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July 16, 2004

With Gilligan, the Skipper too...

That's right Skip "the Skipper" Kendall is leading the British Open. Many of you may not be familiar with Skip Kendall or what the joke on the PGA Tour is involving Skip. Lucky for you No Three Putts is here to fill you in.

Skip has a slice, an incredible slice, a slice unlike any slice you have ever seen. His slice is so nasty that last year at the Memorial Tournament Skip sliced off part of his left index finger while cutting a bagel. If Skip has problems cutting a bagel, do I think he can hang on for another 36 holes? No way.

At least we'll get some good TV coverage with so many of the big names on the leaderboard. I'm going to pick Beam Me Up Scotty Verplank to win.

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Hank1139 said...

good to see you are switching from your original selection to win the open. After today when Verplank is nowhere to be seen will you pick someone else? Love your blog, keep em coming.

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