullet." (the bullet refers to the case the tee comes in) And then they'd just give me crap if I hit a good or bad drive saying it must be the tee. And if anyone out there wears the clip that comes with the Brush-T on your belt, you are a loser.

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