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November 11, 2004

Another Callaway Executive Resigns

It was announced the other day that Patrice Hutin, the President and COO, of Callaway Golf has resigned. I've been saying for month's that this company is in trouble and obviously this is true. Look what Callaway Golf did to Phil Mickelson this year. He is off to the best year of his career, he signs with Callaway and his season goes right down the toilet.

Good luck, Chairman and CEO William C. Baker, you're going to need it. Making Callaway Golf the company it once was is going to be like hitting a one iron, it's not easy to do, most people can't do, most people are not dumb enough to even try it, but someone out there can do it.


Golf Grouch said...

Callaway clubs seem to work for women, not so much for men. Maybe Phil will play better with them...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the new Callaway Man-zier will give the company and Hefty Micklefat a "boost".

TheDoubleEagle said...

'cept for an early Big Bertha driver, I've never cared much for Callaway clubs.

TaylorMade's disappointed the past decade, with a lot of goofy-looking blades. Their drivers have kept them in the ballgame.

I still have a special hankerin' for an ol' Langert Tour de Force 8.75° driver.

Woods~&~Wedges said...

I give you credit - you saw this company declining before it was on the Jim Leher Business Hour.

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