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September 25, 2004

Jack Nicklaus & George W Bush

President Bush was recently introduced at a rally in Columbus, Ohio by Jack Nicklaus. Bush was also introduced at a rally by Arnold Palmer in Pennsylvania. It must be nice to know that when you need a cure for a slice you can call the greatest golfers of all time to help you out.

This tells me President Bush has figured out who really decide elections in this country: GOLFERS! At a rally in Greenwood Village, Colorado John Elway introduced President Bush. I don't know what Bush is looking to get from Elway, but I can assure him even John Elway won't be able to help the football teams from Texas this year.

You're on the green, use the putter. You may be the President, you can make us go to war, but when you're on a putting green even you need to use a putter. If you can't figure out which one the putter is, look for the club with a flat face.


Anonymous said...

Go Bush!

Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

Don't both technically have a pretty flat face? One's just got grooves and a little more loft. :-)

According to today's, Bush is up 311 to 217.

Anonymous said...

my opinion of Nicklaus just went down considerably.

Anonymous said...

Thank God George Bush is the President. What trouble we would be in with indecisive leadership...

Just like on a golf course...Independent and nobody to fall back on.

He takes the heat and he has more backbone and character than Bill Clinton ever dreamed of having. GO BUSH!

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