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November 25, 2004

Mickelson Shoots a 59

Well, what do ya know? Lefty still has some game left underneath those man boobs of his. Phil Mickelson has become the 5th pro golfer to shoot a 59. I don't think this great round had anything to do with Mickelson using Callaway sticks. I'd say it was just good old fashioned kick ass putting.

Results from the PGA Grand Slam of Golf:
127: Phil Mickelson 68 59
132: Vijay Singh (Fiji) 66 66
133: Retief Goosen (RSA) 65 68
145: Todd Hamilton 70 75.
Todd, Todd, Todd, what the heck happened?


Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

Todd, I believe, was ill.

Chris D. said...

Go Phil (first I knew about his 59)...I'm hoping that next year he's in as good of form as he was this year and can make a run of a couple of majors. Despite his man boobs! Heard somewhere that he does workout a bit, but sometimes I have to wonder!

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