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June 08, 2004

Jesper, Jesper, Jesper, sorry you didn't qualify for the Open.

And I sincerely mean this. I like this skinny bastard. You have to admire the guy. How many guys could persuade their wife to hire a nanny that looks like the one he had? I can hear him now, "Oh honey, she is from my homeland, we need to help her with this job, free her from the evil Swedish empire...."

I also give the guy thumbs up for dressing like a complete moron and not caring what anyone thinks. This man has no fears. Dress like an idiot, hire the hottest nanny in the world, how can you not admire Jesper.

I followed him around for a few holes at the Honda this year and I cannot figure out what is wrong with his hats. It's like the bill of his cap took Viagra and he can't get it down. I guess he missed a day of golf school when they were taught the point of a hat is to block the sun. Two words: skin cancer. On second thought he is probably making a pretty penny for wearing that silly cap.

Hats off to you Jesper, you da man!


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