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July 21, 2004

I think we pissed off the Queen!

Last month I said I hate it when a foreigner wins the US Open. Well take a look at what the Brits think of Todd Hamilton winning the British Open. They are rather upset that an American has won their tournament again.

Calling Todd Hamilton an American nobody and an obscure pub question is just wrong. Last week for four days I would have to call Todd Hamilton the best golfer in the world. To all of you Brits that are frustrated with an "obscure" American winning the British Open, I say this, "may David Beckham continue to miss penalty kicks". I won't say anything unkind about English golfers or bad mouth their golf games, I think it is quite apparent that there is no comparison between the level of golf played by American and British golfers. I think the Brits should pick the "Yank" with the most anonymity to win next year's British Open, at least then they'll have a chance of accurately picking the winner.


Bunker said...

Where was the complaining when Paul Lowrie, another "unknown" won?

Anonymous said...

i am english and i don't give a toss that americans win but in my defence about the football comment atleats england have a decent football team!

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