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January 31, 2010

Tom Watson Rips Tiger Woods A New One

About time a fellow golfer starts saying what PGA Tour players are really thinking about Tiger Woods.

And who better than Tom Watson. The same golfer who:

In 1983 accused Gary Player of cheating in a Skins Game...

In 1993 criticized the GREAT Bill Murray for his zany antics at the Pebble Beach Pro Am...

In 1994 complained to Masters Officials about Gary McCord after he said "The greens were so fast they seemed to have been bikini-waxed and had body bags underneath." Resulting in McCord being removed from CBS coverage.

And now in 2010, Watson says Tiger's "transgression are 'bad for our game' - and he declares that Woods needs to work on his course 'manners' and get 'his personal life in order.'

As Watson put it, "His swearing and his club throwing, that should end. That's not part of what we want to project as far as the professional golf tour is concerned... It's something he needs to get control of and a handle on and show some humility to the public when he comes back."

I think its great that Tom Watson speaks his mind. Athletes in other sports are quite open and communicative about what they are thinking, why shouldn't golfers?

BUT, there is a factoid that perhaps Watson should remember when he opens his mouth. Back in 1997 when his wife filed for divorce he responded to questions by saying "I don't want to discuss that. It is a private thing."

I think Tom just needs to find a happy medium... and here it is: Feel free to rip Tiger Woods a new one for his on course antics, but leave him alone when it comes to his personal life.


Anonymous said...

I like Tom. I like Tiger.

Well... I like watching them both play. I don't KNOW either one of them.

The one thing I find odd - Tom calling out Tiger for his "antics" on the course NOW... What, Tiger throwing a hissy fit didn't mean anything before we knew he was cheating on his wife?

As a female fan of the game, I really don't give a sh*t what Tiger has done. I never looked at Tiger as some sort of role model. As a mom I would never encourage my sons to choose sports "heroes" as moral role models in any way.

I like to watch Tiger play golf. I'm not hanging on his every word or action to decide if I'm a fan or not. Anyone who has paid attention has seen Tiger's behavior on the course. Like him, don't like him - whatever.

I think it's sort of amusing that people like Tom are getting their "celebrity on" just by commenting on Tiger's private life.

Anonymous said...

Watson only filed for a divorce. He did not have multi relations with porno stars.

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