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November 02, 2004

Darren Clarke screwed up with class

Last week at the Volvo Masters held at Valderrama, Darren Clarke was a co-leader during the second round when he got up to the tee at the par five 17th hole. Darren Clarke ended up with a six-over 11 on the 17th hole. He put the ball into the water guarding the front of the green 3 times.

A cell phone went off twice while Darren Clarke tried to hit the green. Clarke was quoted as saying "the phone was not a factor."

I say "good for you Darren Clarke!" It's great to hear that a player of your caliber is not blaming other's for your misfortunes. As a professional you should be able to handle these minor distractions. Granted it does not make them right, but you handled this one like a class act.

I can only imagine what Tiger Woods would have done if a cell phone went off while he was swinging, twice nonetheless. Actually, I do know what Tiger would have done. First he would have had his moron caddie Steve confiscate the phone and throw it in the water. Next Tiger would have complained for a week about how rude the Europeans are and how the cell phone distracted him, blah, blah, blah.

1 comment:

Chris D. said...

I hadn't heard that about Darren, but you have to admit that a cell phone going off in the middle of your back swing would be distracting.

Your dead on with Tigers reaction. Although now that he's got a european wife that may not be the case.

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