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January 11, 2010

Review: Callaway Golf Diablo Edge & Diablo Forged Irons

Callaway is the first of the big golf club manufacturers to announce its new line of clubs for 2010. The line is called Diablo Edge Irons and will be available January 15. The Diablo Forged Irons are coming to a retail store near you on February 15.

Diablo Edge Irons feature a bigger sweet spot that's where most amateurs commonly hit the ball on the clubface. They do this with a lower, deeper center of gravity. Which results in a longer, more consistent distance and better accuracy.

They also have a "Solid Impact Sole" that delivers a smoother interaction with grass and is designed to lessen the effects of heavy and thin shots. By improving the impact location on the club face you can expect greater distance.

COST: The Diablo Forged Irons (available on February 15) retail for $999 for steel-shafted sets, and $1199 for graphite-shafted sets.

The Diablo Edge Irons (available on January 15) will retail for $599 for a steel-shafted set. The Diablo Edge Irons will also be available in combo sets, featuring six irons and two Diablo Edge Hybrids. The combo set with two graphite-shafted hybrids and six steel-shafted irons will retail for $699. The combo set with two graphite-shafted hybrids and six graphite-shafted irons will retail for $799.

For full details simply click here: Callaway Golf Diablo irons.

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