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September 08, 2004

Phil Mickelson signs with Callaway

I don't think anyone is surprised about Phil Mickelson signing with Callaway Golf. Callaway is in desperate need of a savior and no one in golf could be better than Phil. I know I was more surprised that Mickelson left Titleist. The deal with Callaway was signed over the Labor Day weekend, but the terms have not been disclosed.

According to Callaway, Mickelson will be wearing Callaway's logo on his shirt sleeve, the side of his visor and on his golf bag. Phil will also be wearing Callaway footwear and gloves. I didn't even know Callaway made footwear. Gee, and they wonder why they are having financial problems, talk about over diversifying.

Starting Thursday at the Bell Canadian Open, eh, Mickelson will be using a prototype of Callaway's HX golf ball along with a Callaway Fusion Driver and a Big Bertha 3 & 4 wood. Mickelson will be working with Callaway designer Roger Cleveland to develop irons, wedges and a putter.

The Question: Will Phil Mickelson be able to help turn Callaway Golf around?

The Answer: No. Only better golf clubs and equipment will help Callaway. Callaway hiring Phil Mickelson does give them the big name PGA player credibility they needed. I don't know if Callaway thinks consumers are stupid, but I know I won't buy their products until I am certain they are making products worthy of my hard earned money.

Take a look at Nike Golf. Does having the most recognized face in golf, and perhaps all of sports, translate into sales, NO.

I hope everyone enjoyed watching Phil Mickelson play great golf this year, I know I did. I have a bad feeling that Phil's greed, his inferior new clubs and his signing with Callaway golf will be the demise of this year's Masters champion.

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