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October 07, 2004

Vijay trys to help Tiger

What was Vijay Singh thinking? Perhaps Vijay was trying to give Tiger Woods a wedding present yesterday when he commented on why Tiger is no longer number one. "As you get older you have to keep adjusting to your golf swing, your body does not stay the same. I have adjusted for the better and I don't think he has done that" Vijay said.

It's rare to hear Vijay say more than a couple of words, but when Vijay speaks he usually says something stupid or somewhat inappropriate, although I usually find his remarks humorous. Right, Annika?

Singh went on to say "I think it's his body change. When he first came on the scene he was extremely strong. I'm not saying he's not strong now but you do slow down a little bit. The golf swing has to match your body ability."

"His body and his golf do not match like it did some five years or four years ago so he has to adjust that. I'm sure once he figures that one out he'll be okay."

I think Vijay has forgotten something, Tiger's swing has changed. Ask Butch Harmon if he thinks Tiger's swing has changed. It was very nice of Vijay to give Tiger this advice as a wedding present. These stupid comments are probably enough incentive for Tiger to practice his ass off and dethrone Vijay as number one.

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