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September 22, 2004

Rick Reilly's Ryder Cup Rules

Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly had some interesting new Ryder Cup rules that are designed to make these matches fair again.

Rick Reilly's New Ryder Cup Rules

Here are two of my favorite Rick Reilly Ryder Cup rules:

9. Speaking of Tiger Woods, he's not welcome on the American team anymore until he actually wants to play in these. He always seems to play these things with all the enthusiasm of a man forced to take a bath with his mother-in-law. And since he's the big dog, everybody follows his lead. Great player. Lousy team player.

10. Just as England and Ireland were allowed to add Continental Europe in 1981 to restore the balances of these Ryder Cup matches, America will also be allowed to add a region. We take Fiji.

In addition to Fiji, I think we should also take the South African region, just to be on the safe side. Rick Reilly, No Three Putts agrees with you almost 100%. I do differ with you on number 7 though.

7. No more wives. No reason, really, except we're just sick of seeing them in matching outfits that make all of them look like Miss Dowdy, 1956. In what other sport, do the wives get to come in the team room for strategy sessions? It's emasculating and awkward.

True, the matching outfits are a bit silly, and the women going to strategy sessions makes no sense, but seeing Sonya Toms, Elin Nordegren and Amy Mickelson definitely adds to my viewing pleasure.


Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

I think Tiger played well - not with Phil - winning with Chris Riley and alone. Paired with Phil and Davis - who was up and down himself all week - he lost.

But yes, he didn't LOOK into it much.

Anonymous said...

How will we know when on the top US golfers is gay? When the "Golf Wives" suddenly disappear from the Ryder or President's Cup team-lineups. Even if the golfer in question is "out", they still will ditch the wives's auxilliary. Rather than fess-up and admit that one of them's gay, the PGATour will choke and disinvite the wifes to avoid a rooster in the hen-house.

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