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September 20, 2004

US Ryder Cup team a disgrace

What an embarrassment the US Ryder Cup team was this year. A 9 point loss is beyond ridiculous. Let's sum up the Ryder Cup from a US fan's point of view:

Day One: We got beat, but hey, we're the best players in the world, we'll come back.
Day Two: We got beat a little worse, but were tough Americans we'll make some noise on Sunday.
Day Three: The realization that American golfers suck at match play has set in.

Maybe in two years the Ryder Cup will expand the competition and open up to Asian, African and Australian teams. Then the US team could get bent over by guys from all over the world, not just Europe. I'd say congrats to the European team, but I congratulated them before the Ryder Cup even started. Europe winning was not a surprise, however winning as easily as they did came as a complete shock.


Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of the Team USA Men's basketball team. Bunch of spoiled individuals whose weakness is working together.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...unbelievable. Let us not forget the coach. A first class twit by all accounts. John Wayne bravado? Swell. Worked out great. Best way to manage a bunch of egos is to demoralize them. Nice work large melon.

Anonymous said...

The Ryder Cup proves that the top American golfers are unable to play match play, one of the games oldest and most special aspects. Woods and Co are so focussed on their individual glory that team events are unimportant. I also wonder if their practice ever involves playing with their peers? one would suggest they don't as they have no idea how to play an opponant in a one on one situation

Anonymous said...

Pairing Phil and Tiger was beyond rediculous. Tiger's comments during (and since) the Ryder cup prove that he's the most self serving of all the players.

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