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January 01, 2010

Phil Mickelson's Man Boobs

Here's a pretty funny story Steve Williams (Tiger's caddy, if you didn't know) told about Phil Mickelson's man boobs before the start of the 2009 season...

Woods and Mickelson were paired together during the US Open. They were fighting for third round lead. On the way up the 17th hole Tiger waved to a full grandstand of about 5000 people. The crowd yelled and cheered.

The crowd quickly became silent and a fan yelled out "Phil." There was no response from Mickelson. He yelled "Phil" again. No response again. The fan tried a different approach yelling, "Hey, Mr Mickelson."

This got Phil's attention and he turned and waved. The fan screamed "Nice tits." The crowd burst out in laughter... Mickelson booked a double bogey, bogey and his chances of winning the tournament were over.

What's funny is that Phil claims he had lost 20 pounds leading up to the Open. I'm sure if he hadn't lost the weight his man boobs would have been bigger and the catcalls more frequent.

By the way, Williams also said: "I wouldn't call Mickelson a great player ... 'cause I hate the prick."

Guess what Steve Williams, I'm sure Mickelson hates you and I absolutely know No Three Putts hates you.

And Phil, how about keeping a strict diet and working out a bit in 2010 so we don't have to see your Man Boobs.


The Chris Becker Experiment said...

Whaaaat? Why are you all over Mickelson's dick? I say hooray for Williams for being a smarmy and vocal. That's what I call golf with balls.

Fat Yank said...

Whaaaat? Why are you all over Mickelson's dick? The dude is a douche. 100%. I say hooray for Williams for being a mouthy SOB. That's golf with balls if you ask me.

Fat Yank said...

Though I do realize this post is three years old. Hey, I can be late to the game. Just so long as I make the halftime show.

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