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October 26, 2004

Nude Golf

Nudity on the golf course is not something golfers are accustomed to seeing. The folks at Virginia National Golf Club near Leesburg and the Hope Valley Golf Course in Mount Airy, MD now have topless female caddies and beer servers.

So now that I've got your attention, here's the scoop, both courses were hosting tournaments on the same day that were sponsored by strip clubs. They don't actually have nude caddies or servers there all of the time. The TV show Inside Edition got word of the events sponsored by the strip clubs and had their helicopter circling the courses to get footage of the events.

Click here for a topless caddie Sorry it's kind of blurred this is the image that was on Inside Edition.

I love seeing a naked pretty girl as much as the next guy, but I have enough problems concentrating on the golf course. A nude caddie would definitely not help my game.


Golf Grouch said...

I've always wanted to get a cart dance...I'll bring lots of singles next time just in case.

Couch Potato said...

"Help me if you can I'm feeling down" - I also think I must be lost.

I was searching for Elvis and somehow ended up in your blog, but you know I'm sure I saw him on the golf course yesterday. Now this is strange because usually I see him in the supermarket.

Honest really, last time I saw him there he was right in front of me, next to the steaks singing "Love me Tender".

He said to me (his lip was only slightly curled) "Boy, you need to get yourself a shiny, new lcd tv to go with that blue suede sofa of yours.

But Elvis said I, In the Ghetto nobody has a lcd tv .

Dude I'm All Shook Up said Elvis. I think I'll have me another cheeseburger.

Then I'm gonna go home, put ma dancin' suit on, munch me some uppers and freak out to that maaaaaaaaad surfing scene in Apocalypse Now on ma lcd tv .

How cool is that boy?

And then he just walked out of the supermarket singing. . .

"You give me love and consolation,
You give me strength to carry on "

Strange day or what? :-)

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