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September 14, 2004

Ryder Cup is big business

Here are some of the numbers for the Ryder Cup:

TV: USA Network and NBC will televise a combined 26 hours. The networks have paid an estimated $30 million combined in rights fees. More than 300 million golf fans around the world are expected to watch.

Crowds: The PGA of America has limited crowds to 40,000 a day, although they had more than 100,000 requests at their online auction. A week long pass sold for $450.

Media: More than 1,200 credentials were issued for the matches. There were less than 100 reporters at the '83 Ryder Cup.

Hospitality: The PGA sold 60 chalets, with the asking price as high as $300,000, and 135 tables at Oakland Hills, which is expected to generate almost $30 million.

Revenues: Estimated total revenues are between $70-75 million. Profits should be about 1/3 of that.

These numbers are quite staggering considering that in '83 ABC only aired 2 hours of the Ryder Cup. This year the opening ceremonies will have two hours of coverage.

Here's what Jay Haas, a US team member in '83 had to say "It looked like a practice round the last day in '83, there were not many people out there. Until the middle to late '80s, I don't think the fans really got into it."

Well we are into it now and No Three Putts can't wait to watch golf's version of the Olympics all weekend.

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