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July 19, 2004

Bad decision Fred Funk

What a feeling it must be to play in a major championship such as the British Open. Fred Funk, who had an exemption to play in the British Open, opted to play in the lame BC Open instead of the British Open. Fred chose to play in the BC Open because he needs to maintain or increase his points position to make the Ryder Cup team for the first time in his career. Yes, making the Ryder Cup team is important, but playing against the best golfers in the world to get there is more important.

Because Fred did not play well in his previous attempts at the British Open is no excuse for not going to Royal Troon. I don't want a guy on the United States Ryder Cup team that doesn't have enough faith in his own game that he has to try and get points by playing in a second rate tournament. The Ryder Cup is about competition and it is quite obvious Fred Funk is not a competitor.

I wonder if Fred Funk thinks he made the right decision after ending up in a tie for 40th place. Fred, the next time you have an exemption to a major don't say no. Not only do you make yourself look bad, it reflects poorly on the rest of us.

Let me put it to you in golf terms what happened to Fred Funk at the BC Open. He went for what he thought was the easier tournament, the safe bet, the sure thing and he screwed up. This happens to us amateur golfers on the golf course too often. We get up on the tee, we've got a narrow fairway or out of bounds on the right, we're thinking "hit the driver", but instead we opt for the safe iron play. You know the shot, the "I'll just hit this one right down the middle, play it safe, smart". What happens half of the time when we play it safe? We chunk it into the water or slice it out of bounds. Next time you're up on the tee, remember this: everybody loves a hero, hit the damn driver. Well Fred, everybody does love a hero and unfortunately it's not you.

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