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June 07, 2004

Yesterday's winners.

PGA Tour: Double E. tore the back nine a new one on Sunday. Nice to see him playing well a couple of weeks before a major. And the same for Freddy, good to see him right there in second. Oh, and the guy in 3rd Tiger, go hit the range.

Is it just me or does Ernie's nickname "The Big Easy" sound like it should be the nickname for one of the girls at The Bunny Ranch?

CHAMPIONS Tour: Big Daddy Cool, Jim Thorpe, won this week. He is a bad MoFo. Nice to see him win. This guy strikes fear in the golf ball when he looks at it.

LPGA Tour: Ok, I'm glad Annika did not win, and congrats to Karrie Webb on her 30th win, but who really cares. Until they start wearing Daisy Dukes out there I'm not watching them play.

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