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July 18, 2004

Todd Hamilton's daughter says "18th hole is stupid"

One of the highlights of today's final round of the British Open had to be the surprising declaration by Todd Hamilton's daughter that the 18th hole is "stupid".  She even reiterated this by saying it a second time to really get her point across.  This was said after Todd & Ernie Els finished their 72nd hole.  After her daddy finished the hole with a bogey, I can definitely see her point.  How could any child of any age think that a hole is anything but stupid after it almost caused the demise of her father.  Luckily, daddy got a par on the 18th hole the second time around with a great chip to 3 feet to win the British Open. 
What a fine day of golf it was.  Nice to see, Todd Hamilton, a 38 year old PGA tour rookie win for the 2nd time.  For all of you guys out there struggling with Q-School each year, keep trying, go to Europe or Asia to sharpen your skills against the weaker golfers over there and then one day you too may succeed on the PGA Tour.      


AmbiDextri said...

Yeah it was a great day. Hamilton looks like he can carry on doing well for a while as well. His 3 wood chip on the last was magnificent.
Also it is a good sign of hope for all those struggling pro's out there, indeed they should go to Asia or Japan to work on their game, get tournament experience, and then go try to get onto the big tours.
But while I agree that the standard of the PGA Tour is higher than Europe I have to point out that they are not weak golfers and should not be compared to the Asian Tour. Just remember one stat, in the last 8 ryder Cups the score stands at Europe 6 - USA 2. Not exactly weak.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was instructional that Hamilton didn't get intimidated by Els' long drives off the tee, and instead played his own game of staying on the fairway and out of the hazards. Conservative but highly-skilled golf with steely nerve to stay within his own game. Double kudos, Todd.

I grew up playing on Links-like courses in the Jersey Pinelands, and irons off the tee and Texas wedges for approaches were the winning ticket to counter a bomber.

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