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September 18, 2004

Yesterday's Pairings

Of all the groups that went out yesterday, as a golfer there are quite a few that would have been a real treat to play with. But as far as I'm concerned the two-some below is by far the pair No Three Putts would like to have played several holes (pun intended) with.

Amy Mickelson & Elin Nordegren, walk this way hotties, No Three Putts is ready to play.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone other than me tired of these two chicks? I mean if the golf were any good we might be able to watch that...which is what we tuned in for in the first place. Cripes. Do they think I am impressed that Phil and Tiger have beautiful SOs? Go figure. Rich guys with hot chicks. If Phil ends up an accountant in Duluth Minnesota I am pretty sure he is not going to land a broad like that... He may land a bro... It would be a nice accessorie to keep those mamajammas in place. Phil mix in a salad from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Imagine havine a threesome with these two fine ladies. You couls put your dick in Amy's wet cunt while you watch her using her trained tounge to lick Elin hot asshole. Then you would pull out of Amy's throbbing pussy and put your cock deep in her amazing ass. When you about to cum, you could put dick in Elin's mouth and shoot load after load down her throat. UUHHHHH

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