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July 14, 2004

British Open Predictions, Sorry Europe

I am not a big fan of making golf predictions. Team sports are much easier to predict. If a player who is on a real hot streak wakes up with the runs or has a migraine, his chances of playing well are going right down the toilet. I would have to say of the sports that I watch, golf is the hardest to predict.

With that being said, time for my predictions. Hey, just because I'm not a fan of making golf predictions doesn't mean I'm not going to make any. Too many people have emailed me asking for them. First, I'll start with who will not win the British Open, this is an easy one. The British Open will not be won by a European golfer. This eliminates a good portion of the field.

Of course I think Phil Mickelson & Ernie Els will be in contention. You'd have to be a moron to think that even the worst case of diarrhea will keep them off the leaderboard. As for Retief Goosen, he will not be in the top ten, a man can only rely on so many one putts to win a major and he used all of his up last month. I'm going to pick Chad Campbell as the longshot to win. He's been playing well, watch him. Sergio Garcia will be the top European finisher.

The golfer with the highest two day total is an easy one, David Duval.


Blogger Vance said...

David Duval is playing, but he'll probably manage to beat Tom Weiskopf.

AmbiDextri said...

Hmm, I may be a moron but Phil's never finished in the top ten, missed the cut last week and just went +2. And Retief? He won last 2 times out, not just through putting.
Agree about the European golfer not winning, but watch Thomas Levet, he's hot.

AmbiDextri said...

Hmm, ok, so I might be a moron...

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