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July 05, 2004

US "Teenage" Women's Open

Meg Mallon wins the Open on what is now being referred to as the Britney Spears LPGA Tour. With 16 teens playing in the US Women's Open LPGA Tour commissioner David Fay may have said something like "to attract more top golfers & fans we are talking with Ms. Spears about changing the name of the tour to reflect just how hip golf is to the teenage crowd. We've never marketed to teens and since they're taking over our tour we'd like them to be happy."


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call myself a traditionalist, but I found myself pulling for Mallon (okay, I was against Rosales)for this reason: I don't want someone dressed like a hooker winning the women's open! Every time I looked up and saw Rosales in her costume I had to check to see I hadn't changed the channel to MTV.

Woods~&~Wedges said...

Let's see, more smooth skin, less clothing, prettier faces, harder bodies, and even good swings. YES - more teenagers on the LPGA tournies.

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