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November 21, 2004

LPGA ADT Championship

So I went to Trump International today to watch the women play. I went there with pretty low expectations that I'd enjoy watching them play. So that being said, I actually had a good time. Those ladies can hit a golf ball. I just wish Kerr had won the playoff.

As I was walking up 16 with the leaders I realized I was walking right next to Donald Trump. Although he was inside the ropes and I was not. I'm glad to see that he was walking and not riding in a cart. I never realized just how large an ass Donald Trump has. Really, this thing is big. I guess that's why he is always sitting in the board room on the Apprentice so you won't see his huge ass.

The golf course itself is very nice. The pro shop of course had an entire section of Apprentice crap. How friggin cheesy is that? No one ever said that Trump had any taste. Who in their right mind is going to walk around in a You're Fired hat? I do have to admit that I bought a golf shirt. I swore I wouldn't even think about it, but there was this table with a bunch of golf shirts at 75% off. I happened to see a shirt that was a really nice shade of blue and I couldn't resist. Hey the shirt only cost me $20, wtf?


TheDoubleEagle said...
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Woods~&~Wedges said...

Considering that his real estate company is enormously bankrupt, Donald makes a good living as a modern celebrity.

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