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July 13, 2004

Valderrama owner loves old balls

Jamie Ortiz-Patinos, the owner of Valderrama in Spain, was the winning bidder on a golf ball that is over 200 years old. A gentleman at the auction heard Mr. Ortiz-Patinos boasting about his love of balls. He was heard saying something like "I have touched balls all around the world, but never a ball this old. I love balls, big balls, little balls, squishy balls, bouncy balls, if it has to do with balls I'm all over it, I am a ball man." Members at Valderrama were very happy for Jamie, some even mentioned that he is often seen in the locker room playing with his own balls.

This is what a $44,531 golf ball looks like. For that price I would have opted for a couple dozen ProV1's.

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