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September 20, 2004

David Toms hot wife Sonya Toms

Sonya Toms is one sexy babe. Here's what I like about David Toms wife Sonya, besides the obvious: She met David before he "made it" as a pro. Meaning she isn't a money hungry gold digger like Elin. He was a struggling broke golfer when they met. Heck, she isn't even a big golf fan.

Obviously one look at Sonya Toms in a bikini and you'll know why she is one of the hottest wife's on the PGA Tour.

With a wife this hot, it must be hard for David Toms to play in a lot of tournaments without taking her with him.

Here's an interesting question from a survey Sports Illustrated did of PGA Tour Players from Feb. 2003.

Who is the best-looking Tour wife/girlfriend? (Can't vote for your own.)
Dana (Tom) Byrum 23%
Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods) 18%
Sonya (David) Toms 18%
Dawn (Brian) Bateman 9%
Jill (Per-Ulrik) Johansson 7%

Also receiving votes: Jennifer (Fulton) Allem, Jodi (Stephen) Ames, Amanda (Jonathan) Byrd, Karen (Brandle) Chamblee, Heather (Ben) Crane, Sherrie (John) Daly, Michelle (Ed) Fryatt, Tabitha (Jim) Furyk, Angela (Gabe) Hjertstedt, Missy Kretchmer (James McLean), Susan (Andrew) Magee, Mia (Jesper) Parnevik, Ashley (Hal) Sutton

Dana Byrum beat Elin and Sonya, looks like No Three Putts is going to have to find some pictures of Dana Byrum, to win by 5% over Elin and Sonya she must be hot.


Golf Grouch said...

There's no way that accountant-looking David Toms could get this Betty on looks alone. She must have had a good hunch that he would make it on the Tour.

Anonymous said...

Beaux-dacious. Geaux Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a picture of Dana Byrum? If she is hotter than this woman I have to see it.

Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

Another of Sonya:

DblEgl said...

Had the pleasure of sitting across the table from Dana Byrum at the players' clubhouse at a recent PGA event.
UNREAL this woman. About 40 years old, smoking hot.
Couldn't get her out of my head, so I Googled her and found this website.
Couldn't find any pics on the internet. Please Help !

Anonymous said...

If anybody still reads this, i want people to know that i live 2 houses down from the Byrum family, and i know how hot she is. She walks around the neighborhood all the time. She is definitely the hottest milf i've ever seen. Sadly, i have no photos of her.....yet.

Anonymous said...

A picture of Dana Byrum would not do her justice. I had the priveledge of playing with Tom in a Pro-Am event (nicest guy) and Dana walked the course and the only words to describe her are UNREAL

Biff Mullin said...

David is a very nice guy and sharp as a tack. I played golf against David from the age of 12 to high school graduation. He deserves everything that comes to him; including a beautiful wife like Sonya!

Anonymous said...

I went to high school w/ Sonya. She was always a sweetheart. David got himself a real fine girl.

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