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September 19, 2004

US has sucked thus far!

What a friggin disappointment the US team has been at the Ryder Cup. With the largest deficit, 11-5, going into Sunday in Ryder Cup history, the US better play their hearts out on Sunday and get a bunch of points. If this ass kicking continues, each and every player deserves all of the crap that they are going to get.

I'd start the grilling with Capt. Hal Sutton for not standing up to Phil "Mr. Callaway" Mickelson and demand that he play the practice rounds with his team. Then he should not have put Tiger and Phil in the same group on Friday. That pairing had poison written all over it, why would you play these two guys together when they obviously don't like each other.

If we see a smile on Hal's face on Sunday I'll be amazed.

1 comment:

timmay!!!!! said...

sergio destroyed mickelson ... westwood destroyed perry ... the u.s. got their asses handed to them on a fat and disappointing platter !!!!!

9 pts.?????

it wasn't even a competition.

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