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June 28, 2004

Is 21 under par ridiculous or what?

Adam Scott won last week and tore the TPC Avenel a new one in the process. What a difference a week makes from all the bellyaching we heard at Shinnecock. We go from too difficult to too easy. TPC Avenel was obviously not a challenge. Next year the Booz Allen Classic will be at Congressional CC while Avenel gets a much needed major overhaul.

There are several events each year where ridiculous scores like this are put up. I think we should make these tourneys fun and a little more of a challenge. Here are my suggestions: limit the number of clubs each player can play with, no woods or lefties play righty & vice versa.


Anonymous said...

I could go for limited club tournaments, everyone gets to choose a wood, an iron, a wedge, and a putter, one of each and that's what you play with that weekend. Would also like to see more match play although this could play havoc with broadcast times. Or how about a limited commentary tournament? Get the broadcasters to STFU, take their mics away or muzzle them. They hardly ever say anything that hasn't been said many times previously. Cliche'd inanity, thy name is The Golf Channel.

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