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September 03, 2004

Phil Mickelson splits with Titleist

Apparently Phil Mickelson and Titleist have parted ways. Not sure exactly why, but Phil is now free to sign with another equipment company. Rumor has it Phil Mickelson is in talks with Callaway Golf. Mickelson had 16 months left on his contract which was worth more than $4 million a year.

Phil leaving Titleist makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Phil is having the year of all years, why in the hell would he change things? This is obviously not something that Titleist wants. The most popular golfer on tour leaving them can only hurt Titleist. So it must be a move on Phil's part. Could it be that Phil wants more money? A greedy thought, but yes it is likely he does want more money. Who knows, maybe Mickelson wanted a line of clubs, clothing and balls named after him. If it was his wife's idea, then maybe I could understand it. After all she is a MILF.

Perhaps Phil was contacted by the ailing Callaway Golf and has been enticed to try and be their savior. If so, then I think this makes some sense. Kind of like how Tiger is the primary focus of Nike Golf, Phil would be the Callaway Golf poster child and focal point. I doubt he'll start playing different clubs or balls until after the Ryder Cup, but who knows money can make a lot of things happen. Could you imagine the press Callaway Golf would get if Mickelson started playing them the week of the Ryder Cup. Talk about helping sales.

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Woods~&~Wedges said...

Gosh, where to start with two equally great points I have to make:
- What pros play is VERY irrelevant to average golfers.
- Which brand a pro carries is ALMOST irrelevent to sales, unless they're superstar golfers. And then it probably helps.
Right now Phil is a SuperStud. Just look at his wifey!

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