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July 25, 2004

Scotty Cameron Red X & Aserta Eclipse Putters

Scotty Cameron and Aserta both make good putters. I do not own either one of these putters, but I've putted a few balls with each. What I find amusing is all of the hype about these putters. I've got three putters that I rotate depending on the mood I'm in. I have a Ping Anser 2, an old TPM 13 and an even older Tommy Armour putter. And believe it or not No Three Putts is a pretty good putter even with these "classics". I am yet to embrace the modern putting technology.

It is hard for me to believe that a putter can make a golfer better at putting. Aserta is not shy about advertising that you'll save 6 strokes a round by using their putter. If this were true there would be such a buzz about their putters it would be as popular as the Tiger Woods scandal.

As for the Scotty Cameron putter $299 seems expensive for a putter, but I guess if Taylor Made R7 Drivers can go for up to $799 then why not pay $299 for a club that is used a lot more times per round. The one thing that annoys me about Scotty Cameron putters is the putter covers. I have never been a fan of putter or iron covers. Just seems a little anal retentive to me.

Aserta's big claim is that their putters use IVM, Inverted Mass Technology. What this means is their putter puts the weight of the club on the top of the putter head which creates top spin on the ball and eliminates skidding, sidespin and bouncing. Makes sense? I guess.

Scotty Cameron putters market two things. The materials, aluminum and stainless steel, they are made of and their sleek design which will "instill confidence". When over the ball you'll be lined up to find the true sweetspot. This also sounds good.

But why am I still not convinced Aserta or Scotty Cameron will make you a better putter? Because to me putting is about reading a green and having good speed control. Being able to do both of these things is what makes a good putter. Don't buy a Scotty Cameron or Aserta putter and think you will become a better putter. They might have a good feel when striking the ball, but it will take more than a putter to make you better.

You can get more info and buy these putters at Edwin Watts Golf.


Bunker said...

The best putter I've ever owned was a Wood Wand. All rosewood. Great feel. The face finally died after years of impacts, and I had to retire it.

Confidence is key. I now have two putters I tend to swap--a Ram flanged and a new Ping with a center shaft. Either serves me just as well...until I finish my hickory shaft and attach it to a modified persimmon driver head!

Anonymous said...

“Just seems a little anal retentive to me.”

Shouldn’t you have put a hyphen on anal-retentive?

Just kidding…

I have a Cameron putter (not the Red X but the Pro Platinum Newport Two Mid Slant) and I actually like the way the grip feels more than anything – It really feels like you are can hold the putter square to the line better than the others.

The weight / balance / sweet spot feels real nice as well and the ball comes off the face real crisp (like when you bounce a ball on the face of a titanium driver vs. steel or persimmon). But I still think I putt best with my old school bulls eye. Like you say, putting is all about reading greens and speed control anyway.

Not that I am a good putter – I should have named my blog no damn four putts!


Anonymous said...

The reason for the putter cover is to protect it from oxidation.

I totally agree that $299 seems ridiculous for a putter, but it really is the club that makes or breaks a round for pros and amatuers alike.

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