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July 20, 2004

Ian Poulter has some balls

I like this goof ball Ian Poulter. How can you not admire a guy that shows up to the British Open dressed like Austin Powers. It's nice to see a golfer loosen up and show some personality. In order for the game of golf to continue to grow, to support all of the new golf courses that have been built over the last few years, we need more guys like Ian Poulter to draw the crowds and create a buzz.

Golf needs more guys like Ian.

If anyone wants to get into Mr. Poulter's pants here's your chance to buy them at an auction. Ian Poulter thanks for spicing up the world of golf.

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Woods~&~Wedges said...

I think the same is true of Jennifer Rosales on the LPGA, but she is SOOOO bold and hot and sexual that some of the (E-D afflicted ?) posters on TGC-DB just couldn't let it fly without immature and cheap insults. Good thing she is too busy winning six figs a year to bother reading TGC DB.

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