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November 01, 2004

Kombi Power Point Thumb

For the first time ever I saw an ad in my local newspaper, the Palm Beach Post, for a golf glove. The ad was for the Kombi Power Point Thumb golf glove. The spokesperson for Kombi is long ball driver Sam Holdridge.

Kombi Golf Glove has some sort of patented Power Point Thumb which gives you unsurpassed club feel. I have never really put much thought into the technology that goes into making a golf glove. I buy the usual Footjoy glove every time and that's it. I don't think the ad in the paper for Kombi has convinced me to buy their product, but I think the next time I need a glove I'll try out a few brands and see if there is much difference between brands.

Perhaps I'll try a Kombi glove if I see one, but I am sure I won't be buying a Kombi golf glove because Sam Holdridge uses them. I am convinced there is no way in hell a golf glove will give me more distance off the tee.


Bunker said...

I once picked up a Mizuno, and now use nothing else.

Anonymous said...

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