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November 04, 2004

Mianne Bagger - transsexual golfer

Mianne Bagger, a 37-year-old Dane, became the first transsexual golfer to qualify for the Ladies European Tour. The Ladies European Tour changed its rules this year to eliminate the "female at birth" in its membership policy. The rule change put the golf tour in line with International Olympic Committee regulations.

Here's a definition of transsexual. I was all confused: transsexual, transvestite, transtesticle...what's the difference.

Congratulations to Mianne Bagger. It takes some balls, pun intended, to be so open about yourself. Below is a picture a Mianne Bagger, the transsexual golfer.

A transsexual golfer on the Ladies European Tour, how nice. Next thing you know there will be lesbians on the LPGA Tour. Have you ever noticed that all of the women that shop at Home Depot look like they could play on the LPGA Tour?


Anonymous said...

Nice package !!!

Anonymous said...

She looks better than 85% of the LPGA tour. You go girl......I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being respectful in your light-touch humor about Mianne.

Anonymous said...

sign me up -- I'll carry her bag.

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