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September 13, 2004

Mike Weir Choked

Vijay Singh didn't win the Bell Canadian Open, Mike Weir handed it to him on a silver friggin putter. All of Canada had their hopes crushed when Mike Weir missed putt after putt on Sunday. Then to top it off Weir flew the 18th green and one hopped his ball into the drink. Ala, here you go Vijay, your 4th win in 5 tournaments, amazing.

Mike Weir is the most famous golfer to come out of Canada, unless you count Wayne Gretzky (I have 4 Gretzky rookie cards, for those of you that care). But since Gretzky does not golf for a living I'll have to say Weir is at the top of the Maple Leaf as far as Canadian golfers go.

Sunday was a terribly disappointing performance from Cananda's pride and joy, eh. Please don't get me wrong, I like Mike Weir and of course he's a great golfer, but his choke yesterday was not too far behind Van de Velde. I don't think any golf fan could believe he put a wedge from 129 yards into the water. How in the heck does that happen? Ya got me, what can I say but what a shame.

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